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Nintendo Wii
An innovative system for it's time and still a great console for kids, beginners, and lovers of video games. There are a lot of affordable games out for the Wii but unfortunately a lot of them are pretty horrible quality games. The graphics aren't the best but that's never been...

413 reviews
Nintendo DS Lite
I have this DS in ice blue! I thought it was so unique compared to the red and black. I used to use it all the time while I was growing up. It was great! So many hours spent playing fun challenging games. The only down side was that the screen started falling off from opening...

125 reviews
Apple iPod Touch
I've had my ipod for several years now and it is still in great shape and works amazingly. I use it mostly for music and my only complaint is that it is so darn complicated to add new music to it!!! In fact, my husband, myself and our son all have one. When my son's broke...

96 reviews
iPhone 6
I've had issues with other iPhones but the iPhone 6 seems to be the best so far, it holds up pretty good, it's my favorite iPhone so far, I absolutely recommend it

73 reviews
Candy Crush Saga
This game it's so fun my kids love it they could play every day and they get bored of it I let my kid play this game of 45 minutes a day because if I let them they would play all day

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Sony Playstation 3
Being a big gamer we have almost every system in our house so of course we have this one too. It has great picture quality and features and controls but I did find the game selection available for the PlayStation 2 was better suited for me as I find with this one violent and...

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iPad mini
I had an old full size Ipad. It crashed so I decided to get the mini. It's so light and convenient. I can carry it around in my purse everywhere. And the camera on it is awesome. Its the only one I use now. No need to carry a digital camera and I can share my pics with all...

57 reviews
OtterBox Cases
I knew I had to make the purchase of an OtterBox case when I kept dropping and shattering my iPhone screens. I wasn't initially too excited as the case is quite big and bulky. But that case has saved my phone more time than I can count. After 2 years the case started to fall...

43 reviews
Mac Apple TV
this product is okay, it does the job its supposed to do , I do find it very cool thought and would recommend it to a person who likes to listen to lots of music and tv

48 reviews
PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment
This is my all time favorite game console it has so many cool games with it especially Warframe. I would recommend this system to anyone, and to buy a bundle deal as it comes with a game.

41 reviews
Apple EarPods
These headphones are the best ear buds in my opinion. They fit nicely in your ears and have the bass that comes through the top of the ear phones which is nice if you have the right shape ears they're rather expensive, but than again what apple product isnt

41 reviews
Xbox 360
Mon mari et moi adorons cette console. Il y a de supers bons jeux dessus et on passe des excellentes soirées a y jouer. Les manettes sont très bien concues, on aime tout de cette console

53 reviews
Mario Kart Wii
WE have Mario Kart Wii out at the lake house. Its a blast when 4 of us play at once. Its so crazy 4 adults sitting on the floor yelling at the top of our lungs at the TV. This is such a fun game. Sure is better than pong that came out in the 80's.

42 reviews
Apple iPhone 5
Horrible phone. They simply release new versions of the exact same phone with an update of the software that completely wrecks your old one. Never will I ever buy another iPhone.

47 reviews
Paw Patrol tv show
Oh my! This show is great. The colours, the music, the action. Our son just loves this show. It is something different, but the music stays the same. He just sits, and watches it. And the fact that the episodes are only 15 minutes is wonderful

6 reviews
Nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens
Pour moi je trouve que la lentille Nikon 35mm f/1.8g la plus pratique de tout les autres lentilles que J'ai. Elle fait de très belles photos et se que J'aime beaucoup elle n'est pas trop lourde avec la caméra.

3 reviews
Nintendo Classic
I absolutley love this machine, the Nintendo Classic. It was extremely hard to purchase and find one in store but months after it was released, we finally lucked into getting one at EB Games. The game selection on it is great with all of the best classics from my childhood like...

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Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV
We're very happy with this TV. Just think about 10 years ago a 27 inch TV was about as big as you could get. The smart features work well and as long as you aren't too far away everythinh is very clear. All that and it fit into the space I needed it to.

1 review
Xbox Chat Pad
I use an Xbox for alot of stuff like watching Netflix, YouTube videos and playing videos games ! If you also own a Consol you know how annoying it can be to type in a long title on Netflix or a song title on YouTube that's where the Xbox Chat Pad comes in. It's a little...

1 review
Lightning Cable,Zeuste 3Pcs 5Ft/1.5M Braided iPhone Cord Lightning to USB Charging iPhone Cable for iPhone 6s Plus/ 6 /SE/5s 5c 5, iPad Air / mini / 4th Gen, iPod nano / touch
Ok so anyone who lives in a household with multiple people with multiple iPads, iPhones, etc, is going to need a few extra charging cords, or else we are all going to be fighting over who's charging what. I found these on Amazon.ca for $15.99 for a pack of 3. I love these cords...

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