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Daily Dose of Adorable: Meet the Newly Discovered 'Olinguito'

Friday August 16, 2013 by Alexandra C.

There's a new kid in town. Meet the olinguito: a species discovered just a day ago. For years it went misunderstood and misclassified, but it's time to shine a spotlight on this cute teddy bear-cat hybrid. It almost reminds me of a long, fluffy cat with a bear face and claws with chubby hind legs. They're the smallest member of the raccoon family. Weird. But pretty cute, no? 


Gratuitous Hotties 'Make Out, Marry or Meh' Edition: Sam Clafin vs. Wes Bentley vs. Matt McGorry

Friday August 2, 2013 by Alexandra C.

In college, one of our favourite games to pass the time between classes was Wed, Bed, Dead. It goes by a few other names, but the basic premise is this: you have three men to choose from and you need to choose one to wed, one to bed and one that ends up, well, dead. 

I thought it might be fun to play our own little version of the game that I'm calling: Make Out, Marry or Meh! Here's the deal:...

Behind the Scenes at ChickAdvisor: Take 2

Friday June 21, 2013 by Alexandra C.

A while back, we gave you a little sneak peek of what the daily life at CA HQ has been like. In turn, you let us know about some of the awesome happenings in your lives. Since we last spoke, CA has been busy with events, visits and lots of fun times, so we thought we'd play catch up with you lovely ladies. 

Here's a snippet of some of the awesome things that have recently happened! 


Posing Wall: Meet Shannon

Friday May 10, 2013 by ChickAdvisor Team

Hello there! My name is Shannon and I’m a 3rd year co-op student from the University of Waterloo studying Fine Arts, Business, and Digital Arts Communication. After I finish my degree, I would ideally like to start working as a Curatorial Assistant in an art gallery. Other creative fields that interest me are UX design, product development, and digital marketing.  I’m doing my co-op here...

Behind the Scenes at ChickAdvisor

Friday April 12, 2013 by ChickAdvisor Team

Us CA staffers are quite the busy bees and there has been a lot going on at our headquarters lately! From celeb sightings to some of the cutest beauty products we've ever laid eyes on, things have been hectic, but as always, we're having a blast. 
We wanted to share some of the fun things we've seen, done and tried out over the past little while, so we put together a mini...

We Love Fridays 'Staff Picks' Edition: Incredible Sites, Services & Apps

Friday March 29, 2013 by ChickAdvisor Team

We once spoke about how much we learned on a daily basis simply by being online. Personally, I'm currently enrolled at U of YouTube, working towards my PhD in braiding hair and makeup application.

Related note: IMDb is THE BEST procrastination tool. Ever wanted to know every single movie that Nicholas Cage was in? Of course you do and obviously you need to find out right this...

Daily Dose of Adorable: Get Inspired and Motivated

Friday March 29, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Ever been stuck in a rut? Maybe you just had a rough day? We've all been there. When I get bitten by the 'blah' bug, I look around me to find some pieces of inspirations to get me motivated again. As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes a few wise words can make all the difference in my day. 

I decided to spread some inspiration in this edition of Daily Dose of Adorable. Here are a few...

10 Best Rom Coms to Rewatch on Valentine's Day

Thursday February 14, 2013 by Alexandra C.

(image via

On this Valentine's Day, I have a special message for all you chicks out there: you complete me. 

Also, you had me at hello. 

Oh rom coms, you fulfill me in a way that no other film genre ever will. Sure, rom coms are cheese-tastic and predictable. But aren't they also oh-so satisfying? 

To celebrate love, romance and all that gooey gushy...

Online Dating Challenge Part 3: I Went On a Group Date (and I liked it)

Friday February 8, 2013 by Alexandra C.

You may remember that not too long ago I embarked on a journey into the online dating world. I had mixed results, to say the least. However, I picked myself up, dusted off the creepers and decided to keep at it. Hey, free dinners, right? (Kidding... but not totally.) Weaving my way through online dating services, I came upon Grouper Social Club

Grouper? Social Club?...

We Love Fridays: Monopoly Sephora Edition

Friday February 8, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Monopoly used to be one of my favourite board games. I say 'used to be' because it was our go-to family night activity until a very heated argument over who owned what property took place and since that fateful Monopoly Incident, I haven't touched the board. 

Well, that is going to have to change because I stumbled upon this too cute version that I am pretty sure was made...

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