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Electronics Reviews

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Nintendo Wii

426 reviews

I love my Wii. My grandson comes over and we have some of the best fun times playing on it. It's great for younger children as the games for it are easier for them to play.
Nintendo DS Lite

130 reviews

I got many, many hours out of my DS Lite. Great for its time. Still have my DS Lite lying around somewhere. Nintendo did well with their system design.
Apple iPod Touch

100 reviews

This iPod Touch was for my child and he loves it. It was a great deal for the price considering all the accessories that came with it. He wanted a cell phone but he is still too young so we decided to get him this gift and we haven't heard anything about a cell phone since. I...
iPhone 6

81 reviews

I have owned my iPhone 6 for almost a year now and it hasnt been a problem. My past phones have been glitching or the battery starts to die. I would reccomend this
Candy Crush Saga

75 reviews

This game has been out for a lot of years, and is still popular with users. If you like playing match-3 games, you'll definitely like this. The levels vary between easy to super hard, so it's a lot of fun. They've added lots of different things over the years to keep it...
OtterBox Cases

64 reviews

I love my Otter box case, it’s very sturdy and protect my IPhone from anything, water, scratches, snow, etc, etc.....If you want to protect your phone, look no further, this is what you need,
Sony Playstation 3

74 reviews

My younger kids have all started with this system and are still using it.. my one child has had hers for 5 years and my other child that has one he has had it for 2 years yes both where bought used but their systems are always on either games or youtube or Netflix.. highly...
iPad mini

62 reviews

One year for Christmas we got one of my daughters an iPad mini for her present. Thankfully they were on sale on Black Friday. The iPad mini held up for many years even in the hands of my daughter, the only thing that ended up breaking was the home button after a couple of years...
Sony Playstation 4

51 reviews

the ps4 is a great place to watch movies stream games listen to music and play games is a wow for us. the updates are crazy and graphics are amazing.
Mac Apple TV

52 reviews

I love my Apple TV. I first started using one at my daughters and had to go out and buy my own. I have the older model and I am thinking of buying the updated one. I wish that I could add more apps to the one that I have.
Apple EarPods

49 reviews

I like these earpods better than the flat ones they used to have. They fit more comfortable in the ears, and I like that you can control the volume on the cord. The cord is plenty long enough so you can use them while jogging or on the treadmill with no issues.
Samsung galaxy s8

18 reviews

Got this phone over a year ago and I still love it. The screen quality is great, performance outstanding and the pictures are awesome! I switched from Apple and don't regret it!
Xbox 360

57 reviews

I usually play PlayStation but someone talked me into trying the Xbox 360. I love it, it is super easy to navigate and the help section is very helpfhelpful when needed. I still like my PlayStation but will get a lot of play time on my Xbox 360 now too.
Xbox One

32 reviews

My family loves the Xbox one. It great for games, streaming, and staying connected all in one. Xbox one is always on one of my kids Christmas list due to not wanting to share. The great thing is adults love it to.
USB Network Adapter TechRise Ethernet

1 review

Great adapter, really comes in handy at work and works well with my Dell tablet! This is a product that I would recommend to my other tech friends and definitely purchase again!
Mario Kart Wii

43 reviews

The game content was good. Steering controls were wonky at times. The game plays much better on a controller like a GameCube controller or a classic Wii controller.
Apple IPhone 8 Plus

8 reviews

I love my phone so much. Only complaint is no headphone jack. I have it in gold and the colour is beatiful. Would recommend a screen protector and a sturdy case for extra protection.
roku 3

1 review

This has been the best thing we've done for our family. We cut ties with cable ( we still have directv Now though) and we have netflix, hulu, etc. I really like the remote and that it's simple and kid friendly. We can access so many different apps and search for movies/shows...
the sims 4 ps4 game

1 review

This is really cool game. You can create your own house, family, and much more. Your Sims move and act like a real person. You can choose the personalities of your Sims, select their aspirations, and explore the depth of their lifelong goals through your Sims' thoughts, social...
Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 Wireless Color Photo Printer

1 review

If you’ve purchased a printer sometime in the last five years, you’ll know that almost all the standard all-in-one printers from companies like Epson cover a lot of basic feature these days. This printer ticks all the boxes you can reasonably expect, plus it has some...