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Organic Foodie. Vegan Eats. Girl Mama. Happily Married. Health Nerd. Beauty Industry since 2008. Film Industry since 2010. Made in Canada with Croatian Parts.

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2024-07-19 01:13:58

April 04, 2018 

Great reviews! Super helpful!!!
 Great Advice

2024-07-19 01:13:58

September 22, 2017 

Hi Nikki, I hope you and your family are doing well. I hope your little one is letting you sleep more than mine is. I always thought babies were supposed to sleep alot but all three of my kids are proof that's not true. Either way parenthood is wonderful and I'm sad this will be my last one. I'm trying to enjoy it but the time goes too fast. My son graduated this summer and will be 18 in November and my other daughter will be two in November. She's kind of unsure about sisterhood. She's either really great with the baby or she's hitting her with her doll and slapping her. I tried to toilet train her but she's just not ready. I was just hoping she would take to it like my son did but I always need to remind myself each kid is different. She's smarter than a whip though. She already knows how to count till twelve, recognizes shapes and colors and talks alot. She didn't walk till 14 months old but maybe cause she was too busy learning. Well Im sure you're enjoying motherhood and just wanted to wish you all the best.

2024-07-19 01:13:58

July 06, 2017 

Hi there I sent u a friend request. I have read a few of ur reviews/last one the NIVEA oil(I got to try it free too). My name is Katherine and I live in Ontario, originally from New Brunswick, I'm always looking to connect with my fellow ChickAdvisors. I seen in ur post you recently had a baby.. Belated Congratulations to you and your family. Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. Katherine
 Good Writer

2024-07-19 01:13:58

June 02, 2017 

Congratulations! I'm glad you got to have her natural. Parenthood is the best experience ever in my book. My little girl is flipped and I only have a little less than 13 days left. I have been 2 1/2 cm with a low soft cervix since 34 weeks and thinking she would come early. Now I. Thinking she's going to come late. Lol. My doctor said at the last appointment she's already low so I guess she's ready. I'm just glad it's almost Showtime and I have her before the really warm weather comes. With my son's upcoming graduation I'm hoping she doesn't come too late. All the best and enjoy every minute with your little one cause they grow up so fast.

2024-07-19 01:13:58

June 01, 2017 

Marina!! What a gorgeous name. Love Love Love!! Congratulations to you mama!! Enjoy every single minute. So happy you are both healthy. Xoxo

2024-07-19 01:13:58

May 25, 2017 

Hi Nikki :) thinking of you! Xo

2024-07-19 01:13:58

May 14, 2017 

Thinking of you today! Did you happen to celebrate your first Mother's Day? :)

2024-07-19 01:13:58

May 12, 2017 

Hi Nikki:I wanted to wish you all the best with your delivery being today. I hope that everything goes very smoothly for you and baby. Very soon now, your life will forever change. <3 <3 Patty

2024-07-19 01:13:58

May 08, 2017 

My daughter was born right on her due date, my son was born two weeks early. I'll tell you my story after you have your baby :) Remind me and I'll fill you in.

Happy that you're right on track for delivery, how exciting! Great the carseat is installed and your bag is packed. Anyday now you'll be joining the Motherhood Club!! :)

I hope you have a terrific Monday!!

2024-07-19 01:13:58

May 05, 2017 

It's great you have seven days left. You must be super excited. As for how this pregnancy compares to others I find them all the same. I have easy pregnancies. For me it's just getting pregnant with a healthy child that's hard since I have a balanced translocation that causes abnormal miscarriages. This is my 7th pregnancy but my third baby. I'm quite lucky and proud at 38 that I seem to carry well and lose all my baby weight right away and super happy not to have any stretch marks. I thank my mom for that. She had four of us and no stretch marks either. One of my sisters weren't as blessed.lol. I am going to be packing my bag this weekend. My son was a month and a half early and my daughter came late. Maybe this baby will be on time. It's horrible you hurt your ribs during pregnancy. I guess if we have to get c-sections it will be for the best but your right. There's still time for her to turn. My appointment is Tuesday and I'm hoping I get good news but either way I know you can plan all you want for pregnancy but it doesn't always go according to plan. Just think in seven days or less your little one will be in your arms. That's great! I wish you any easy child birth experience. Well as easy as childbirth can be.