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Nouvelle offre du Club des bancs d’essai : BOOST Hyperprotéiné

Monday August 22, 2016 by Claire

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On dit que le travail d’une femme n’est jamais terminé. C’est tellement vrai! Peu importe que nous soyons une femme de carrière ambitieuse ou la plus dévouée des mères au foyer, notre « to-do list » est toujours bien remplie!
Voyez, moi, par exemple : j’occupe un emploi à temps plein, j’ai trois enfants et j’ai...

New Product Review Club Offer: Catelli® Pasta

Wednesday August 17, 2016 by Claire

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I love food. I love experimenting with flavours, trying new dishes, and playing with pairings. However, I hate those fad diets that flood us with endless information about "eat this and not that" only to say the exact opposite a few years later.

What I do appreciate about all the food chatter is greater attention to the products we...

Nouvelle offre du Club des bancs d’essai : pâtes Catelli®

Wednesday August 17, 2016 by Claire

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J’aime manger. J’aime découvrir des mélanges de saveurs, goûter des mets différents et essayer de nouvelles combinaisons d’aliments. Mais je ne suis pas fan de tous ces régimes débilitants qui nous dictent ce qu’on devrait manger ou non et qui, finalement, nous disent tout le contraire quelques années plus tard.

Par contre,...

New Product Review Club Offer: Mabel's Labels Back-To-School

Monday July 11, 2016 by Claire


Moms, this Product Review Club needs no introduction. Mabel's Labels is a favourite in parenting circles for their long-lasting durability and cute designs. These clothing and personal item labels easily withstand abuse from the washing machine and dishwasher cycle after cycle. Can you say that about tape and permanent marker?

Speaking from personal experience with smeared marker and...

New Product Review Club Offer: NESTLÉ GERBER Yogurt Melts® and NESTLÉ GOOD START 3 Toddler Transition

Monday June 27, 2016 by Claire

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Life is full of firsts. And for those of you with little ones in the household, firsts are happening on a daily basis.  

First smile.
First laugh.
First word.
First tooth.
First haircut.
First steps.
First friend.
First time feeding themselves (ideally with a video camera at the ready because you know that's going to be...

Nouvelle offre du Club des bancs d’essai : Fondants au yogourtMC Nestlé Gerber® et Bon DépartMD 3 Transition pour tout-petits

Monday June 27, 2016 by Claire

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La vie est faite de premières, surtout pour les parents de tout-petits.
Premier sourire.
Premier rire.
Premier mot.
Première dent.
Première coupe de cheveux.
Premiers pas.
Premier ami.
Premières bouchées (pour lesquelles il faut s’assurer d’avoir une caméra à portée de main parce que vous savez que ce sera très drôle!)

Puisque j’ai...

Sending Your Kids to Summer Camp? Don't miss this EXCLUSIVE Offer!

Monday May 30, 2016 by Claire


I love my kids. LOVE THEM. I love them so much, I gladly open my wallet to send one kid to basketball overnight camp, one kid to soccer day camp, and the third to drop-in classes at the local art gallery. They'll go with the grandparents to the cabin for a few days, and (much to their chagrin) complete a level of week-long intensive swimming lessons.

Yes, I love my children the most when...

New Product Review Club Offer: Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Spinbrush™ Toothbrush

Monday May 9, 2016 by Claire


We live in an incredible time where there is something new and shiny coming out every day, and we just can't wait to be the first to pick up the latest smartphone or try the trendy beauty product! We laugh about life before the Internet and smile with forced patience at our grandparents when they start in with the "back in my day" speeches. 

How did we as a species survive...

New ChickAdvisor Opportunity: Eucerin Review Challenge

Monday March 21, 2016 by Claire


When we were teenagers, we chose body care products based on fragrance and which celebrity endorsed it on TV. Of course, I was from the generation that thought getting a sunburn in early spring was the best way to get a solid tan base for later in the season. Higher reasoning was reserved for such complexities as how to get a guy to ask you out without having to openly tell him you liked...

New ChickAdvisor Opportunity: NIVEA Review Challenge

Wednesday March 2, 2016 by Claire


UPDATE: this Review Challenge is now closed. See the list of winners at the bottom of this article!

NIVEA has been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. As I child I was always fascinated by the classic blue tins of NIVEA Creme my mother and aunts kept stashed in their purses and on their bedside tables (and they still do, by the way). I would sneak up, open the lid...

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