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Household Cleaning Products Reviews

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

4899 reviews

I used this almost daily in my house! It takes off even the hardest of stains! I definitely recommend to people with children or pets! Will continue to buy!
Vim Cream Cleaner in Lemon Scent

806 reviews

Love using this to clean my stainless steel sinks. Gives a nice shine, nice fresh scent too. I like to leave it on for a few minutes then scrub it off with a scrounge pad.
OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder

633 reviews

seriously this stuff will get a stain out of anything with ease. Im sure its chalked full of harsh chemicals but it does the trick and does it easily.
Bounty Paper Towels

361 reviews

I use paper towels for everything from cleaning the kitchen to wiping up food spills. Absorbs well and gets the job done. not to bad of a price but the packages with more rolls can get pricey. Better than most brands.
Vileda ProMist MAX Spray Mop

213 reviews

I live in a very dusty area as I have a lot of dirt roads around me, so in the summer when the windows and doors are open I get a lot of dirt/dust. I find this mop is good for the quick clean.. but not a deep clean. If you need to wash all your floors and they are pretty dirty...
Vileda Scrunge Multi-Use Scrub Sponge

208 reviews

I love using Vileda Scrunge Multi Scrub Sponge when cleaning as one side is a sponge and the other is rough. When cleaning pots and pans it is nice to only use one product to get the job done. The Scrunge also works well in the bathroom sink and tub. Vileda has wonderful...
Vim Floor Cleaner in Ocean

232 reviews

One of my favourite parts about this product is it actually leaves my floors streak free! I absolutely love using it in my kitchen and bathrooms to do a quick mop of the floor because it does such and amazing job at removing all the grim and film and leaves the whole room...
Vim Wood Floor Cleaner

195 reviews

the cleaner is cheap and has coupons. also you can dilute it and use it on you wood floors. its streak free when it dries..yeay.... unlike other general cleaner. i would buy it over and over again
Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

202 reviews

This stuff is great, I can use this on just about anything in my kitchen. This stuff can be used on otabless, chairs, ovens, anything. By far my favorite.
Vim with Baking Soda Ocean Fresh Gel

142 reviews

It is a great product. I use it almost every Saturday during my cleaning routine. Very efficient, cleans any surface easily and beautifully, I also love the nice scent. I have found this product even at Dollarama. Very affordable.
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface All-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshness in Lavender Vanilla & Comfort

174 reviews

This stuff is great! I was using a brand similar to Mr. Clean and Mr. Clean smells way better. I picked it up while it was on sale and I am so glad that I did. After using it to mop floors and clean counters, it had my home smell fresh. I haven't used anything else ever since...

150 reviews

I have tried several floor cleaners and they all left an oily residue on my hardwood floors. Pine-Sol is amazing! Cleans my floors so well, leaves them shiny and not oliy/greasy looking. I've tried all the scents and love all of them. I purchase frequently and will continue to...
Vim Power & Shine Anti-Bacterial Multi-purpose Spray

127 reviews

I love that this product is antibacterial and cuts through grime so easily at the same time. I use this to clean my entire bathroom, from ceiling to floors
Vim Cream Cleaner with Bleach

116 reviews

i would buy it again because it is cheap, does the work and shines my stainless steel kitchen sink. its is very useful to use within the busy week schedule when i dont feel like spraying bleach on the counter where i have my onion and potatoes stored, really comes in handy and...
Vim Actifizz Multi-purpose Lemon Spray

111 reviews

Vim products are the best cleaners I use them all the time this makes my kitchen smell nice and take all the Germans and germs away nice smell will buys again
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach

106 reviews

Vim power & shine multi purpose spray with bleach is amazing and I love it. Kitchen grease gone, Jam stuck to your counter gone, no more hassle trying to scrap it away or needing to use half the bottle to clean your stove a few sprays and its all gone. Recommend this product to...
Vim Naturals Cream Cleaner

110 reviews

thx for you would love this... I have seen Vim in stores but was always unsure whether to buy it or not. As someone who is a clean freak this would be amazing to try out and i love trying out new cleaning solutions and products!!!! This would be awesome and an incredible...
Air Wick V.I.Poo Lavender Superstar

114 reviews

I was so surprised at how well this actually works!!! Just a few sprays into the bowl, do your business and no bad smells!! It leaves a fresh lavender scent in the bathroom. Now no reason to be embarrassed!
Comet with Bleach

113 reviews

I love comet! I use it to clean my shower and tub and get all the grime thats left over from showering such as water stains and dirt. My mom used this also when I was growing up and it works so well. Keep away from kids for sure though no one under 12 should be using this at...
Resolve Spray and Wash

142 reviews

I've been using Resolve spray and wash since my daughter was born. I love how quick it removes any stains, and if not the first time I just spray and wash again and voila clothes are perfect again. I use this for her messy clothes along with just giving the dogs bed a once over...