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Electronics Reviews

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Nintendo Wii

420 reviews

Now I'm not sure about everyone. However I grew up with Ninetendo - duck hunt, castlevania & Zelda. I love how this brings back a lot of those old games in the store plus can play new games and older games that are re mastered , being an Adult with all those childhood memories...
Nintendo DS Lite

129 reviews

Obtained mine as a teen, got the dark blue one, still use it today. So many great memory's that I have are associated with this. I love every minute I spend with it.
Apple iPod Touch

97 reviews

Même si je sais à quel point les produits Apple sont un peu de l'arnaque (Peut être défectueux rapidement ou se briser après le garanti), j'aime bien l'iPod Touch. Je n'ai pas particulièrement besoin d'un téléphone alors je me suis procurer l'iPod 5 et c'est tout ce que...
iPhone 6

77 reviews

Too much update ..............................................................................................................................................
Candy Crush Saga

72 reviews

I like Candy crush, and have been playing it for years. I know so many people, adults and children that like this game. It is fun, and the levels are all different and exciting. It is challenging and that is something I like, because I do not want to play some super easy game...
Sony Playstation 3

73 reviews

La console qu'est la PlayStation 3 de Sony est extraordinairement bien faite. Si vous trouver le ou les types de jeux que vous aimés, vous allez assurément rester brancher durant de longues heures. Peu importe votre âge!
OtterBox Cases

57 reviews

I've had my case for 2 years now for my iphone 6 and this case is a dream come true, hard to come off sometimes but my phone doesnt have a single scratch or crack. Recommend
iPad mini

60 reviews

I’ve had my iPad for 2 years now it’s easy to use lots of games and other apps great for music also would buy this product again but a little on the expensive side but worth it
Mac Apple TV

51 reviews

I love my apple tv! I love that I can watch all my favourite shows on it whenever I want and that it also has my netflix hooked up to it. The only things I wish would change are the remote, its just so darn small and mine has never worked proper and drives me crazy, thankfully I...
Sony Playstation 4

48 reviews

PlayStation has been around throughout my life and this might make my biased but I have now played the PS4 and Xbox One and can't confidently say I love this console. I love the layout, it is efficient and fast. The controller is now wider and has motion sensors installed into...
Apple EarPods

43 reviews

So I received my new Apple ear pods for the Iphone 7 and at first thought they were great but soon realized that it was more of a pain not being able to plug my phone into my car as usual..now I need to spend more money for an adapter...wasn't impressed...I am sure they will...
Xbox 360

54 reviews

This is a great gaming system, it offers lots of options for players and works great. Lots of game options and accessories available. My grandchildren love to play this for hours on end.
Mario Kart Wii

42 reviews

WE have Mario Kart Wii out at the lake house. Its a blast when 4 of us play at once. Its so crazy 4 adults sitting on the floor yelling at the top of our lungs at the TV. This is such a fun game. Sure is better than pong that came out in the 80's.
Apple iPhone 5

47 reviews

Horrible phone. They simply release new versions of the exact same phone with an update of the software that completely wrecks your old one. Never will I ever buy another iPhone.
Paw Patrol tv show

6 reviews

Oh my! This show is great. The colours, the music, the action. Our son just loves this show. It is something different, but the music stays the same. He just sits, and watches it. And the fact that the episodes are only 15 minutes is wonderful
Xbox One

20 reviews

I love my xbox one. It is so user friendly. I had no problems teaching myself to use it. It plays all the latest games and the quality of game play is awesome. Prior to owning the xbone I was a gamecube girl through and through but would take the xbox over the gc any day.
Samsung galaxy s8

2 reviews

There's many features I love about the Samsung Galaxy 8. I live the fact that it's waterproof for 30 mins up to 1.5m therefore if something gets spilt on it, I know it will be fine. The battery last long even with talk time. I love the rounded infinite screen and how easy to use...
Blitzwolf Powerbank

1 review

Exceeded my expectations. My sister had this one that I kept looking at and continually quizzed her on, she convinced me to go for it and am I ever happy that I did! I forgot to plug my phone in a few nights ago, and of course, I had an important call scheduled for the morning...
Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR

1 review

I got this lens at Best Buy on Boxing Day. I lucked out as it was reasonably priced. I do a bit of landscape photography and find that this works well for picking up fine details. I agree this is not the best for stabilization shots. I always use a tripod with this lens or...
USB C Hub, SUPVIN USB Type C Adapter

1 review

I got this USB C hub in order to have a hub that facilitates my USB Type-C laptop but also can work on all my other devices.Its build quality is really amazing and it feels like a firm and durable product. This product offers me the ability to connect; 1- 2 USB 3 Devices 2- A...