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Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

Posted by Claire | Tuesday August 11, 2009 Leave a comment
... is the title of this week's TIME Magazine article on fitness, weight loss and food. Are you howling in protest yet?

While the overall health benefits of exercise are not in doubt here, the writer wonders why, despite a grueling fitness regimen overseen by a personal trainer, he simply can't lose the last of his jelly belly.

Many of us nod our heads in frustrated agreement. The science of metabolism, calorie burn, and weightloss-related sleep needs have us wikipeding those rusty biology terms, somehow more confused than when we started. But before you reach for the bottle of Alli or try yet another exclamation punctuated fad diet (Learn How This Mom Lost 58 Pounds In 12 Days!!!), what you need is to take a good hard look at your post-workout snack.

Yes. That reward snack after an hour of hot yoga or 60 laps in the pool. Cringe.

Since you burned 485 calories on the StairMaster, you can certainly grab a skinny latté, right? Take a lowfat muffin with that-- you deserve it.

Exercising makes me hungry, so I'm packing Quaker Chewy Bars. I can scarf down 2 or 3 low-calorie bars instead of 1 regular, right? And a stop at the smoothie bar, well that's just a given.

Now, we're not saying that reward snacks are evil or that you should feel pride in your flat belly (instead of the tummy rumbles that will accompany it). I personally am a great believer in Everything In Moderation-- including diet, exercise, and a realistic sense of what's healthy and attractive.

This article makes you really want to rethink that congratulatory stop for a McCafé. What's your take?
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