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Electronics Reviews

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Nintendo Wii

422 reviews

The Wii is not a bad system, but a lot of the concepts I feel like the people crafting the Wii had in mind when they designed it were not able to match up with the technology at the time.
Nintendo DS Lite

130 reviews

I got many, many hours out of my DS Lite. Great for its time. Still have my DS Lite lying around somewhere. Nintendo did well with their system design.
Apple iPod Touch

99 reviews

Ça été mon tout premier iPod. En fait, par la suite, j’en ai eu 3 je pense ou plus. Parce que j’avais peter la vitre. Elle était pas mal fragile mais j’adore tous les appareils Apple. On peut prendre e belle photo, je m’en sert comme lecteur de musique, portable...
iPhone 6

79 reviews

Apple made a big leap forward with the iPhone 6 - one of the best phones it's ever created. I have been using it non-stop for 3 years. Not a single problem yet!
Candy Crush Saga

73 reviews

Candy crush is addicting, but it is so hard and the stages get harder as you go. I have to ask for help lol to pass stages. You can play better on a tablet rather then a phone
OtterBox Cases

61 reviews

Although a little more on the pricey side, the Otterbox Case is well worth the money. Otter Box has saved my phone on more than one occasion. They come in an assortment of styles (for different levels of protections) and in a large array of colour combinations.
Sony Playstation 3

73 reviews

La console qu'est la PlayStation 3 de Sony est extraordinairement bien faite. Si vous trouver le ou les types de jeux que vous aimés, vous allez assurément rester brancher durant de longues heures. Peu importe votre âge!
iPad mini

61 reviews

I'm not a techie, I can't speak to the iPad minis internal organs etc. What I can say is that it is user friendly for those of us that aren't into every electronic device out there. I have the original version, still going but no longer updates, an unfortunate planned...
Sony Playstation 4

51 reviews

the ps4 is a great place to watch movies stream games listen to music and play games is a wow for us. the updates are crazy and graphics are amazing.
Mac Apple TV

52 reviews

I love my Apple TV. I first started using one at my daughters and had to go out and buy my own. I have the older model and I am thinking of buying the updated one. I wish that I could add more apps to the one that I have.
Apple EarPods

47 reviews

These earbuds are surprisingly comfortable. I actually repurchase them when I lose a pair because I find that for the price, it provides great sound quality along with comfort. I just wish they didn't get dirty so easily.
Xbox 360

56 reviews

Great console. I use it for Netflix and Fortnite and it gets the job done. I guess it’s expensive for the few things I use it for but I don’t regret buying it :)
Samsung galaxy s8

11 reviews

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has many good qualities, from the size and aesthetics to the apps and value, I'm satisfied with it all. It's sturdy, hardly over-heats or freezes, is fast, and has great camera quality and lots of storage!
Mario Kart Wii

43 reviews

The game content was good. Steering controls were wonky at times. The game plays much better on a controller like a GameCube controller or a classic Wii controller.
Apple IPhone 8 Plus

4 reviews

So glad i bought this phone im so inlove with it such good camera quality and speaker quality!! Love the size to. Deffinitly my favorite phone from apple!!
Xbox One

25 reviews

I absolutely am stunned by the Xbox One. The quality of the games is so much better, the picture, the sound. I am an avid forza player and i find the graphics on this just incredible. The controllers are great for someone with carple tunnel like myself, I find the ps4 ones a bit...
Apple iPhone 5

47 reviews

Horrible phone. They simply release new versions of the exact same phone with an update of the software that completely wrecks your old one. Never will I ever buy another iPhone.

1 review

The black vegan leather and embroidered roses made this case feels very luxury. It's totally protected because I accidentally drop my phone few times. Nothing happened on my screen and no scratches. This is my second SONIX phone case, and I will purchase from them in the future.
Essential p1 smartphone

1 review

I got this essential P1 smartphone is expensive but I love it it does not crash it's not slow it's got a lot of features on it and I really recommend it.
Dial soap bar

1 review

Dial soap bar it's very good soup bar for almost 8 years . I would buy this product again and again and I strongly recommend that you not going to be disappointed..