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Handling Break Outs Part 2: Full Coverage Makeup Routine

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday April 11, 201315 comments

I mentioned the other day that I recently came down with a bad case of the breakouts. I went through my trusty cleansing and treating routine, my skin cleared up for a week or two and then went it back to it's old ways. Humph. I was not happy. 

It actually turned out to be a bit more intense than I had originally thought, so I went to the doctor to see if there was anything I could be prescribed. I was showing her what I had going on, I showed her my neck and chest and told her that my face was exactly like that, but all over. She commented that I had done a wonderful job covering it up with my makeup, so sure, I was erupting, but you couldn't totally tell with my full coverage!

Here's the deal: sometimes you just need to cover it all up. I know this may not be popular opinion with certain makeup artists or dermatologists, but acne can make you feel very self concious and sometimes you need a good, full coverage makeup look. 

I wanted to share with you some of the products that I use and how I use them in case you are in the same boat as I am. When I'm going through a breakout, my skin tends to be very oily and greasy, so my makeup focuses on controlling the shine, keeping the matte look and reducing oil. 

Step 1: Primer 

I like to use either a tone correcting primer, a matifying primer or a primer that helps my makeup stay put, all day long. 

Stila One Step Correct (C$47.00)

Step 2: Foundation 

This particular foundation has been my saviour for the past few months and I actually just ran out. I'm a bit worried about what I might resort to. This foundation is very matte, quite pigmented and has great coverage. It is thicker and I've found that I have a tougher time blending it, but for days when my face has lots of redness, it's my go-to. I use this foundation with a stippling brush and for areas that need a bit of blending help (around my nose), I use a sponge. 

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation (C$40.00)

Step 3: Concealer 

I know that I talk A LOT about this concealer, so I'm going to keep this short n' sweet: it's good. It's heavy, so it won't be for everyone, but when you need something opaque enough to cover a tattoo, this is your guy. I usually use my fingers with this concealer and pat it on in very red areas. I use it sparingly and layer if needed. 

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer (C$5.98)

Step 4 + 4b: Concealer No.2

I told you this was full coverage. If I need, for extra tough blemishes, I will lightly dab on some extra concealer (either using a small brush or my finger). I'm partial to the cream concealers. I will also use a cream concealer for dark circles. I love highlighters but if I am extra oily, sometimes this just adds to the shine so I will also substitute a highlighter with a lighter shade of concealer. 

Essence Match2Cover Cream Concealer (C$3.49)
Joe Fresh Duo Concealer (C$8.00) 

Step 5: Setting Powder 

Setting my makeup is essential for me. I don't like re-applying and this keeps my makeup where it should be throughout the day. I like to go with an oil absorbing powder, one that won't clog pores. I apply it with a large fluffy brush. I prefer loose powder - I feel like it applies more evenly. 

MAC Loose Blot Powder (US$24.00)

Step 6 + 6b: Setting Powder No.2

This isn't really a next step, more of an addition to step 5. On red, bumpy blemishes, I use a small, dense and fluffy brush (similar to an eyeshadow blending brush) with a translucent setting powder over concealer. I might also use a translucent powder that has clay properties with the same brush on trouble areas with lots of oil (like my t-zone). 

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder (C$39.00)
bareMinerals Mineral Veil (C$25.00)

Step 7: Blush 

I'm not sure if there is much science behind this, but I swear by this blush because it is made by clay, for it's oil absorption. This means less shininess by the end of the day! I apply my blush with a dense, tapered brush. 
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (C$31.00)

What makeup products do you use for breakouts? Do you have any surefire tips? 
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on September 17, 2016  jenniferparker  279 said:

I'm currently pregnant, and my face is actually horendous lol! But I find I have oily skin some days worse than others, are these products good for that type of skin, or are there other products that could be pairsed instead of thses that would work?

on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,195 said:

So much concealer! I usually just use one or two, after that does it not start to look caked on?

on April 09, 2015  gabbymk  241 said:


on April 04, 2014  Skye_Ann  2,191 said:

I'd like to see a "how to cover acne with DRUGSTORE products" post... I can't afford these $40 products!!

I'll have to check out that hard candy one though.

on October 18, 2013  wendyroy  25,271 said:

I love the Stila color perfecting cream, too. I had a make-over a couple of weeks ago at Murale with a Stila rep, and was quite impressed with the product.

on October 17, 2013  laurianne  2,134 said:

the stila primer is my al-time absolute fave! it's GREAT. and that bare mineral's blush is also amazing and oh so pigmented!

on September 06, 2013  GetaUkami  503 said:

Thank you for the tips! In order to prevent breakouts, I use a clay mask. For a cheap yet effective mask, I highly recommend Freeman Beauty`s products. :)

on April 14, 2013  LittleMonroe1  4,057 said:

Great advice. I always get break outs and its a pain to cover them up!

on April 14, 2013  shanaz  5,826 said:

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer is the BEST for covering breakouts! Plus it's waterproof, smudgeproof, etc.!

on April 12, 2013  lovelydays  3,649 said:

There are so many great products here that I want to try. I've heard amazing things about that Hard Candy concealer, as well as the Tarte blush!

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