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Bouncing Back from Yule Log and Egg Nog

| Sunday January 17, 20102 comments
Approximately 3.5 hours on the treadmill at a good running pace will help me burn off the 3500 calorie turkey dinner I had on Christmas Day. Well that's not daunting at all (you have to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb!), considering I had several such meals during the holidays and no time to exercise.
I know I'm not alone feeling like the holidays left me with an excess of calories and a deficit of hours logged at the gym. It's time to enlist professional help: George Gianniotis of G2 Kinetics Personal Training. Trainer George took me through a BS-free approach to zapping any extra holiday pounds, and now it's my pleasure to bring the pain to you.  If you're looking for the quick-fix/magic pill, stop reading now...

George’s 'Circle of Five Components for a Healthy Living' includes:

* Cardio (three sessions/week at medium-high intensity for at least 20 minutes)

* Resistance Training (3 sessions/week at medium-high intensity for 40 minutes)

* Good Nutrition

* Rest (7-8 hours of sleep each night)

* Being Active – making extra activity part of your normal routine, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
George regularly trains his clients at home, making his exercises easy to do anywhere and with no room for excuses!  He started me with a light 10-minute cardio warm-up, then dove into 1 hour of resistance training (using my own weight and with hand weights) with active recovery periods.  George recommended I follow up our session with traditional cardio on my own. 

We demonstrate a few key moves:

The Downward Dog Mountain Climber: go up into downward dog, then lower to plank with the right knee at the chest, repeat with left knee to chest. Repeat 12 x (6 x leg), do an active recovery (i.e. jumping rope) and repeat twice.

The Dumbbell Lunge and Lift: lunge, then lift knee up with a small dumbbell over your head. Repeat 12 x total, and do an active recovery (i.e. do the ice skater - jump from one foot to the other, side to side, swinging arms like an ice skater), and repeat twice.

Workout tips
workout tips
Pass the Dumbbell: For killer abs (mine hurt for 4 days afterward) lean back, lift your legs slightly off the ground, transfer the dumbbell from one hand to the other, over the head and then extend to the each side.  Repeat 12 x, do an active recovery and repeat twice.

Stability Ball Roll-Out: lie on your back with heels dug into the stability ball and lift your hips into the air. Extend legs, lower hips, then pull in and raise hips. Repeat 12 x total with an active recovery and repeat twice.

Stork Squats: one leg squat - pose like a figure skater and then squat on the standing leg. Repeat on each leg 12 x with an activity recovery and then repeat twice.

Statistically, it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so George suggests we start with a 21-day plan.  Chances are, if you make it to 21 days you’ll want to keep going.

Trainer George's Tips for your 21-day starter plan:

1. Take a 'before' photo

2. Make a plan - write down what you're going to do, and a realistic time frame that you'd like to achieve it in - then post it somewhere visible

3. To kick-start your progress, sweat (via cardio exercise) 5-6 days a week for approx 40 minutes every time

4. Don't shy away from weights - resistance training increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories even when at rest.

5. Between weight-bearing exercises, employ an active recovery (jump rope, jog on the spot or air boxing)

6. Keep a food log

7. Drink plenty of water, especially before eating (it helps fill you up)

8. Nutrition is as important as exercise. Throw out or freeze leftover treats to resist temptation, or package in individual servings to prevent overindulgence. Increase fruits, vegetables and fibre.

9. Variety is important - learn different exercises by reading fitness magazines, buddying up at the gym with a friend to try their routine, or checking out online sites for advice on new activities

10. Just make it happen. No excuses. No delay. But, Trainer George says, don't stress if you need a day off. Get back on that train tomorrow!

by Megan Matthews

G2 Kinetics Personal Training

Game for more punishment?  Look for the next installment of our Fitness Series with Trainer George coming soon!
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on January 21, 2010  Marayna  1,132 said:

Just had my first session with George today - it was fantastic. And yes, you guys make it look so easy! Ali - he told me how he incorporated the arm flapping with weights to your stork pose - impossible! It took me a bit just to find my balance.

Such great exercises and tons of fun. I think the boxing was my favourite part so far.

on January 18, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Awww, you guys are making it look so easy!

Megan, kudos to you for smiling through the lunge and lift exercise. It's tough and uses lots of core muscles to keep your balance. The stork pose is one of my favourite moments of shame at the gym. It's hard - esp when George punishes you extra by making you add the arm flapping.

I've been working out with George for a while and highly recommend his services for people who want results. This is no fluffy training session!

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