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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch

1004 reviews

I have used these on many occasions when I have had the uncomfortable cold sores. I feel if the sore is too big or does not cover well or if the sore is to close to the inside of your lip as they do not stick well if they get wet. But has helped cover up small sores and are not...
Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment

355 reviews

I use these once I get sick everytime and always works , clears my sinuses after everytime I have a stuffed nose. One of the greatest remedies for colds
Voltaren Emulgel

285 reviews

This is my go-to for aches and pains. Applies easily, works quickly and effectively to reduce or completely eliminate aches and pains in my shoulders, neck and arms.
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula

198 reviews

When I say I use this for everything, I am not kidding. Cut? Check! Burn? Check! Scratch? Check! Piercing? Check. Pets? Yup, even then Check! I keep this stocked in my house like I'm prepping for an apocalypse. I even use it on my dogs, and it works like a charm for this weird...
Breathe Right Nasal Strips

188 reviews

I like to keep a few of these laying around for when my nose gets stuffy and I can’t breathe. I find it really helps open the nasal passages up and assists me in getting a better night sleep. They can be a bit odd feeling and bit annoying if you don’t put them on properly...
Buckley's Cough and Congestion Syrup

113 reviews

May not be best tasting, but it is my go to for cough and chest congestion remedy. I get a lot of congestion when I get a cold. Taking this I can sleep night through without too much coughing. I also find it helps break up the congestion, so that I can get over my cold much...
Fisherman's Friend Lozenges

97 reviews

I had the worst sore throat i tried everything from honey to salt water nothing worked. I saw fishermans friend and i thought ill give it a shot. Wow with in minutes my throat felt alot better. I reccomend this product
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy

74 reviews

I really enjoy using this product. The peppermint smell helps reduce stress which helps set headaches aside along with the tingly feeling which helps relieve the pain! I have one that travels with me most places I go. I have the Pocket Pharmacy and I keep it in my bag. I also...
Robax Platinum

90 reviews

Used it and it was great and I went and bought it so if you want ur back and joints to feel great then I recommend this product to anybody that struggle

78 reviews

Always drinking gatorade, I've been trying to stop drinking pop and this was a great alternative, It has electrolytes and keeps you more energized. Has great flavours

89 reviews

This product is effective but only if you catch the coldsore in the earliest stage... if you don't catch it at the first tingle than this product isn't worth your money. For such a small amount it isn't worth it for how much you have to use after the coldsore has surfaced. I...

54 reviews

I received this product to try for free and I love it! I don't get cold sores too often, but when they come (especially during the colder months) they're bad. This was so easy to use and didn't have a strange smell. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends who also...
Benadryl Caplets

75 reviews

Whenever I do get hives or stuffed up, I take the recommended dosage for my age. The Benadryl Allergy Tablets work within 20 mins or less, which is amazing!
Extra Strength REACTINE Tablets

60 reviews

I have been using reactine for years. It was precribed by my allergist. I have tried other brands but always go back to reactine. I find all allergy meds expensive so it is on par with other brands. Works well for runny nose, itchy eyes and hives.

47 reviews

This stuff taste horrible!!! Ive tried it a couple times thinking maybe it was because I was so sick, but no it just doesnt taste good. I much prefer the homemade remedies from grandma!
Aleve Caplets

62 reviews

I love Aleve. I have been using it since before it was sold in Canada. It does what it says it does and all with one pill. It is the only thing that works for me when I have a really bad headache or muscle pain.
Pepto Bismol

27 reviews

I always keep a bottle of pepto around. I get an upset stomach as I'm sensitive to certain foods, and this helps provide me relief instantly. I prefer the original flavour, but this one is good too.
Voltaren Emulgel® Extra Strength

32 reviews

I had neck problems this weekend, and this product saved my life. Wow! worked in 20 minutes Worth every penny for sure. I would recommend it for sure.
Febreeze Air Freshener

24 reviews

This product is amazing. It instantly makes your house smell fresher. If you just cooked something with a strong smell like fish and have guest coming over in any second you just spray the febreze in the kitchen and the smell instantly disappears. I would recommend this product...
Polysporin Ear & Eye Drops

29 reviews

I find this product works quickly and is very soothing to the irritated, pink, watery eye. A mainstay in my first aid Kit and medicine cabinet. Polysporin!