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The Perils of Pregnancy Brain (don't judge--there IS such a thing)

Posted by Ali | Monday February 14, 201114 comments

Prior to getting knocked up, I'd heard about this condition called 'Pregnancy Brain'. People say you get forgetful and essentially say and do dumb things thanks to hormones and the baby literally sucking away your brain power.  But I figured I could get away without this if I got a lot of sleep and tried to stay healthy.  Not that I've been eating healthy at all.

I've recently come to realize I am no exception to this humiliating condition.  Some stuff I'm not even aware I'm doing until third parties point it out ("Hey, I'm pretty sure what you just said wasn't in English"), but there have been a few notable moments so far that have been quite embarrassing. 


1. At a recent presentation I went up to the whiteboard to do some math calculations (a bad idea at the best of times), and I completely blanked. I sheepishly asked someone else to calculate what $20 X 40 was.

2.  I've almost entirely forgotten how to spell. I find myself looking words up in google like "despicable" (dispikable) and "awkward"  (akward).  And just forget about my gramer. 

3. I have sent some shameful emails. (see point #2)

4. I wrote the wrong date down for a meeting.  The person confirmed the correct date with me prior to coming, I agreed to it, but then when they showed up at the agreed time I was really confused and surprised.

5. I wore my underwear backwards for an entire day. It felt weird when I put them on in the morning, but I figured my butt was expanding and what can I do about that? It was only midway through the day that I realized that itchy tag at the front didn't belong there.

If you think any of these are bad, I'm told it's only the beginning.  Some people have it worse.  When googling my condition I found this amazing blog post on Pregnant Chicken. It's a must read. 

Can anyone relate? 

XO, Mommy-to-be
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on April 14, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

Oh my gosh, that is too funny!

on April 14, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Your stories are all too funny! I just had my latest moment. I called a client to check in how they felt about our last campaign together. It went something like this:

Client: "It went great! We're so happy we did it!"

Me: "I'm sorry to hear that"

on February 17, 2011  Marta said:

I completely relate! When I was pregnant with my son, I went out for dinner with my pants on backwards. I felt strange but thought it was the expanding belly however when I went to the bathroom, I was mortified.

on February 17, 2011  Gina said:

I totally relate, i'm 36 weeks now and just went on leave at work. I think all my coworkers thought I was a crazy my last week there LOL i was misplacing everything! I'm home now so I can't get in any more trouble.

on February 14, 2011  LaurenBlair  128 said:

Because of this article I will now make a conscience effort to be more aware and understanding of those who may be experiencing pregnancy brain :)

on February 14, 2011  Becky  13,128 said:

mommy2be i promise i'll post when *my time* comes :-) I'll need all your support just like I do now (http://www.chickadvisor.com/chickchat/health/health-goalshelp/).. good men are gems, and as hard to come by. But nothing, absolutely NOTHING replaces girlfriends. xoxo

on February 14, 2011  Mommy-to-be said:

Oh, I love you all so much!

@Lauren, yes it a legit condition. It's what every old school male employer worries about when hiring women. Though what he needs to realize is women are so superior in every other aspect, it more than makes up for a few months of temporary dementia.

@Becky - thank you, you are a doll! And I love your pants story. Please PLEASE post here when you do get pregnant as I suspect you will be a funny one to watch. ;)

@Spotty - ya, what can I say? It was super uncomfortable. I'm just glad to know my butt didn't grow that much in such a short time ;)

@BubblyBunny - now I'm really scared!! LOL!

on February 14, 2011  Bubblybunny  4,709 said:

I love Pregnant Chicken. It's a totally awesome blog!!

I have 2 kids and I have to say, my pregnancy brain didn't go away with the birth of my children. I am doomed to get dumber with every kid. :P

on February 14, 2011  spotty  4,021 said:

Can't relate yet, but #5 just made my day. Thank you. I about spit out my yogurt granola as I read it during a work break.

on February 14, 2011  Becky  13,128 said:

oh right, undies backwards .. that is really nothing!! You know the Reitmans "original comfort pants"? The one with no zipper or buttons? You can see what I mean here:
http://www.reitmans.com/The-Original-Comfort-Pant-#153;/833181,default,pd.html?dwvar_833181_color=Graphite mix&start=4&cgid=Collections_Comfort Collection

Yea ...I wore THOSE backwards to work, twice!! Same as you, I couldn't figure out why my butt felt funny, but I was too busy feeling good about the front feeling baggy to care that my butt area felt funny (I thought I'd lost a bit of weight and that made the front baggy) ..umm yea.. so there.. i wish there was a way to comment anonymously lol. So don't feel bad about momnesia, I don't even have that as an excuse and I'm daffy half the time :-) xoxo

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