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Summer Drink Recipes: How to Make Sangria

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday April 19, 201223 comments

Sangria is one of the best summer drinks. Ever. In the history of the world. I challenge anyone who says otherwise to a sangria drink off. My theory on why sangria is so delicious is such: it contains everything awesome in the world in one drink. There's wine, fruit juices, fresh fruits, sugar and sparkling sodas. Have you ever drank a pitcher on a hot, sunny day? That right there, is pure bliss. 

Sangria can be made many different ways and there are a lot of different recipes out there for it. You can make it with peaches and white wine, or strawberries and red wine; either way, it's a sangria! So, instead of giving you a real recipe, I'm going to give you a template to build your own sangria and show you how I made my own! 

What you'll need:

First things first, you'll need a few glasses and one large pitcher for your sangria. 

Wine: You'll also need a bottle of wine. I'm using Jacob's Creek Moscato, compliments of Jacob's Creek. It's a slightly bubbly, dry and sweet white wine. You can also use red wine or you could even go with a prosecco (you all know how much I love a good prosecco). 

Fruit: You can chose whatever fruit you feel like in a sangria. Typically, they contain oranges and strawberries but go wild with your choices! For a sweet white wine, I'm going with more tropical fruits. I used pineapples, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and oranges. You can use fresh or frozen fruits. I actually prefer to use frozen fruits because straight out of the freezer, they double as ice cubes without diluting the drink with water. 
Juice: Match your fruits with your fruit juices. I went with the cirtus theme and used grapefruit juice. You could use orange juice, or really any fruit punch drink. 

Sparkling Beverage/Water: I used ginger ale in my sangria. Most sangrias do use ginger ale but you could also try regular or sparkling water. 

Alcohol (optional): Some sangrias call for an extra shot or two of gin or other alcohol. I opted out of this option because I felt like something fruity and sweet. 

Step 1: Wine + Ginger Ale 

First, I mixed together the wine and ginger ale. I use about 1 parts wine to 2 parts sparkling non alcoholic drink. If you were adding in a shot of alcohol, you would add it in here. 
Step 2: Fruits 

(left) Mix together all my frozen fruits, if there are any larger pieces, be sure to cut them down to bite sized. Set aside in bowl. I like a lot of fruit so I use at least two cups. 

(right) Slice half an orange into thin, circular slices. Set aside. 

Step 3: Lime Wedges 

Add a kick to your sangria with some lime juice! Cut wedges, leave to the side for now. 

Step 4: Mix Together 

Add about 1 equal part of juice. To this, add your orange slices and lime wedges. Of course, after that, it's time to taste test! If your sangria needs a bit of sweetening, add a tbsp of sugar, or if it needs a sour kick, add some lemon. If you need a little somethin' somethin' add a bit more wine or ginger ale. 

Step 5: Serve

Remember those frozen fruits I had you set aside? Now, it's time to use them. I like to add the frozen fruits to my cups first then pour the sangria over top. 

You can also pour your fruits into the pitcher and let it sit for a while to soak then divide into cups. I find it's best to use this method with fresh fruits. Don't forget about ice for those summer days!

Final Shot 

The key to a good sangria is to have fun and just put in all your favourite things. It doesn't really matter about proportions or ingredients, as long as it tastes good, you're on the right track! Now it's time to sit, chillax and enjoy some some sangria, ladies! 

Are you chicks as sangria obsessed as I am? What's your favourite summer drink?
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on May 08, 2014  edyg said:

Ima do a evil spell on dat arlene bitch we hate communists n castro!!!

on October 23, 2012  WineO said:

I just made one and its goood never put ginger ale in it before thats what it was missimg thanks!

on October 10, 2012  fredamans  11,812 said:


on July 08, 2012  NatalieM  1,230 said:

can't wait to try this!! looks delish!

on May 04, 2012  Vlicious  3,810 said:

This is an easy-to-do recipe! Much appreciated!

on April 26, 2012  assia  1,563 said:

Healthy and colorful at the same time!

on April 25, 2012  sctich  1,199 said:

Okay, I haven't made Sangria.....yet. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here!!

on April 24, 2012  frose  994 said:

My hubby mixes white wine with 7up and fresh lemons and limes! He LOVES it at the summer!

on April 24, 2012  Nik05  7,634 said:

Sangria is my favourite summer drink!!! (ok.. maybe all year round... haha). I love trying out different recipes. My favourite is the Red Apple Sangria from Applebee's which I found the recipe for online, so delicious.

on April 23, 2012  Quinn  962 said:

I love sangria and I especially want to try this recipe with white wine instead or red. Thanks!!

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