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Electronics Reviews

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Nintendo Wii

432 reviews

J'ai reçu une Wii en cadeau il y a plusieurs années. Lorsqu'on pouvait se rassembler en famille, nous faisons des parties en équipe c'était génial ! Il y a plusieurs accessoires aussi.
Instagram App

141 reviews

I decided to make a new free samples/products, reviews and insights "business" Instagram Account. I was getting wayyyyy to many DMs and kept missing out on my feed content like samples, coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways and programs to apply to. It's a work in progress since I...
Nintendo DS Lite

132 reviews

As these get older they get harder to find and people charge a lot more for them if they are in good shape. I ended up getting my hands on one for cheap and I just overload on buying games for it an I am addicted to buying and gaming on this thing; like 15 years after it came...
Apple iPod Touch

102 reviews

They have no value anymore, they don't update, you cant download apps on them anymore apple just doesn't let them update once they get so old which is crap cause i bet if that wasn't the case a lot of these would still work and people would use them. I have an Iphone 6 I was...
iPhone 6

83 reviews

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. There’s days I love it and would never switch back to an Android and other days when my phone lags, touch screen stops working etc. it makes me want to go back to a more simple phone.
Candy Crush Saga

79 reviews

I play Candy Crush every night! Personally I find it relaxing which helps me fall asleep. It is a great time passing thing to do. It really helps train your brain!
OtterBox Cases

68 reviews

Les étuis Otterbox sont très durable. Il sont dispendieux, mais il valent leur prix. Lorsque tu est quelque de gaffeux/gaffeuse, il te faut cet étui pour ton cellulaire.
Sony Playstation 3

75 reviews

You can get addicted to playing on it really fast. I dont just use it to play games on, I use it to watch movies on dvd. I'm surprised how many times it's been dropped while I was moving and it is still going strong. I cant wait to upgrade though. Playstation are really really...
Sony Playstation 4

63 reviews

Jais acheté cela a ma fille elle adore elle joue avec c'est ami et defois je joue avec elle a nautre jeux preferer mincraft on adore passer des moment mere fille en jouant a la play je regrette pas mon achat très bon
iPad mini

64 reviews

I really like the apple mini ipad. It has many features. Plus very wide screen for text . That ipad come with many colours..It also support apple pencil.Great stereo speaker. Touch Id use to secure your phone easily able to unlock your ipad and able to make payment. It has wifi...
Mac Apple TV

55 reviews

i have always been on team apple. so when we got our apple tv, it was a life saver when our smart tv stopped working on us and we just didn't have the funds to buy a new one. knowing we had this little gadget on standby we still got to do everything we did on a smart tv
Bezgar Remote Control Cars

1 review

Line of Remote Cars Promises Hours of Fun Just in time for longer days and warmer weather, Bezgar is featuring the latest models in its popular line of remote-control toys. These trucks promise to add to the summer fun for both adults and children who like to be “in...
Merkury Innovations Smart Wi-Fi Plug

1 review

Lifesaver technology! Easy setup and simple scheduling if you want one or different timers throughout the day. The app works very well also on my iPhone. The plug can be programmed to turn your lights on and off at anytime you want. Super cool!! I am happy with my purchase. I...
Apple EarPods

50 reviews

Apple Ear Pods have to be the best earphones I have used and I am convinced these re the only ones that fit my ears comfortably. The mic and volume control on the wire is also a handy touch as it means I don't always have to adjust manually on screen. Compatible with most...
Energizer Wide Beam LED headlamp

1 review

I love that this light is rechargeable. This light is incredibly bright… like really bright. The button to turn it on is very easy to access. I think this would be great for a night time walker or a gardener, even a runner.

2 reviews

We saw a Toniebox for the first time a few months ago at a local toy store. After forgetting about it, I saw they were on sale and I scooped one up to give my daughter for her 3rd birthday. She LOVES it! I like the creative ones where I can upload all of her favorite songs...
Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse 1955, Black

1 review

Totally in love with this mouse bought from hubby! This is a premium wireless ergonomic mouse. Navigate precisely with detent scrolling and access your most-used features with two programmable buttons. This super good looking, comfortable input device has a few power user...
Apple Watch

38 reviews

I bought my Apple Watch 4 months ago and it has been a life changer! I love how it keeps your phone assessable to you at your wrist 24/7. The texting feature is my favourite!
beats solo 3 over ear

1 review

i got the beats studio 3 over ear headphones as a christmas gift and have not taken them off since. i have been looking for good over ear headphones and these checked all the boxes. the noise canceling is unmatched to anything I have ever used before. they are overall incredible
Logitech M585 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse - with Bluetooth or USB

1 review

M585 Multi-Device has the almost magical capacity to navigate seamlessly across two computers and copy-paste from one to the other. Hubby really do like the mouse. He uses it at the home office every day. This is a normal size mouse. So its a bit small for hubby.but he bought...