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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch

1094 reviews

Cold sores are literally one of the worst things on the planet when it comes to personal appearance and self esteem. I originally tried these from my lovely friend who I never knew had cold sores and these are actually why. I borrowed one for work and was so happy I did. They're...
Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment

366 reviews

I take Vicks vaporub with me every time I travel. It prevents my nose and throat from getting dry and scratchy, especially on airplanes. I also use it daily during our dry winter months.
Voltaren Emulgel

311 reviews

Someone told me about this product so I decided to try it.I was surprised to say the least.It works and really well.I use it before I go to bed on my knee and I can now have a good night sleep without the pain.Buy it and try it you'll be surprised
Polysporin Triple Antibiotic Ointment Formula

206 reviews

I got a pretty bad cut on my foot and I picked this up at the local drugstore and with in the first night of using it there was a big change it the cut the reddens was pretty much gone and it didn't hurt as much as it did the day before, with about using it for 4 days the cut...
Breathe Right Nasal Strips

191 reviews

These work to prevent snoring, but they are also amazing when you have a cold! Hard to believe that a little strip on your nose will make such a difference, but after putting it on, I can finally BREATHE again!
Buckley's Cough and Congestion Syrup

117 reviews

Buckleys is awesome! Yes at first the smell and taste is horrid but its honestly the best medicine Ive used for a cold and cough. Even on the harshest coughs its instant relief. You soon learn to get over the initial smell/taste because youll feel so much better if you do! :) My...
Saje Natural Wellness Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy

84 reviews

As an individual who suffers from chronic headaches and ingests many a pill to combat these headaches, I am happy I have found relief in a more natural way. Peppermint halo has been a life saver for me, and I own several roll on sticks. I can safely use this while at work...
Fisherman's Friend Lozenges

100 reviews

I've tried them all, and a lot of lozenges are good hard candies, but don't do too much to help relieve problems. Fisherman's friend work like a charm. My husband is a singer and always has a pack handy because he swears by them. They don't taste like candy - cause they're not!...
Robax Platinum

94 reviews

Robax definitely helps for back pain or any muscle pain! (ahem, cramps). Don't use and drive because they can make you drowsy! I would highly recommend this product.

80 reviews

I used to love Gatorade but now i don't drink it as often. I love it cold and it helps replenish those electrolytes. I find that it contains to much sugar for my taste but the flavors are delicious. I wouldn't recommend them for kids, i have seen many at sporting events consume...

93 reviews

Unfortunately, I am an occasional cold sore sufferer. I find that Abreva really works for me. As soon as I feel the familiar feeling of a cold sore coming on, I apply the Abreva. Sometimes the sore will not even come out and, if it does, the Abreva definitely makes it go away...
Benadryl Caplets

81 reviews

I have allergies every day. I usually take claritin but always also have Benadryl on hand. It never fails taken at night to pick up the slack and also to get a good nights rest.it never lets me down.

54 reviews

I received this product to try for free and I love it! I don't get cold sores too often, but when they come (especially during the colder months) they're bad. This was so easy to use and didn't have a strange smell. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends who also...
Extra Strength REACTINE Tablets

62 reviews

I always have some Extra Strength REACTINE Tablets on hand as especially in winter when fresh air has not been let into the house, when we visit the kids, I get stuffy from the dogs being inside. This helps me.
Voltaren Emulgel® Extra Strength

44 reviews

I am religious to put this on my knees and ankles before my soccer games! I swear by this product and use every game; it helps during and prevents sore muscles after.

47 reviews

This stuff taste horrible!!! Ive tried it a couple times thinking maybe it was because I was so sick, but no it just doesnt taste good. I much prefer the homemade remedies from grandma!
Aleve Caplets

67 reviews

These Aleve caplets are the only things that work for my back pain and cramps.. they last about 6-8hours so when im working i only have to take one. They are fast acting as well usually working in 10 min.
Febreeze Air Freshener

35 reviews

I used to use body spray / incense to spray my room, but I finally caved and bought febreeze. I have heard everyone talk about it for a long time and I was curious if it was that good (remember the commercials?). It really is that good! I got the value pack of 2 labelled "Air"...
Pepto Bismol

32 reviews

I do not use this product very often but the rest of my house does. My son has a sensitive stomach and uses this on ocassion when he has to leave for hockey a game and is able to make it through his game. I love that they now have tablets to go.
Polysporin Antibiotic Cream Heal-Fast Formula

47 reviews

Si vous n'aviez qu'un choix limité de produits à mettre dans votre pharmacies, polysporin en ferait partie, c'est un incontournable. Parfois, on ne croit pas vraiment en l'impact des produits en vente libre en pharmacie, mais polysporin fonctionne réellement sur des...