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Feminine Hygiene Reviews

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Always Infinity Pads

804 reviews

I love this brand. I leave - but always come back to it. It is super reliable. It also goes non sale quite often. There is some magic about the infinity dry weave part - It's great that it keeps the outer layer clean and clear.
Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons

409 reviews

These tampons are good in size and easy to use any women can use this for the time of the month. I have no trouble with using these tampons by this brand and they hold up well with period flow.
Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths

336 reviews

I can't live without these anymore! I love how clean you feel, also there really affordable. My usually lasts me a month. On the plus side they don't have a strong scent. Definitely recommend this!!
Always Radiant Infinity Pads

323 reviews

This is definitely the best pads I’ve ever used. It easily absorbs so you don’t have that icky feeling that there’s something wet down there. I haven’t experienced any leak with this one.
U by Kotex Click Tampon

306 reviews

I've tried all the brands on the market and i found these work the best! They hold well with no leakage throughout the day or night! Super discrete and beyond cute!
Poise Moderate Absorbency Pads

241 reviews

I have used many pads and for me the Poise Moderate Absorbency are the best fit and comfortable without the bulk feeling. Which no woman likes. Affordable and not uncomfortable you got me to buy them over and over :)
Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners

277 reviews

These liners are amazing..very absorbent and are seriously so thin and comfortable..perfect for the light flow days. I love that they do not have a scent to them as well.
The DivaCup

213 reviews

I love it. It was a bit odd to figure out how to use it at first but now that I have had it for a few months I love it. Having my period seems so much easier and cleaner as well. I wish I had known about this earlier.
O.B. Tampons

208 reviews

I have tried every tampon on the market, and these are always the ones i come back to. The fit perfectly everytime. I always find other ones are too long and will poke out as the day goes on. Never have any problems with leaks.
Poise Liners

125 reviews

I had an unexpected side effect after a procedure and needed some protection from a bladder that was not co-operating for a few days. These provided a full size thin pad that stuck where it was suppose to. It gave me the protection and confidence to go about my day without...
Playtex Sport Tampons

124 reviews

The only tampons I will use. I have tried others before but always found them uncomfortable. These ones I never have a problem they are always comfortable and you cant feel them at all.
Tampax Pearl Regular

131 reviews

I starting to have lots of discomfort with the other brand I was buying for years and annoying leaks until I came upon this specific tampon. It is great, no more pain, no leakages and it is super easy to use. I really recommend it.
Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash

101 reviews

Vagisil PH Balance is something all women must have! It really works!! Before it finish I go to buy a new one. I really love it and recommend to my girls friends!
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings

90 reviews

I am a rather petite girl and found that these liners are just HUGE.. they feel like a big fat diaper and are way too big for my flow.. maybe I just bought the wrong product.. very uncomfortable.
Always Flexi-Style Liners

84 reviews

I use liners daily and this is my liner of choice. It's think and flexible and you don't even feel it's there. It does the job of keeping me fresh feeling. They also come individually wrapped so easy to take on the go.
Poise Hourglass Pads

85 reviews

I am happy to have tried these pads. While they are much thicker than the liners, they do help create even more confidence. The pads are very soft and comfortable to wear seated in a car or desk for hours. After any leaks, the pad absorbs it so there is no feeling of wetness and...
Canesten ComforTAB

65 reviews

I like that this product works extremely fast and it's really easy to use too. You can get it over the counter from any pharmacy and it's not too pricey which is great.
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings

68 reviews

These will keep you protected but I wasn't impressed. I always keep spares on hand so you might find some in my cupboard but when it comes to ultimate comfort and protection I do not keep these in my bag for emergencies!
Tampax Pearl Compak

55 reviews

it good.............................................................................................:)..........................................:):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Always Infinity with Flex Foam

31 reviews

This pad is really amazing and I Thank for their new invention. This pad can absorb really good, quick and heavy. because it absorb very well it make the top layer of the pad as dry as possible, it other word, it doesn't feel messy when changing a new one. It's very comfortable...