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Bikini-Ready Full Body Workout Routine

Posted by Cathy | Friday February 25, 201110 comments

We asked our favourite trainer, George Gianniotis from G2 Kinetics Personal Training to design a full body workout to get us ready for the summer.  What we love about Trainer George's moves is that they incorporate multiple muscles at once so you get fast results.  Recently, he put us through the paces with 7 intense but seriously effective moves.

What you need:
1 stability ball
2 hand weights

#1 - Tricep Dips (12 reps):  Sit on a bench or low chair and place your hands on either side of your hips.  With legs straight in front of you, tighten abs and move off the bench.  Lower your hips as you bend your elbows backward.  Lift back to starting position using arms.

#2 - Quad + Bicep Stabilizer (12 reps on each leg):  Stand on one leg and balance the free foot on a stability ball.  Hold a weight in each hand with arms down.  Bend into your straight leg for a squat as you lift the weights up.

#3 - The "Stork" (15 reps on each leg):  Remember this slightly embarrassing move? Extend the arms directly in front of your body.  Step forward with your right leg and extend your left leg off the ground behind you.  Bend and straighten your right knee.  Switch legs.

#4 - Walking Bicep Curls (15 reps on each leg):  Taking a free weight in each hand, take a step as you curl the arm on the opposite side up (from elbow to hand only) with palm facing in.  Take step with the other foot and switch arms.

#5 - Lunges with Rotations  (15 reps on each leg):  Holding a weight in front of you, take a wide step in front of you and lunge until your thigh is parallel to the ground.  Keeping your legs in place, rotate your arms to the side after every lunge.  Repeat on left side. 

#6 - Bridge with Ball (12 reps):  Lie on your back place your feet on a stability ball.  Peel your hips off the floor until they are raised as high as you can get.  Keeping your hips off the floor, slowly roll the ball away from you as you straighten your legs.

#7 - Rotating Push Up (12 reps on each side):  Start in a push-up position with straight elbows and with legs hip distance apart.  Shift your weight onto one arm and rotate your free arm upwards (see the top picture).  Rotate your arm back down to the floor with straightened elbows.  Bend elbows into a push-up (à la the above picture) and repeat on the other side.

George recommends completing 3 sets of each exercise and weight training 3 times a week for maximum results. 

Will you try this routine?
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on February 28, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

You guys are too kind. Honestly, Claire just did a really good job taking my photos. I am anything but glamorous at the gym!

on February 26, 2011  Judy37  2,658 said:

I used to do the tricep dips all the time. It really works! Geez Ali, your hair even looks great when you are working out. :) Great tips!

on February 25, 2011  Becky  13,128 said:

You both look like you are beachbody people .. sheesh .. one day ladies one day i'll look like you :( sigh...

on February 25, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

@LaurenBlair - yes it's a great 2 for 1 move!

@cathy3087 - the first time T.G asked me to do that move I almost cried. It's really hard if you're new to the move because you have to balance quite a bit and as you know, push-ups are evil.

@RobynB - you are too sweet. This is probably the only time I will ever agree to do this!!

on February 25, 2011  LaurenBlair  128 said:

My favourite move out of these is the rotating lunge - kills the shoulders and the abs.

on February 25, 2011  cathy3087  98 said:

I definitely want to add the rotating push-up to my routine -- that looks tough!

on February 25, 2011  RobynB  664 said:

well look at you miss fitness model Ali!!! looking gorg!

on February 25, 2011  LaurenBlair  128 said:

Absoultely I will, I love switching it up!

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