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Resort 2012 Collections Round Up

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday June 16, 20115 comments

Resort collections have a different feeling than the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. Being far removed from the traditional times, I feel like you never know what exactly you are going to get. While some designers may follow a certain trend and have distinct themes with cohesive collections, others completely veer off that path. 

In honor of school ending and graduation, I have compiled a yearbook-style round up of the Resort 2012 collections–the good, the bad and the quirky.

The Rebel: Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs is fresh from his Lifetime Achievement win at the CFDA Awards, interestingly though, The New York Times recently questioned his relevance in the industry. It begs the question: Is this their way of kicking him out? This collection, called "nonchalant" by Fashionologie.com seems to be Jacobs' way of getting back at the industry. Reportedly, Jacobs was not looking at a theme for the collection, and instead got his point across in pieces that utilized matching patterns and fabrics in the same outfit. A collared, button down damask shirt is worn with pants of the same material. An organza flower tutu is worn with a grey sweatshirt. 
Most likely to: Punch anyone who denies his street cred with a fistful of fashion.

A Gentleman and a Scholar: Jason Wu 
Ever the sophisticate, Jason Wu delivered a detailed but simple collection. A standout piece is the black, sheer gown with daisies that float around the bottom. The tweed white-and-black suits are two other favourites—the cut is modern, the leather accents are edgy but always very feminine. 
Most likely to: Be the one who only drinks Pino Grigio at house parties.

The Art Freak: Oscar de la Renta
This Resort collection was inspired by the Cubism art movement. It was heavy of the texture and rich in bold colours. De la Renta tended to use something that reminded me of a patchwork or applique technique in many of the garments—an homage clearly to a Picasso painting. The use of gorgeous blues in his collection as well as some bright oranges, reflect two big summer colour trends
Most likely to: Cut his own ear off.

The Daydreamer: Michael Kors
This collection is bright, very bright. The use of the shiny textures is different, as is the zebra print but hey, sometimes you need to stand out. I'm not sure if I have any sort of event coming up that necessitates a neon gown, but believe me if I did—this would be my first choice. I love the '60s influence in the cut of the T-shirt and in the cut out shaped in the sides of the dress. 
Most likely to: Never be run over by a bus at night.

The Boy Next Door: Derek Lam (two images at left)
What is loveliest about Derek Lam's collection is that his designs are very wearable and appropriate for almost any age. I could definitely see my mother and I sharing these pieces. I would definitely pay attention to his use of ikat prints and tweed fabrics here—they seem to be popping up everywhere and ikat looks great on the beach. 
Most likely to: Be the kind of guy you don't mind taking home to your mother.

The Girl Who Has Everything: Elie Tahari (two images at right)
Elie Tahari's Resort collection takes you to back to Morocco in the '70s. The collection evokes images of open air, the sandy desert and cool pools of aqua water. While the collection is not exactly what you'd call practical, it is nonetheless incredibly pretty. The gold, mustard yellows paired with crisp whites and a blood-orange red are so decadent and look great with turbans. This collection is gorgeous, however typical and doesn't really go outside the Elie Tahari box. Though, when you're Tahari, is there any real need to go outside the box? 
Most likely to: Have ridden a camel, an elephant, an ostrich and a leopard.

The Over-Achiever: Chanel 
The Chanel resort collection for 2012 consisted of 74 pieces. This is an accomplishment not just in quantity; looking at the variety in the collection, Karl Lagerfeld managed to fit in a garment for any and every occasion one might need an outfit for during the summer. However, as is the case with most overachievers, Chanel gives a number of good pieces, but not one that is amazing. Chanel experiments with a knee-high flip-flop sandal hybrid and while I can see that many will fall in love with it, it isn't for everyone, or even most. The tweed suits are delightful, but not thrilling. Chanel doesn't need to prove anything so they can stop trying so hard— they're in the top five percent of the class already!
Most likely to: Make an appearance in every single club, every night.

The New Kid In Town: Acne
Acne is not a stranger to the runway, but this was their first Resort collection. What Acne does very well, is play with textures and volume. Denim is layered with cottons of different weights, a form fitting linen dress is paired with a pair of wide-leg trousers. The use of oranges and blues, torn denim and fitted pieces worn with loose definitely resonates with the summer trends we will see. While this isn't exactly ground breaking, being the new kid gives anyone a certain air of mystery about them. 
Most likely to: Wear everything they own at once to school and call it "Parisian fashion."

The Prom Queen: Erin Fetherston (two images at left)
Also a Resort newbie, Erin Fetherston crafted a collection of very pretty, feminine, delicate and sweet party and cocktail dresses. She plays with shapes and volume in her collection, mixing straight '20s style dresses with A-lines, ruffles, pleats and bubble skirts. She sticks mostly to pale colours—pinks, whites, grays, blues. Her dresses would look at home on any prom queen, but similar to the high school prom queen cliché, while pretty on the outside, there's not much depth on the inside. Not to say that there is no potential there! 
Most likely to: Tear up when she accepts her crown, but wave the tears away as to not ruin her make up.

The MVP Athlete: Louis Vuitton (two images at right)
Now, I  have never ridden a Vespa around Italy, but I imagine if I did, Louis Vuitton's Resort collection for 2012 is what I would wear. The models even carry helmets in the lookbook images. The collection has a retro vibe going on, very '60s sportswear. For good measure, he throws in 1930s bell cloche hats and 1950s rompers and flared dresses. It is a mix of eras, and the knee-high sandals that attach with little bows at the front are reminiscent of the 90s even, but it works. Definitely a fun, light and cute collection for summer. 
Most likely to: Compete in pole vaulting wearing wedge sandals.

The Fonz: Chloë Sevigny + Opening Ceremony
Chloë Sevigny, transcendently cool, has been collaborating with Opening Ceremony on collections since 2009, with fall and spring each year, this is her first take on Resort and her first staged runway show for the brand. Standout pieces include the leather dresses and shorts with cut outs of floral patterns. Holding the show in a high school gym, Sevigny aimed to stir up nostalgia—also evident in the letterman jackets and gym shorts on models. The collection is cohesive in its theme; overall the result is a collection that any hipster would be wear to the first day of school.
Most likely to: Know every single band before you do.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Resort 2012 Yearbook—tell us what your "Most likely to" was in high school.
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on June 16, 2011  Siofan  50 said:

I feel like Michael Kors is really locked in that neon pink and green palate. Those Chanel sandals are hideous, I can't wait to see who tries to pull them off! Really interesting to see all the leather items. I can't imagine wearing those on a cruise, though I guess that's not really the point of Resort anymore.

on June 16, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

Such a fun write-up, Alexandra! I love Derek Lam and Jason Wu's lineup here, and quite fascinated by Marc Jacobs' tutu & sweatshirt combo (at center).

on June 16, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

Some pieces are pretty nice but I am not enjoying the outfit on the right in the first row. All that pattern everywhere will make me dizzy if I see someone wear that in real life.

on June 16, 2011  TashaZ  58 said:

While I frequently am "the only one to drink Pinot Grigio at house parties," I've been drooling over the Louis Vuitton Resort Collection.
I'm seriously in love with this one: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/09/just-one-look-louis-vuitton-resort-collection/

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