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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch
Honestly I'm a heavy consumer ill buy anything and everything but I just feel frustrated when things don't work at all and this is one of those products. I wasn't expecting a miracle but it just didn't work for me. its easy to apply and feels ok but it does not work.

927 reviews
Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment
I am convinced Vicks can cure most things! I use it when I'm congested from a cold or the flu and I it's also crucial for me in treating headaches and migraines. I've also heard people put it on the soles of their feet to help with congestion and cough. I haven't found any...

270 reviews
Voltaren Emulgel
hubby uses this more then me after a longs day of work muscles are sore and this will work for us more so for him as he likes to play sports as well, play soccer isn't easy on joints and muscles

228 reviews
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula
my doctor recommended I take this and honestly it works... anytime you have a cut or scrape use this after you thoroughly clean the infected area with water and soap.. it will cut the healing time in half. this triple action formula is better than the original and the original...

187 reviews
Breathe Right Nasal Strips
man can my husband snore!!! doesn't help he has a broken noise but this helps him breath better at night and get a better sleep and not so much snoring which in end give me a better nights sleep lol

177 reviews
Buckley's Cough and Congestion Syrup
Buckley's Cough and Congestion Syrup tastes completely horrible but it works so so well. Every time I have taken buckley's is has worked wonderfully. It's one of the only cough syrups that actually does what it says! #chickadvisor #buckley's

110 reviews
Fisherman's Friend Lozenges
With cold weather you are most likely to get a nasty cold and those dry coughs that makes you feel like you can't stop coughing. I always have Fisherman's Friend lozenges on hand. They stop those dry coughs in their tracks so stock up you won't regret it!

95 reviews
Robax Platinum
This is one of the fastest acting and most effective muscle relaxant I have ever used when my back spasms. It does cause drowsiness and impaired judgement so don't take these if you plan on driving etc.

81 reviews
I love Gatorade! Its such a great drink to have during sports play, hot summers days, when you're sick, or even just anytime! My favorite is the blue raspberry.

70 reviews
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy
All I can say is, amazing!! I suffer from headaches on a weekly basis and find myself using this remedy without having to take any sort of ibuprofen for relief. The peppermint smell is so soothing, and make relaxes me instantly. If you find yourself sensitive to strong smells...

61 reviews
This is a great product, works well but sometimes can take a while! However the amount you pay for the product is pricey for the tiny amount you receive and because of the type of container you lose a lot of the product!

80 reviews
Benadryl Caplets
Benadryl Caplets are great. As I get older my allergies seem to constantly change. I like having these on hand since they give relief with the first caplet. They get rid of all my allergy issues. Benadryl is a definite keeper

73 reviews
This stuff is pretty magical. It helps relieve your cold symptoms from a sore throat, clogged sinuses, and chest pains and headaches so quickly. It also helps you get a good sleep in. I just wish the taste was better but the benefits of the effects are so good you put up with...

46 reviews
Vicks Vapo Rub Original
J'aime beaucoup ce produit . Il est efficace et l'odeur est agréable et réconfortante. Ma mère l'utilisait déjà lorsque j'était petite et je continue de l'utiliser maintenant que je suis une adulte . :D

37 reviews
Extra Strength REACTINE Tablets
These are fairly expensive to buy over the counter - but I get mine by prescription. 20 mg per day helps my hay fever symptoms significantly. This product doesn't have any decongestant and doesn't work to stop a bad allergic reaction like Benadryl does - but these are great as a...

55 reviews
I love Aleve. I have been using it since before it was sold in Canada. It does what it says it does and all with one pill. It is the only thing that works for me when I have a really bad headache or muscle pain.

62 reviews
Pepto Bismol
Taste really good and helps with sore upset stomach and also helped my dog when eh was little he drank bleach and this saved him and helped him. I really love the taste of this stuff to me taste like pink peppermint candies and chalk all in one . love how this stops the...

26 reviews
Voltaren Extra Strength 30gr
I was so happy to find that there si this extra strength option for Voltaren. Using it has been nothing less than spectacular; it seems to be more than twice as effective as the regular strength product and is now my new favorite!!!

31 reviews
Polysporin Ear & Eye Drops
Un must dans sa pharmacie. Un produit miracle et fonctionne très bien sur les enfants aussi. Oui on paie le prix mais le résultat est là. Mon produit favoris quand la conjonctivite est dans les parages. Après près de 4 jours j'ai vue un résultat.

28 reviews
Polysporin Original Ointment
Polysporin is a must have in our home. As a hairdresser I use this on nicks and cuts from days I get cut up at work. I also even use this on my dogs with little cuts and bug bites.

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