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Vitamins/Minerals Reviews

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Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

416 reviews

This product is a great way to get your vitamin intake for the day. I thought it would taste somewhat off or bad but it tastes just like a regular gummy. All of the flavours taste good and I don't mind which one I take.
Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C Super Orange

298 reviews

Whenever I feel getting sick, or even having the early symptoms, I take this with cup of water and drink away! It does help quite fast and I start feeling better. The taste is not so great, but I know that it will help me to get better. I don't get sick often but I have...
Jamieson Chewable Vitamin C in Natural Tangy Orange

98 reviews

I love these. I grew up with a vitamin deficiency and I always had to take these, let just say 20 years later, still loving them. I always buy one and they last me atleast 2 months!
Jamieson Vitamin D 1,000iu Bonus 240 Count

63 reviews

Great price point, love the bonus value. Love taking vitamin d especially in the winter months when the sun isn't out as long. Staying healthy has never been more important to me or my family.
One A Day Women's Multivitamin

79 reviews

Flavourful and yummy! I take every morning been taking now for over a year and I can say this helps with any gut issues, healthy nails and skin as well. My go to vitamin that’s for sure!
Halls Antioxidant Vitamins C Sugar Free Drops in Pomegranate Berry

59 reviews

These halls are awesome, taste great and provide good throat relief. Easy to open, convenient packaging. I like them a lot. Perfect for the cold season.
MRO Vegan Turmeric Gummy

1 review

One of my favorite companies has done it again! Mary Ruth Organics came out with Vegan Turmeric Gummies. Turmeric is a wonderful antioxidant and anti inflammatory and these gummies have a full daily serving of Curcumin (turmeric) in just 2 delicious gummies! I love that their...
Flinstones Superbeans

1 review

These children's vitamins are a kin to jelly beans. They taste like candy so of course my kids loved them. They have a decent amount of vitamins in them. Love the natural coloring. I do not think my kids dentist would approve though.
Olly women's vitamin gummies

1 review

I really liked these compared to many other brands of chewable vitamins. They have a good taste and are very easy to chew. They have a good variety of vitamins ans supplements in them also. I didnt feel a difference in my body after 2-3 weeks of taking them comprlared to some...
genestra multi-vite

1 review

I love Genestra supplements, I have used them for many years. They are a fantastic brand that are high quality. This particular supplement helps to prevent deficiency in vitamin A, B12, C, E and Selenium and helps maintain bones, eyesight, healthy skin, membranes, immune and...
Airborne Adult Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C & Vitamin D - 50ct

1 review

I was collaborating with Airborne but actually like them, the taste is obviously not that great but not unbearable. I do feel like it gave my immune system a boost and has kept a little bit safer.
Fusion Lifestyle Iron Supplement

1 review

I had some issues tolerating other iron supplements, but this one tastes great and doesn't give me any of the side effects I got from other brands. The flavor is great and I actually look forward to taking these daily.
Nature’s Bounty Hair, skin and nails gummies

4 reviews

I have tried this product because I have a brittle nail and I was actually a bit skeptical at first. Boy oh boy it does work! And it tastes good too! Highly recommended!
Berroca performance vitamin tablets

1 review

1 fizzy tablet in 8oz of water will give you enough energy for a whole day. Made by Bayers, UK and imported to USA (mostly found in CVS and Wallgreens). Loaded with all minerals and vitamins especially vit B. I love this product and use it every single day.
Flintstone Gummies Complete Vitamins

39 reviews

My 3 year old loves these vitamins! They don’t have that yucky vitamin taste. Every morning before breakfast she asks for one. I love knowing that she is getting her daily vitamin without a fight. Definitely recommend!
Centrum Prenatal Mineral Supplement

1 review

These supplements contain the recommended daily doses of all the essential vitamins and minerals. Each tablet is bigger than any usual pill, but I didn't experience any adverse effects while taking them. They often go on sale and can be a very affordable option with a coupon.
Olly Teen Girl Multi

1 review

Olly’s Teen Girl Multi gummy vitamin is an easier (and yummy) way for my teen to get the vitamins and minerals she needs each day. Gone are the boring multivitamins she doesn’t remember to take now that she’s add two of these chewable vitamins to her daily routine...
Pure encapsulations vitamin d3

1 review

My doc told me i needed vitamin D. And change dosis after 11/2 month… he recommended several kinds and brands to look for and I decided for this ones. They don't have fillers, you can manage the dose and change according to your requirements, and the drops doesnt have any...
Kirkland Signature Women's Forte Multivitamin

1 review

These vitamins are good value - effective at a good price. The vitamins are a bit large, but they break in half if needed. The vitamin content is comprehensive.
Jamieson chewable D3

1 review

I give it to my little kids to support a healthy immune system and bone health. Kids in Canada don't receive a lot of sunlight as being indoors during the whole winter season. Doctors recommend giving vitamin D to kids for bone health. Do take doctors advice with using any...