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Nintendo Wii

416 reviews

The Wii is good for those who want to keep active and moving. There are a lot of fun sport games that will get you on your feet. It is also fun because the whole family can get involved and play these. I love that you can download older Super Mario Bros games on the Wii...
Nintendo DS Lite

126 reviews

I got this Gameboy console and harvest moon for Gameboy advance and couldn't pUT it down. It was so fun I ended up playing sick from school jus so I could play it.
Apple iPod Touch

97 reviews

Même si je sais à quel point les produits Apple sont un peu de l'arnaque (Peut être défectueux rapidement ou se briser après le garanti), j'aime bien l'iPod Touch. Je n'ai pas particulièrement besoin d'un téléphone alors je me suis procurer l'iPod 5 et c'est tout ce que...
iPhone 6

74 reviews

Après avoir eu plusieurs iPhone, celui-ci est définitivement le meilleur, tant au niveau de la caméra, que de la taille de l'écran et de le puissance. Petit bémol néanmoins concernant la tenue de la batterie ...
Candy Crush Saga

64 reviews

It is a very fun game to start with, but becomes very repetitive and somewhat annoying at some points! In the beginning though, it is very fun and relaxing. But there are many games similar to this which can cause it to lose some staying power and total amount of people! But...
iPad mini

59 reviews

I won my tablet in a contest and I've had it for a couple years and I love it it works amazing I've had no issues whatsoever with it ever. I'd recommend this tablet
Sony Playstation 3

67 reviews

La console qu'est la PlayStation 3 de Sony est extraordinairement bien faite. Si vous trouver le ou les types de jeux que vous aimés, vous allez assurément rester brancher durant de longues heures. Peu importe votre âge!
OtterBox Cases

43 reviews

I knew I had to make the purchase of an OtterBox case when I kept dropping and shattering my iPhone screens. I wasn't initially too excited as the case is quite big and bulky. But that case has saved my phone more time than I can count. After 2 years the case started to fall...
Mac Apple TV

48 reviews

this product is okay, it does the job its supposed to do , I do find it very cool thought and would recommend it to a person who likes to listen to lots of music and tv
PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment

42 reviews

love this playstation 4, easy to set up, good selection of games to play, find the playstation 4 has better graphics than 3 but still use the Move with my playstation 3. Good for all ages.
Apple EarPods

42 reviews

Les écouteurs d'iPhone sont de très bonne qualité, le son est claire , ils tiennent très bien dans l'oreille , ma fille les a mis par erreur dans l'eau , ils ont arrêté de fonctionner pendant une semaine et après cette semaine ils ont fonctionner . Très bonne qualité...
Xbox 360

53 reviews

Mon mari et moi adorons cette console. Il y a de supers bons jeux dessus et on passe des excellentes soirées a y jouer. Les manettes sont très bien concues, on aime tout de cette console
Mario Kart Wii

42 reviews

WE have Mario Kart Wii out at the lake house. Its a blast when 4 of us play at once. Its so crazy 4 adults sitting on the floor yelling at the top of our lungs at the TV. This is such a fun game. Sure is better than pong that came out in the 80's.
Apple iPhone 5

47 reviews

Horrible phone. They simply release new versions of the exact same phone with an update of the software that completely wrecks your old one. Never will I ever buy another iPhone.
Paw Patrol tv show

6 reviews

Oh my! This show is great. The colours, the music, the action. Our son just loves this show. It is something different, but the music stays the same. He just sits, and watches it. And the fact that the episodes are only 15 minutes is wonderful
Apple I-Phone 6s

3 reviews

I just purchased the iPhone 6s and I'm loving it . It runs smoothly and has tons of different apps . The quality is much better than other phones . They are more expensive but they're worth it . I have to take mine back though because something is wrong with the Particular one I...
Nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens

3 reviews

Pour moi je trouve que la lentille Nikon 35mm f/1.8g la plus pratique de tout les autres lentilles que J'ai. Elle fait de très belles photos et se que J'aime beaucoup elle n'est pas trop lourde avec la caméra.
Pela Case Eco-Friendly iPhone Case

1 review

This cell phone case is made out of flax straw (part of flaxseed plant) and plant polymers to make a biodegradable cell phone case in a ton of fun colours. So when you are done with it, you can throw it out and know that it will not sit in a landfill - it will biodegrade! I have...
Sony-Extra Bass Earbud Headphones

1 review

I've had much more expensive head phones and they don't hold a candle to these. The quality is excellent. There is certainly a bass clarity improvement. The sound is clear even at high volumes. I found myself lowering the volume as these isolated outside noises really well. They...
Skull candy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones

1 review

Okay, these headphones are amazing. Firstly, for those of you who've been on a plane and don't have noise cancelling headphones, you know The struggle of having to use earbuds, and even with the volume on full, you can still hear the shrieking of the plane. Not with these! I...