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DIY Holiday Gift Idea Round Up

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday December 20, 201212 comments

A homemade gift is always better, isn't it? There's so much time, thought and effort put into them. It's wonderful to know that someone loves you that much! But coming up with good DIY gifts can be a bit tricky, so we rounded up a whole whack of fabulous homemade options for the ones on your list. 

(additional images via smartcanucks.ca, thesweetestoccasion.com, blog.freepeople.com, lovinsoap.com
1. DIY Nail Polish: We've tried out a homemade polish before with leftover pigments and we loved the results, check out the how to over here

2. Body Scrub: Help your friend or loved one get super soft skin with a DIY exfoliator. Extra points for cute packaging. Here's our version of a body scrub.

3. Tinted Lip Balm: Add any pigment to a balm or petroleum jelly for a tinted balm, makes a great stocking stuffer, too. 

4. Lip Scrub: Before you moisturize, you need to exfoiliate, your lips are no exception! Add the exfoiliator (recipe here) to the tinted balm as a cute Christmas package. 

5. Bath Bomb: Give the gift of a relaxing night in with these bath bombs. 

6. Dry Shampoo: We all need some quickie cheats for getting ready in the morning when we're late. Some homemade dry shampoo is a useful and handy present. 


(additional images via sparetimeandseersucker.blogspot.ca
1. Cake Pops: Not only are cake pops crazy cute, but you can arrange them in an adorable edible bouquet. 

2. Best Brownies Ever: We put up this recipe last year around this time and it's worth showing again because these brownies are that good. 

3. Truffles: Is there anything better than chocolate? Yes, homemade chocolate. It has extra love! Check out more details here.

4. Gingerbread Cookies: Around this time of the year, there is no better cookie flavour than spicy gingerbread. Here's the recipe.

5. Snickerdoodles: Fun to say and even funner to eat! Head over here to see more snickerdoodles!


(additional images via angelinaladawn.blogspot.ca, sincerelyyoursjamie.wordpress.comstyle-files.com)
1. Teacup Candles: How charming are these? Learn to make them here.

2. Jewelry Box: Make one of these (it's budget friendly too!) with a shadow box and a few materials from the craft or hardware store. We show you how, just click to see.
3. Chalkboard Mugs: Chalkboard paint is a crafting essential for any chick (just check out our list of chalkboard projects here). Use a bit on an inexpensive mug for a personalized gift. 

4. DIY Artwork: Make artwork with frames from your local dollar or discount store and paint chips from a hardware store.  

5. Gem Bottle Stoppers: This one is super easy but looks like a million bucks! Here's the tutorial.


1. Hair Bows: So sweet! Learn to make these over here. You could also attach a pin or clip and make these into a bow to attach to shoes or a jacket. 

2. Hinge Earrings: Earrings, from hinges. Yup! A surprising use for the hardware store. 

3. Tassel Necklaces: A bit of boho influence makes for a simple but elegant gift.  

4. Embellished Socks: Getting socks for Christmas usually sucks but I would be thrilled to receive these gorgeous ones! Add your own twist on a pair of plain ol' socks. Learn how to here. 

5. Bracelets: There are all sorts of DIY bracelets out there to create, but these jewelled wrapped ones are quite chic! Also read our friendship bracelet tutorial here. 

6. Moccasins: Any kids on your list? Make them these cute moccasin booties.

Are you DIY'ing any gifts this year?
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on November 18, 2013  scamp101  1,285 said:

Wow! There are some fantastic ideas here! Now is the time to start...what a great weekend project!

on February 21, 2013  smiley_gen  9,740 said:

I tried the ginger cookie recipe last week... YUM!!!

on January 20, 2013  AmandaH607  1,260 said:

Homade gifts are the best! I bake 100s of cookies every Christmas to give out as part of a gift. I wrap them uniquely every year :)

on January 19, 2013  nscott84  4,013 said:

love these ideas!

on December 22, 2012  cutie_marlena  3,176 said:

I always want to try DIY gifts, but never get around to actually trying it out

on December 22, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I love doing DIY beauty products, but pretty much all the people I give gifts to would hate them. More for me I guess xD

on December 21, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

Great ideas! I love DIY holiday gifts.

I'm totally addicted to cake pops. So easy to make, delicious - and super cute!

on December 21, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

I love making goodies for my family and friends at Christmas time.

on December 20, 2012  fredamans  11,812 said:

Great ideas!

on December 20, 2012  LissaG  6,010 said:

Super cute ideas!

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