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Friday February 28, 2014 by Alexandra C.

With all this testing out of new gyms and studios, not only are our bods getting a workout, but our iPods are too. The only thing that makes the treadmill bearable for me is a good playlist that pumps me up, keeps me going when I want (so very desperately) to stop and helps me wind down with a stretch. 

If you're like me, a decent playlist is a must for a trip to the gym, and we're here to help you out. Here are 10 of our favourite gym tunes +  a bonus jam to cool down: 

Lady Gaga feat. R. Kelly - Do What U Want 

Diddy feat. T.I., Rick Ross - Dirty Money - Hello Good Morning 

OutKast - B.O.B. 

Icona Pop - All Night 

Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida - Troublemaker 


The Strokes - Last Nite 

Miss Elliot - Lose Control

Beyoncé feat. Jay Z - Drunk in Love 

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell - Get Lucky 

Brianna Perry - Marilyn Monroe 

Bonus Track for Stretching: 
Bon Iver - Re:Stacks 


What's your current workout playlist?

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on Sep 29, 2014  brit_tany33  3,813 said:

I always love to find new workout music!!

on Mar 06, 2014  Anjanie777  1,637 said:

Okay, I've just discovered some amazing 80s music, and I love the song Two of Hearts by Stacey Q and Let The Music Play by ummm...Shannon I believe.

on Mar 02, 2014  thepinksimsboard  1,772 said:

None of these really do it for me! Salt-N-Pepa always gets me moving!

on Mar 02, 2014  Shaunah  1,721 said:

I listen to a lot of Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, and Tom Petty when I work out. When I need a beat/something to push me through the end of a long cardio day, I listen to In Flames, Lily Allen or Gorillaz. Not the most typical but it motivates me and makes the time fly by!

on Mar 01, 2014  imfeehily  7,208 said:

Nice work out tracks.

on Feb 28, 2014  flower  4,264 said:

Kings Of Leon

on Feb 28, 2014  wendyroy  4,808 said: gave me some great ideas for my IPod and the walks I plan to start taking again should Spring come.

on Feb 28, 2014  rachified  290 said:

Stacks is my all time FAVOURITE cool down song.

And I'm just downright obssessed with Beyonce these days. 'Nuff said there!

on Feb 28, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,723 said:

I like some of these songs, but I couldn't work out to them -- I prefer doing more dance music, and some super fun old school music like BSB, Spice Girls, etc!

on Feb 28, 2014  fredamans  8,133 said:

Some fun tracks!

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