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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

420 reviews

I’m a year out from my surgery and these help me with all my vitamins make my life a lot easier I absolutely love all things vitafusion I also take there calcium it’s my favorite!!
Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Super Orange

300 reviews

I drink this everyday in all the flavours. Delicious and healthy. Always makes me feel better and gives me natural energy. I love that the flavour has a little fizz to it. Delicious !
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin C in Natural Tangy Orange

99 reviews

I loved that is product was easy to chew and it taste like a orange flavoured product suppose to ! And a lot of pieces come in the bottle ! I would recommend !
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count

64 reviews

I took this on daily basis and start it taking in my pregnancy when my doctor recommended it. I love this product not only because it is inexpensive but also it works great, I feel energetic and change in my mood. Comes in easy packaging. I recommend this product!
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

83 reviews

Flavourful and yummy! I take every morning been taking now for over a year and I can say this helps with any gut issues, healthy nails and skin as well. My go to vitamin that’s for sure!
JS Health Hair + Energy

1 review

I’ve been on these once a day vitamins from JS Health for a month or so now just ordered my 2nd jar along with their vitamin D. These I have found are really helpful in promoting optimum energy levels especially for my workouts and daily life, I haven’t seen a lot of...
Orange Naturals  Kids D3 Drops 400IU - Orange

1 review

In exchange for my honest review, I received kids D3 drops #gotitfree. Getting enough Vitamin D is extremely important for children, and getting it from food alone is hard enough so a supplement is always helpful. This bottle may be small, but 1 dropper is all that is needed to...
Dynamic Health Laboratories Liquid Vitamin C 1000mg

1 review

This is now my go-to Vitamin C as it is tasty, has quality ingredients and gives me the daily Vit C intake that is needed. I wanted a Vit C with riboflavins and no sugar, so this is great. This is just like just like lemonade and a little bit sour. Don't forget to refrigerate...
Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails

1 review

I absolutely love this vitamin/supplement for my nails! I've always had really weak nails and it's very frustrating. These have already made a difference in just a couple of months of constant use, and the tablets are small enough that I don't have any issue swallowing all three...
Sambucol Black Elderberry Immunity + Cold and Flu Relief Gummies

1 review

The timing of this sample of Sambucol Black Elderberry Immunity + Cold and Flu Relief Gummies was perfect. My kids had just started sniffing so I knew they needed an immunity boost. We love the flavour. It has a pleasant after-taste, unlike most gummy vitamins. The texture is...
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry

59 reviews

These halls are awesome, taste great and provide good throat relief. Easy to open, convenient packaging. I like them a lot. Perfect for the cold season.
Orange Naturals Collagen Skin Revive - Powder

1 review

I have tried Orange Naturals Collagen Skin Revive – Powder for a little while now. This is very easy to use. It dissolves quickly into water and is odourless and tasteless. Only one scoop is necessary per day, so the product isn’t onerous to take. My skin does seem brighter...
Dr. Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C, 1000 mg

1 review

This is my 2nd bottle. I have done my research and Liposomal C helps fight COVID. Vitamin C is very important for our immun systeme. It is water-soluble so it has to betaken every day. The capsules are great size. They are not too large and easyto swollow. The dosage is big...
Source Glow Bites Vitamin Infused Chocolates

1 review

What's better than a vitamin that boosts your overall health and stimulates collagen production? A CHOCOLATE one! It doesn't hurt that they are delicious (think dark chocolate m&ms;). I actually had to remind myself that they are not candy and only eat two. 2 pieces are only...
ener c drinkable effervescent vitamin c

1 review

J,ai eu la chance de faire l'essai de ce produit et j'aime beaucoup. Facile à mélanger avec de l'eau , il apporte la quantité nécessaire de vitamine C quotidienne recommandé. Un produit abordable et naturel.
Olly women's vitamin gummies

3 reviews

J’adore c’est petit gumis vitamine j’adore le concept de manger cela et pouvoir prendre des vitamines c’est juste genial je l’es utiliser souvent mais aucun mal de ventre ou autre comme avk d’autre vitamines certaines marque donne des mal de ventre ce qui et pas trop...
Platinum naturals cold and flu oregano-8

1 review

At first sign of cold and flu I take 2 oregano 8. This product really helps with combating symptoms. You can also take this for general immune support if you don't have a cold or flu. Garlic, vitamin c, grapeseed, zinc, goldenseal root and cayenne fruit are also in these...
Wilderness Poets Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit Powder, 12 oz (340 g)

1 review

Living in Canada, it is hard to find fresh red dragon fruit. So this freeze dried powder is a great addition to add to anything to get all the benefits and goodness of the fruit! Dragon fruit is marketed as a fruit packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins B and C. This...
Nature’s Bounty Hair, skin and nails gummies

6 reviews

Wow these are great. Over the years I've tried a few multivitamins but I've always seemed to have side effects from them not with these though. Most multivitamins make me severely break or cause my stomach to be upset. Its awful. Not these. They taste like gummy bears ( who...
MRO Vegan Turmeric Gummy

1 review

One of my favorite companies has done it again! Mary Ruth Organics came out with Vegan Turmeric Gummies. Turmeric is a wonderful antioxidant and anti inflammatory and these gummies have a full daily serving of Curcumin (turmeric) in just 2 delicious gummies! I love that their...