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#Trending: Hot Half Naked Male Barista Coffee Shop? Um, Yes Please!

Posted by Christina | Tuesday February 25, 201413 comments

A coffee shop in Washington is waving the no shirt, no service policy. The all-male server coffee shop opened up in Spokane, Washington this past Valentine's day, and is offering all of it's customers a cup of coffee with a view. Yes, it's true Chicks, you can now receive a hot coffee with a smile and maybe get to touch some hot biceps. 

Perfectly named, Hot Cup of Joe is the opposing coffee shop to the bikini barista shops, which feature ladies clad in nothing but itty bitty bikinis. Thankfully the owner Chris Mullins, 28, (who's an ex-stripper, btw) felt like the ladies of Washington needed some loving too and opened up this sent from heaven coffee shop. 

Check out some of the hotties that work there:

I don't think I would mind a view of six pack with my morning latte. Sure, we can speculate about the hygeine issues and a coffee burn on the pecs would not be fun, but hey - let's not get off the topic at hand: hot guys. Hot Cup of Joe is also offering a dollar off to every male customer who dares to walk through the doors. But they haven't had much of a male reaction. The ladies on the other hand are loving it, because who doesn't love a yummy male treat with your coffee.

Mullins said he has no interest in following in the footsteps of the bikini coffee shop, which offers up Topless Tuesdays (yeah that was a thing...). “We’re not going to be wearing thongs,” he said. “There’s not going to be any implied nudity.” (Via The Spokesman Review)

All I can think of is Channing Tatum serving me a coffee while doing one of his dance routines from Magic Mike - I'm in! 

What do you think ladies, would you want a side of abs with your coffee? What do you look for in a good coffee shop?
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on April 08, 2015  Sora  5,207 said:

Is that...sanitary? I'm sure clothing doesn't add that much cleanliness but I would feel more comfortable being served without nudity lol

on February 15, 2015  Griechux  35,540 said:

I wouldnt mind to grab my coffee (to go) there at least once, just for a different experience :) with one of my girl friends, so we can chat about those cute bodies while sipping our coffees :)

on June 02, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

It wouldn't bother me but I'd prefer a nice quiet place to sit and chat and have an excellent cup of java. Guess I 'm passed the stage of being excited by a bare chest, no matter how gorgeous.

on March 01, 2014  Steffikah  9,295 said:

I don't really see anything wrong with it, but I don't really care for this either. When I go into a coffee shop, I'm there to get a nice tall drink and leave, not to ogle the guys behind (or in front of!) the counter.

on March 01, 2014  wendyroy  25,308 said:

Im wondering how sanitary this is :-)

on February 26, 2014  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I don't see anything wrong with it. It's a funny gimmick, and while I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to buy my coffee there it's not something I'd avoid either. There are so many coffee shops out there and these guys are just trying to be a little different in a pretty harmless way (not including the safety issues, but I'm guessing they are being just that much more cautious about touching hot surfaces and steam).

on February 26, 2014  suigeneris  2,244 said:

Er... I can't quite get past the safety issue...

on February 25, 2014  imfeehily  8,865 said:

I'll have to pass.

on February 25, 2014  flower  4,433 said:


on February 25, 2014  MsBeautifulSam  2,733 said:

I totally wouldn't mind it at all. Since I am not a morning person this may help me like my mornings a little better! ;)

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