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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

3582 reviews

My whole family loves using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. We use this amazing multi purpose product to clean our black stove top, white running shoes, walls, kitchen. - the possibilities are endless. We are always sure to pick up the club pack at Costco. It never fails to make...
Vim Lemon Scent Cream

656 reviews

Ce produit est absolument efficace. Il enlève pratiquement toutes les taches tenaces. Il a une odeur de frais très agréable. Un must dans nos produits nettoyants !
OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder

591 reviews

With little kids, I rely on oxyclean to keep clothes looking like new! I use this all the time in our laundry - it removes tough grass and mud stains from clothes. It even took the dark sweat stains out of my husband's white ball cap! This is the best stain remover ever - it's...
Bounty Paper Towels

314 reviews

I was not selected to try the product, but I use it everyday at home sonwhy not write a review?? This paper towel is the best! It absorbs every mess and the price is good!! Try it you won't regret it!
Vim with Baking Soda Ocean Fresh Gel

141 reviews

J'adore le vim bleu car je l'utile pour nettoyer plein de chose comme le comptoir, la porte de frigo blanche quand elle a sale il fait des merveilles. Pour la salle de bain il est un très bon travail aussi. Comme vs pouvez voir je l'utile partout dans la maison.
Vim Ocean Pure All Purpose Oxy-Gel

154 reviews

I love using Vim Ocean Pur All purpose oxy-gel. I use it on the floors and very happy with the results. It is also great for all surfaces around the house.
Vim Power & Shine Anti-Bacterial Multi-purpose Spray

125 reviews

J'aime beaucoup ce produit (découvert récemment). Je peux tout nettoyer avec, très efficace malgré une forte odeur de produit ménager. Lorsqu'il tombe en spéciale et qu'il y un coupon en vigueur, revient gratuitement.
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach

104 reviews

En premier lieu, je tiens à dire que j'ai reçu ce produit gratuitement pour essai #gratuit. Au début j'étais sceptique et je me disais qu'il devait être comme tout les autres nettoyants mais je me suis trompée .. En premier lieu son odeur à une note de propreté avec...
Vim Naturals Cream Cleaner

108 reviews

I tired this new brand of vim because it is natural. It's doesn't clean well and smells awfully. I called the company and they said everything seemed normale to them....
Vim Actifizz Multi-purpose Lemon Spray

105 reviews

This is amazing! I have used it for many purposes around the house and it is a very versatile product. A little goes a long way and it leaves your house smelling lemony fresh!
Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

139 reviews

My boss started purchasing this for the clinic and it eventually made its way to my home. I love how clean this leaves everything. I love how it smells and I love knowing that it's natural and free of chemicals.

122 reviews

J'adore toujours mon expérience lorsque j'utilise les produits Pine sol pour laver mes murs ou encore mes planchers. Plusieurs fragrances sont disponibles, mais ils ont tous la même efficacité. La raison pour laquelle j'utilise ce produit moins qu'avant ce sont mes animaux...
Vim Hardwood Floor Surface Cleaner

126 reviews

The Vim Hardwood Floor Surface Cleaner makes my hardwood floors completely spotless. This cleaner is very concentrated and you only need very little mixed with some hot water. I use it with a regular mop and my floors come out shinning , smelling great and spotless. This product...
Resolve Spray and Wash

136 reviews

I use resolve spray and wash on my stained cloths before either put them in the wash and it does a fairly good job of taking out stains. It has a harder time with things like grape juice tho so if you have a large stain I would recommend another product.
Air Wick V.I.Poo Lavender Superstar

84 reviews

I received this product to trial for free, overall it's an ok product, the scent was great. I found it didn't work as well as other products I use for the "really stinky ones", I like it's compact size which makes it easy to carry in your purse. I do find it pricey and don't...
Swiffer Duster

88 reviews

These Swiffer dusters are the best dust trappers I have used! The kids even like to help mommy clean as long as they can use the duster (which is a super bonus for the moment) the trap every last dust particle in sight!
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshness in Lavender Vanilla & Comfort

106 reviews

Mr Clean with Febreze Freshness In Lavender Vanilla And Comfort smells so good and cleans to a shine. I use it to clean my floors everything in the kitchen and bathroom. And my home smells like Vanilla and Lavender all day.
Windex Original

73 reviews

Windex always did a great cleaning job at home. My only con is this is not enviromental friendly. For that, I prefer Attitude product. But when I used to clean my house with windex, all my mirror and screens were cleaned and shined. Unfortunately, this product as a really strong...
Comet with Bleach

67 reviews

good smell, works really good on toilets and in bathrooms. i like it. the only thing i dont like is that its a powder and it tastes really bad if you get it in your mouth. other then that i recommend this to everyone who likes to clean
Cascade All in One Action Packs

94 reviews

Je trouve qu'utiliser ce produit est meilleur que les savons en poudre...C'est toujours facile de les utiliser et plus simple. Je suis satisfaite avec le résultat qu'il donne, ça donne une odeur fraîche et rafraichissante. Le seul inconvénient c'est que je trouve que c'est...