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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

416 reviews

This product is a great way to get your vitamin intake for the day. I thought it would taste somewhat off or bad but it tastes just like a regular gummy. All of the flavours taste good and I don't mind which one I take.
Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Super Orange

298 reviews

Whenever I feel getting sick, or even having the early symptoms, I take this with cup of water and drink away! It does help quite fast and I start feeling better. The taste is not so great, but I know that it will help me to get better. I don't get sick often but I have...
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin C in Natural Tangy Orange

98 reviews

I love these. I grew up with a vitamin deficiency and I always had to take these, let just say 20 years later, still loving them. I always buy one and they last me atleast 2 months!
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count

63 reviews

Great price point, love the bonus value. Love taking vitamin d especially in the winter months when the sun isn't out as long. Staying healthy has never been more important to me or my family.
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

77 reviews

This multivitamin is good, seems to do the job and is easy to swallow Good quality for the price I willl be purchasing these again. They're good value..
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry

59 reviews

These halls are awesome, taste great and provide good throat relief. Easy to open, convenient packaging. I like them a lot. Perfect for the cold season.
Nature’s Bounty Hair, skin and nails gummies

4 reviews

I have tried this product because I have a brittle nail and I was actually a bit skeptical at first. Boy oh boy it does work! And it tastes good too! Highly recommended!
Berroca performance vitamin tablets

1 review

1 fizzy tablet in 8oz of water will give you enough energy for a whole day. Made by Bayers, UK and imported to USA (mostly found in CVS and Wallgreens). Loaded with all minerals and vitamins especially vit B. I love this product and use it every single day.
Flintstone Gummies Complete Vitamins

39 reviews

My 3 year old loves these vitamins! They don’t have that yucky vitamin taste. Every morning before breakfast she asks for one. I love knowing that she is getting her daily vitamin without a fight. Definitely recommend!
Pure encapsulations vitamin d3

1 review

My doc told me i needed vitamin D. And change dosis after 11/2 month… he recommended several kinds and brands to look for and I decided for this ones. They don't have fillers, you can manage the dose and change according to your requirements, and the drops doesnt have any...
Kirkland Signature Women's Forte Multivitamin

1 review

These vitamins are good value - effective at a good price. The vitamins are a bit large, but they break in half if needed. The vitamin content is comprehensive.
Jamieson chewable D3

1 review

I give it to my little kids to support a healthy immune system and bone health. Kids in Canada don't receive a lot of sunlight as being indoors during the whole winter season. Doctors recommend giving vitamin D to kids for bone health. Do take doctors advice with using any...
Garden of Life Magnesium

6 reviews

This was my first time trying any of the @gardenoflife products. I am very satisfied with the product. It helped me enhancing the sleep quality and relax. With health benefits i also see the taste and surprisingly it tastes amazing. I mixed it up with my drink and it enhanced...
Zooki Vitamin D

1 review

Just got one sachet of this Vitamin D to try and it’s amazing. Comes as a yoghurt, tastes like berries, sweet and pleasant on the tongue. Good for immune system, bones and muscle function.
Holland and Barret Magnesium 250mg

1 review

If you’re experience fatigue, light headaches, hormone disbalans, or you’re exercising on a daily basis and don’t want to experience muscle pain, then you should most definitely take magnesium every day😊
Biotin webber natural

2 reviews

This vitamin blessed me with long nails and shiny long hair. As you take this for one week you stay to see the difference in your skin and nails. Grows hair beautifully
Nature’s Bounty Ultra Strength Turmeric

1 review

Ultra Strength Turmeric from Nature’s Bounty is an amazing natural medication used to reduce inflammation and give relief from joint pain. It is an extra strength anti-inflammatory made from 360mg’s of turmeric which is the root equivalent of 9000 mg’s per capsule. It is...
Boots A-Z vitamins

1 review

Been using these along with my family for many years. I'm a vegetarian and I feel I lack in all the correct vitamins and essential minerals. These are loaded with all the nutrients I need. My hair and skin are much healthier along with stronger nails.
Haliborange softies omega-3 & multivitamins

1 review

I purchased these vitamins for my little boy as he doesn't eat much fruit and vegetables as I would like him to. After trying many different brands he loves this one. Orange flavour and it leaves no nasty taste in his mouth. You can take either 1 or 2 softies a day. Full of...
kirkland vitamin c 1000mg

1 review

I always have cough and colds whenever fall and winter season is here, so every time I am struggling with this cough and colds, and due to pandemic happened I also wanted to be a bit healthy and stop this cough and colds so I tried it, I take it once a day and I is effective, my...