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Band-Aid Brand

BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages have long been a staple in a family’s first-aid kit as a source of healing, comfort, and protection. And as the brand has expanded over the years, so too has the technology and innovation behind it. BAND-AID Brand has moved from being strictly a bandage to becoming a brand that offers a wide variety of products to meet the diverse needs of today’s active families and their lifestyles.

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Band-Aid Brand Reviews

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages SKIN-FLEX®, 25 count
Up to 3 times more flexible padding. Bandaid brand is the best you can depend on. Stays on the skin when it’s wet. The price is great. Great to have around the house when you have a fall or a burn. I love this brand

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages Paw Patrol, 20 count (assorted sizes)
These Bandaid brand Paw Patrol Bandaids were a hit. We have purchased multiple boxes. Pros: My young kid loved that the paw patrol helped “protect” her owie and was super willing to let me wash the area and put it on! Of course these are the bandaid quality so they work...

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages Flexible Fabric Extra Large, 10 count
With two rambunctious boys in our household these bandages came in handy to keep cute and scared debris free and dry to ensure quick healing.

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages Tough Strips®, 20 count
J'ai ris des heures et des heures en voulant essayer il mes rester coller sur le doit et javais l'air d'un chat avec du papier collant de coller sur les pattes a essayer de l'enlever assez que même mes trois enfants en riais bas oui sa nous as fait un fait cocasse

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages Hydro Seal™ Advanced Healing, 10 count
Sticks for days, heals the wound and then drops off without needing to take it off. The best healing and sticking bandage I’ve ever used! You can see through the Band-Aid to see the healing progress and it’s a skin colour too

Band-Aid Wet-Flex Bandages
Although these band-aids aren't the cheapest ones you can get, they are definitely worth the price. I have tried a wide variety of brands and types of band-aids and none of them stand up to the strength of the Band-Aid Wet-Flex Aquaflex Foam Bandages (Water Resistant) I cut...

Band-Aid Waterproof Plus Antibiotic 2-in-1 with Polysporin
Hi there hope you r well. I couldn't believe it when I took off the band aid my skin was all clear I was told that I would have a nice scar and nothing fantastic best I've ever used.Thank You Linda

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Variety Pack
We love bandaid brand. With this product you know you won't have to worry about it falling off or losing its stickiness. Great at keeping germs out and keeping cuts clean.

Band-Aid  Waterproof pads
Time and time again these are the products I choose. They are durable and good quality. When I’m competing I need products that stand up to use and abuse and these do 100%

Band Aid Activ-Flex
This acti flex is such a goodness’s product, good for wound on elbow or places where you need to bend all the time, such a good idea, easy to use, good product .

Band Aid Plus Antibiotic Bandages
I like these because it easier to use one of these then to put ontment on a cut then ba band aid its not all messy takesnless time. Better for kids because you can apply faster

band-aid paper tape
I'm allergic to the adhesive that they use in most medical tapes. Paper tape has less of it and doesn't seem to irritate my skin as much. If you have issues with medical tapes, try this paper tape. Sticks well and doesn't irritate my skin. Comes off easily.

Having a rare disease that causes multiple lesions can get expensive (and tiring). I wanted to stray from the mepore bandages as the cost was high and the glue was damaging my skin. On a whim i bought 3 boxes of these, and the paper tape made by the same company. I've been using...

Band-Aid Water Block Plus (clear)
Duirng the summer is when I most often end up using band-aids. During the summer I like to swim a lot too; therefore these band-aids are perfect! I can go for a swim and the band-aid is still stuck to me. Great for using on your hands too seeing as we wash our hands and often...

Band-Aid Blister Block Stick
I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Where have you been all my life?! I apply liberally before wearing strappy heels or heels that typically rub all the wrong areas and OMG this blister block totally saves my feet. I am VERYYYY disappointed that I can no longer find these anywhere in store...