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Electronics Reviews

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Nintendo Wii

428 reviews

The wii is such a fun system! Fun for the whole family and friends too! Wii sports can get you fit and mario kart for a fun time. Lots of great games for everyone.
Nintendo DS Lite

130 reviews

I got many, many hours out of my DS Lite. Great for its time. Still have my DS Lite lying around somewhere. Nintendo did well with their system design.
Apple iPod Touch

101 reviews

I used this few years ago and loved it. Its has everything a IPhone has except the fact that it does not have a sim slot. Its perfect for kids who just want it for social media.
iPhone 6

83 reviews

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. There’s days I love it and would never switch back to an Android and other days when my phone lags, touch screen stops working etc. it makes me want to go back to a more simple phone.
Candy Crush Saga

77 reviews

I like to play this when i need to kill some time, waiting in airports for flights etc. It can get very addictive, haha! It's good because it's free too
OtterBox Cases

65 reviews

The cases are great, the only ones I use on any cell phone my household uses. They cost a little more than I would like to spend but it is protecting very expensive phones. I don't like that the ones they make now, at least with the phones we have, it doesn't have the screen...
Sony Playstation 3

74 reviews

My younger kids have all started with this system and are still using it.. my one child has had hers for 5 years and my other child that has one he has had it for 2 years yes both where bought used but their systems are always on either games or youtube or Netflix.. highly...
iPad mini

63 reviews

Very durable, sturdy and easy to use. Cable charger isn't great but works. Easy to install updates. For me it seems to slows down after about a year or sooner.
Sony Playstation 4

54 reviews

We've had a PS4 and a PS4 pro and honestly the best system we've own, fast, great quality, and the 4K is awesome (on the pro), great for a growing family system
Mac Apple TV

54 reviews

I bought my Apple TV about 4 years ago and I still use it everyday. I have the usual Netflix, Crave, Disney+, TV+ and TSN. I've bought movies on it and have them downloaded so I can watch them offline which is handy for the kids when camping on rainy days.
Apple EarPods

49 reviews

I like these earpods better than the flat ones they used to have. They fit more comfortable in the ears, and I like that you can control the volume on the cord. The cord is plenty long enough so you can use them while jogging or on the treadmill with no issues.
Samsung galaxy s8

20 reviews

I've had this phone for almost 2 years now and I love it. The camera is a decent quality and it isn't too far behind the current market leaders. It's a good phone to get if you want a flagship phone but don't want to pay for the newest one.
Xbox 360

57 reviews

I usually play PlayStation but someone talked me into trying the Xbox 360. I love it, it is super easy to navigate and the help section is very helpfhelpful when needed. I still like my PlayStation but will get a lot of play time on my Xbox 360 now too.
Xbox One

34 reviews

I love my x-box it’s about 7 years old now and it’s still holding up pretty well. It has so many amazing games and I for sure recommend getting one if you like to game. We also use it to watch YouTube and Netflix
Otter Box Commuter Series IPhone 8 Plus Case

1 review

Otter box is well known for its high defence products and this one is no different. It's slimmer than the defender series but doesn't compromise protection. It looks so nice and sleek. I've dropped my phone from 20 ft high and not a single scratch on my phone. The case is nice...
TECKIN Smart Plug

1 review

You can Connect the TECKIN Smart Wi-Fi Plug to Amazon Alexa/Google Home for voice control. At the sound of your voice, we can turn on appliances across the room when our hands are busy with Cooking, or shut the bedroom light off without getting up. Using the smart life app, this...
Samsung A70

3 reviews

Bought this phone last summer and fell in love with it instantly. More than enough space with 128gigs. I will always buy Samsung products now. I've almost got everyone in my household switched over to Android.
google nest mini

2 reviews

We have one of these for my room. It is great. Pretty inter usable. Not just an alarm clock. You can tell it to do things in other rooms of the house, and it will do it, which is neat. Love how you can get it to wake you up in the morning the way you want it to (ex. by alarm...
Logitech Comfort Wireless Combo Keyboard and Mouse

1 review

I love this keyboard and mouse set. There is padding all around the keyboard to rest your wrists on when typing, perfect for those who need it. Very accurate and with zero noticable lag or delay. Love that is had a bunch of very useful buttons for quick and easy access to...
Toshiba 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Smart TV - Fire TV Edition

1 review

This TV is great for people that use subscription services like Netflix or Crave. The home screen has the different apps listed and the remote also has specific buttons for Netflix, Crave, Prime Video, and CTV. It integrates with Amazon Alexa and has awesome video and audio...