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Halloween Makeup Look: Woodland Fairy or Nymph Tutorial

Posted by Mandy | Tuesday October 25, 20116 comments

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and have fun with your look! You can get away with dramatic eye makeup and who doesn't love the look of big, eye opening false lashes? We created the perfect 'Woodland Fairy' make up look with romantic sunset colours but we think toned down with a sweep of mascara and muted colours, this look could definitely be pulled off for day to day. 

These are the products we used to create this look:


Step 1: Prep your face with primer and apply your favorite foundation and concealer. Here on Alexandra, we used Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer and Rimmel London Clean Finish Foundation

Step 2: Apply a shimmery champagne color like 'Sin' from Urban Decay on the inner half of your lids, underneath your brow bone and on the inner tear duct.

Step 3: With a thin, synthetic brush, extend a thin line from the outer corner of your eyes to create a wing. The wing will act as a guide for your eye shadow application. All brushes used are from Quo Wood Grain Brush Collection

Step 4: Pack on a deep maroon purple eye shadow on the outer corners on your eyes. We used the Annabelle palette in Disturbia.

Step 5: Smudge a black eye shadow on your outer lash line for a more dramatic effect.

Step 6: With a damp brush or finger, pick up a gold eye shadow with a lot of sheen and dab the color onto the center of your lids.  Using a clean fluffy brush, blend out any harsh edges in a windshield wiper motion. 

Step 7: Apply the same gold color on your lower lash line.

Step 8: Define your eyes with a dark purple eyeliner like Mary Kay Luxury Liner in Plum. Apply a generous coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. 

Step 9: For real impact, apply false lashes (try our How To Apply False Lashes tutorial!). We decided to use a full set, though you can always use half lashes on the ends. We used Ardell lashes for this look.

Step 10: To get that ethereal glow, we dabbed Benefit Watt’s Up Soft Focus Highlighter for Face all over Alexandra’s cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. Finish off the look with Stila Custom Colour Self Adjusting Blush in Coral and Lip gloss. 

Here is the final look! A floral crown is added for whimsical effect- what's a fairy without her crown? If you want to learn how to make the crown, we have a tutorial over here!

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out already?

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on October 26, 2011  Guppy  2,819 said:

Beautiful eyes! I love how the lashes make those bedroom eyes :)
No costume this year, or handing out of treats - too much going on with my FIL's cancer so Halloween will be unusually low key this year.

on October 25, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

Thanks for all the lovely comments @takoda and @beachbabe!

One of my favourite things about this 'fairy or nymph' look is the fact that you can just change up the colours, changing the feel of the look and call it a woodland, water or sun or whatever fairy!

And I cannot believe that you only got 9 kids last year @takoda- SO disappointing!

on October 25, 2011  beachbabe  4,164 said:

Alex, you are beautiful! Even before all the makeup :) I love this look on you. The eye makeup is gorgeous!

on October 25, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I did a similar look on my daughter for an early halloween party last weekend. I made her a lot more elfin though, by camouflaging the back half of her eyebrows and extending the front half diagonally up and then winged over. I exaggerated her cat-line eyeliner and added little dots of sparkly clear liner (Annabelle Glitterama in 'Plutonium') from the outside of her lid over her temples and to the hair line. She was a water nymph, so I was drawing on the idea of water droplets.

I had also given her a pearly foundation base to make her summer-tanned skin look paler and more otherwordly. I also put her hair into a ribbon-threaded fishtail braid. It was so much fun to make her over, I think I may have enjoyed it even more than she did!

on October 25, 2011  shiorim  982 said:

Love the foiled orange in the middle! Think it gives you that extra something.I think you can def. over exaggerate the winged liner for halloween (though we were a little limited in our office lol!)

on October 25, 2011  takoda  28,627 said:

I love this on you Alex! I could see you going out on the town with this
eye makeup look and not for Halloween.LOL It really brings your eye's
out. As for me, I hand the candy out and have for years, I'm to old for
dress up.LOL I love seeing all the little ones in they're costumes, some
are just so cute they melt your heart. Unfortunately the kids in my
neighborhood are getting older and I only had 9 little one last year.
More candy for me.LOL

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