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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

382 reviews

I have a horrible memory when it comes to taking vitamins. But with ones that taste as good as these, I actually look forward to taking them each day.
Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix

209 reviews

I cannot travel without my vitamin C packets. I take them everywhere I go. After a long day, they give me the energy I need and keep the common cold at bay. They taste great and are super easy to pack. I refuse to travel without them.
Jamieson Vitamin C Chewable in Orange

69 reviews

ce produit m'a sauvé surtout durant l'hiver. Le goût est très bon et le prix est abordable. Je vous le recommande si vous avez souvent de la grippe durant l'hiver.
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

70 reviews

The only downfall is the size of the pill - I really struggle with taking it so I have moved towards different brands or gummy options. This is also more on the expensive side so I tend to purchase whatever brand is on sale with the same ingredients or the generic version.
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry

54 reviews

I love these vitamin C drops! They are sweet and help boost your vitamin C intake. Plus there is no heavy menthol taste! I also use them for a dry mouth and throat! Go out and try some today.
Flintstone Gummies Complete Vitamins

31 reviews

These are great for Anyone in the family who hates taking Hard Pills! My little ones just loves the different flavors! The bottle is Hard plastic that's always a Plus !
Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

20 reviews

I am undecided about these vitamins. They taste great and are easy to take but I'm not sure how effective they are. I've been taking them for a while now and I haven't noticed any change in my hair, skin, or nails.
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count

26 reviews

Apart from being an important vitamin, I have noticed that when I take Vitamin D, my skin clears up within days and I hardly have any breakouts when taking it on a daily basis.
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D

29 reviews

I purchased these vitamins at Wal Mart I have arthritis and I heard that this product would help with my pain to my surprise it helps lessen the pain in my knees and back I would recommend this product to anyone
B-12 Complex Weber Naturals

8 reviews

These Webber B12 tabs have been a great addition to my health regime! Theyre small and quickly desolve without a bad “vitamin” taste! Since going plant based my dr recommended a quick desolve B11 supplement and Webber is definitely the right choice.
Jamison Essentiall Protein Powder

1 review

Two kinds, vanilla and chocolate. While a protein powder it also helps with your digestive system and provides you with 100% of your daily vitamins! They work well in smoothies or just a regular shake with milk! Before I workout you could also use them in a homemade frappe which...
NutraSea Omega-3 EPA + DHA 1250 mg Tropical Mango Flavour

1 review

I bought this as a way to help with my mood and in hopes that it would make my skin and hair more healthy. I did not want to take the pills so I was happy to see fish oils being offered in oil form. It tastes good just like a mango, you do not taste fish at all. It has helped to...
Juice vitamins

1 review

I've been on juice vitamins for 2 months. Between the Beets, vegetables, and all of your green vegetables and three different bottles. It's just like using but no work just capsules. I've never felt better in my life until I started taking them.
Natures Bounty B12 1000Mcg

1 review

I unfortunately become deficient in the B12 vitamin. My DR recommended a 1000 mcg tab, and the pharmacist recommended Nature's Bounty. After completing a bottle of 100 tabs, I'm happy to say my B12 levels have risen, making these vitamins quite effective. Will definitely be...
Equate Ginko Biloba

1 review

After becoming a member of the "50's Club", I found myself forgetting things and so I searched for a supplement to improve memory and concentration. This led to my discovery online of Ginko (or Ginkgo) Biloba which I actually had some trouble finding in store. I ultimately...
Hair nails and skin vitamin

1 review

After taking these vitamins for a week, I started to notice my skin looking healthier. My nails were always brittle, until now! I haven't noticed much difference to my hair, but it may take longer for full results.
Sisu vitamin B - 100

1 review

It was recommended to me to get more B vitamins to help reduce stress. I chose the Sisu one because it has 100mg of each B vitamin (much better than others). I felt a huge change in mood and my overall ability to handle stress within a month! I'm a believer now and I have...
Sunkis time release vitamin C

1 review

I would recommend when taking this to do so during the day because it can cause some people to stay awake as it is a stimulant, for me it made me wide awake at night. Once I switched to taking it in the morning I had more energy and was more awake, while being able to sleep. It...
Vitafusion Womens Gummy Vitamins

2 reviews

I bought these from Walgreens on a deal. I’m glad I did. They taste great and it’s enjoyable to take my vitamins. Berry is a great flavor. They are a little tougher than a gummy bear but still soft and easy to chew.
Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamins C & E

1 review

I have been taking this for quite some time and since I have I haven’t been getting any more bladder infections. It seemed like I was always at the walk in clinic for this problem and since I have been taking this I have been feeling so much better. I always take the same...