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New Product Review Club: Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Tuesday July 8, 2014124 comments

I'm always looking for these so-called "teachable moments" when instructing my kids about personal hygiene. My childhood was sprinkled with cavity fillings every other year thanks to the super-sneaky trick of running my toothbrush under the faucet instead of brushing properly so I could get back to the zany adventures of Archie Andrews read after lights-out by the glow of the streetlamp. As an extra special bonus, I also served a stint in the iron maiden (my clever name for braces with that bridle headgear thingy strapped on top) courtesy of a genetic predisposition for buckteeth.

Now I'm finding copies of Wimpy Kid stashed under my son's covers and a suspiciously non-minty-smelling wet toothbrush in the bathroom. I guess I should have seen that one coming.

In addition to a much improved oral hygiene routine, I have also adopted other healthier habits as an adult. It came as a bit of a revelation to me recently to hear that consuming certain healthy foods and drinks can actually damage tooth enamel due to their natural acidity! And because I'm a bit of a coffee-aholic, aggressive brushing to remove any stains is also a no-no for my poor pearlies.

Enter Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste. Designed to cover all your oral hygiene needs by combining whitening, deep cleaning, enamel strengthening and fluoride cavity protection, this is not your typical whitening paste. Truly Radiant™ features a much lower concentration of peroxide than some brands, which with prolonged use can lead to discomfort and weakened enamel. 

Other Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste benefits include:
  • Radiant smile in just five days*
  • Smoothes surface imperfections while restoring shine
  • Fluoride anti-cavity toothpaste for cleaning, whitening and enamel strengthening
  • Formulated with baking soda, peroxide and liquid calcium, which helps prevent future damage by restoring and strengthening tooth enamel
  • Baking soda can get into microscopic crevices along the gum line to clean away unsightly stains and naturally neutralizes acids to help eliminate odours
This toothpaste is already getting early rave reviews from some of our staff, so we're curious to hear what our readers think! That's why we're giving 200 Canadian members of our Product Review Club the opportunity to try Truly Radiant for free.
If you're interested in being part of our testing group, please take a moment to complete our brief application survey no later than July 20, 2014. Selected testers will be notified by email during the week of July 21.

Apply for an opportunity to test Truly Radiant with our Product Review Club
Good luck!

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel. You must be a ChickAdvisor member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on February 05, 2016  a.m646  1,024 said:

I want to try this

on June 08, 2015  Mirror  357 said:

I have been using arm & hammer toothpaste for years as I like the way it cleans and freshens my mouth and gently cleans my teeth. I love the fact that baking soda is incorporated in. Great now that they even have a wide variety of toothpaste.

on July 18, 2014  nehap7  788 said:

Hopefully this is just as effective as other Arm and Hammer Products!

on July 12, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

I would love to try this product, my teeth used to be oh so white and now they are not yellow, but quite dull. Arm and Hammer products have always been some of my favorites and I feel this product is probably another winner, would love a shot at trying and reviewing to prove my theory that all their products are the best out there.

on July 12, 2014  TashaCat  6,762 said:

lmao - I was that kid! I used to barely run my brush across my teeth so I could get on to something else. End result? Lots of childhood cavities! Didn't help that I lived in fluoride-free water for 6 years. Thanks for that flash-back!

on July 11, 2014  valaita  3,106 said:

I agree! I usually purchase Crest 3-D White but am interested in this new product! Great that it both improves the whiteness of your team and strengthens enamel! Double the benefits, especially when I am always so worried that whitening products could damage enamel!

on July 11, 2014  annmarie  4,246 said:

hope i get to try this out

on July 11, 2014  TDipaolo  25,470 said:

I've been looking for another everyday whitening toothpaste, would love to try this out.

on July 09, 2014  clapage  108 said:

J'ai confiance en ce produit car il renferme du bicarbonate ce qui est supposé blanchir les dents, donc j'aimerais bien en faire l'essai.

on July 09, 2014  sylviebea said:

À essayer

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