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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

370 reviews

Received these inside of a swag bag at a health show and fell in love with them. It feels like dessert like somehow I am eating candy! What a feeling but I most likely would buy the real deal on a daily basis but keep these around to give to kids or when I feel like something...
Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix

194 reviews

I always keep these on hand for those days I feel sluggish, or if someone around me has a cold. They help give me that little extra energy, and have kept me from getting sick even when my whole family is sick.
Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable in Orange

65 reviews

My doctor recommended that I take these to help boost my immune system. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them or not, but I ended up loving them. I feel great since I first started taking them!
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

65 reviews

I have been using One a day now for quite some time. It doesn't have any after effects, very good. I take one everyday which helps to build my immune system and fill in any gaps when not eating healthy. I would definitely recommend
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry

51 reviews

The best way to take vitamins, yum! They are really tasty, flavour and texture are great. I like that they are sugar free, diabetic friendly, a win-win for me. Price is good too. I usually buy mine at Safeway or Walmart.
Flintstone Gummies Complete Vitamins

30 reviews

This is the only Vitamints I have been using for my kids and I have 4. I would definitely recommend this product. I'm true to this brand would never change. It's the best.
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count

24 reviews

Living in the north mean less daylight in the winter months so my whole family takes vitamin D. Helps with mood and tiredness too. I always by Jaimeson brand and you can find sales all the time at drug stores and grocery stores. I prefer the dissolving tablets.
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D

28 reviews

C'est génial, les enfants veulent en manger comme des bonbons! C'est eux qui me rappellent de la prendre juste pour le plaisir de croquer dans leur vitamine D au chocolat!!
Jamieson Melatonin 5mg

6 reviews

I love this product because it helps me get a restful sleep when my brain just won't shut off at night. It's easy to use, effective and I don't feel drowsy when I wake up in the morning after taking it.
BOOST Diabetic - Vanilla

3 reviews

I resent had surgery and as a pre op diet i was required to drink this. As much as it sucked infound the vanilla flavour amazing. Add a pack of instant decade coffe and OMG so good. Perfect ratio of protein, sugar and carb for trying to loose weight
exact vitamin b12

2 reviews

I swear by vitamin B12 supplements and these have been very helpful in the past when I had this deficiency. It really helps you feel great and aids in the processing of carbs, etc. Very helpful for nausea!
One A Day VitaCraves Gummies Plus Immunity Support

1 review

These really work! Each year I get at least one sinus infection and a cold every season. And when I get sick, it often goes into my chest, and I get bronchitis. Treatments, inhalers, antibiotics... I have infectious asthma (I get asthma symptoms only when I come down with...
Quest Protein Bar Oatmeal and chocolate

3 reviews

Quest bars are some of my favourite protein bars available on the market, and I have tried a lot of brands. There are a number of different flavours available, ranging from chocolate chip cookie dough to cinnamon roll to mint chocolate chunk. Some of the bars are more flavorful...
Health one vitamin c

1 review

I take 2 daily for improved immune system. I also take them to help heal bruises and bone density for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. They taste Great, aren't too strong.
kirkland omega fish oil

2 reviews

I train a lot a the gym and eat 99% clean. Sometimes my diet lacks healthy fats, so that's where these come in. They help to ensure I'm getting everything that my body needs!
Ester-C Effervescent Fizzy Drink Mix 1000mg packets, 21 count

1 review

I started taking Ester-C Effervescent Fizzy Drink Mix almost two months ago. Every morning I mix one pack with some water and drink it with my daily vitamins. It taste delicious like a orange drink. I feel 100% better than I did two months ago. I have a lot more engery. My...
First Response Prenatal & Postnatal Vitamins

1 review

I started taking a prenatal as recommended by my doctor. The prenatal capsules were really hard on my stomach and caused me to feel sick a lot of the time. I found these prenatal gummies and I have not had any issues with feeling sick after taking these vitamins. They are gluten...
Centrum Chewable MultiVitamin 50+

1 review

I have tried many different multivitamins and most were too big for me, and chopping them up is sometimes not the best way to go. I then discovered Centrum chewables for people over 50. I was in my 40s but with the vitamins it includes it was a great forumula for me. These are...
NutraVege 2x Extra Strength Orange Cranberry Liquid Omega-3

2 reviews

I always thought anything omega-3 liquid related had to be utterly disgusting until I tried this brand. Every flavour I’ve tried has been great. The only thing that some people may not like would be the texture. It’s never bother me personally but I have heard that from...
Nature Made High Potency Magnesium

2 reviews

I had about 7 blood panels done in Feb of this year. It was recommended to me by a friend over a year ago. It's great to make your bowels regular, take pressure off your back & an awesome supplement. I always advocate communicating with your healthcare adviser when starting a...