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Always Infinity Pads
Really love pads! I use the big absorb one! I can't believe how girl can buy the tiny little ones

779 reviews
Tampax Radiant Pearl Tampons
Étant une personne sportive j'adore de produit. Je peux me déplacer, faire mes exercices sans me soucier de mon confort. C de tout les temps ma marque favorite et le produit pour celles qui veule l'essayer. L'essayer c l'adopter.

400 reviews
Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths
This is such a great refreshing product to have. I love traveling with them. I have them at home and in the RV. I don't flush them. they are not good for the sewer system. I love feeling clean and the wipes smell so nice.

325 reviews
Always Radiant Infinity Pads
These pads work really well they aren't very noticeable when worn, and they do their job really well, they are usually pricy but usually always on sale, I would recommend these to anyone.

305 reviews
Poise Moderate Absorbency Pads
LOVE this product, have used it for years now and use it for nighttime use. I will keep using it, although it is VERY expensive. I have tried to get coupons from the company to no avail.

239 reviews
Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners
love this brand. Very thin liners, don't feel like theyre there. great value and great quality. would repurchase this over and over again! very compact too, could bring this everywhere in your purse. definitely recommend

270 reviews
U by Kotex Click Tampon
U by Kotex is my favourite tampon brand especially the click! I find the stile of the box super cute with the different colors. Super easy to use , I love the descrete packaging . My favourite 5/5

258 reviews
The DivaCup
I LOVE THE DIVACUP!!! I have been using the DivaCup religiously for over a year now and I will NEVER, let me repeat that NEVER, go back to using disposable products for my menstrual cycle EVER again! The DivaCup is a bit of a learning curve the first few times, figuring out...

157 reviews
O.B. Tampons
I love these tampons! Started using them a few years ago because I was out and it's all a friend had to offer. I basically used it out of desperation and haven't looked back since. I was turned off of not having an applicator at first but now I love that I have more control...

186 reviews
Poise Liners
This is not my regular brand that always used but when i had a chance and got a product sample i definitely love this liners very absorbent and comfortable to use. Love it.

119 reviews
Tampax Pearl Regular
When I first started using tampons, this was my number one choice. But, since then I have found that are much better products out there that have better applicators and offer better protection in terms of leaking.

126 reviews
Playtex Sport Tampons
Absolutely love these tampons only ones I use. I have not had any problems with them what so ever. I would recommend them a lot ! The applicator is easy to use.

108 reviews
Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash
This product is amazing. I use it because I usually get bladder infections with normal scents soap, but I had no problems with this feminine wash. I would strongly recommended it.

83 reviews
Dove deoderant
Dove deodorant is my favourite. It performs the way it should, while leaving my underarms soft. I am prone to getting yeast infections on my skin (especially in the underarm area), but this doesn't make it worse. Also, my fiancé loves the scent!

57 reviews
Always Flexi-Style Liners
I use liners daily and this is my liner of choice. It's think and flexible and you don't even feel it's there. It does the job of keeping me fresh feeling. They also come individually wrapped so easy to take on the go.

84 reviews
Poise Hourglass Pads
I am happy to have tried these pads. While they are much thicker than the liners, they do help create even more confidence. The pads are very soft and comfortable to wear seated in a car or desk for hours. After any leaks, the pad absorbs it so there is no feeling of wetness and...

85 reviews
Always Infinity Overnight With Wings
These Are my favourites. I love these... They don't leak and they do exactly what you want them to do. I find I get chaffing with other pads but never with these. And they wick all the moisture to its core so there is not much mess.

86 reviews
Canesten ComforTAB
Thankfully I have only had to use this product once in my life time. I was on some heavy antibiotics and developed a nasty yeast infection. I googled the problem and headed to the store. I had relief instantly from the cream and was grateful to have the added bonus of the...

58 reviews
Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings
Still my preferred brand and style after 20+ years of periods. Comfortable. Rarely rip or fall to shreds as the day wears. I've tried others and besides leaks, there is nothing worse than your pad falling apart mid-way thru your day.

62 reviews
Tampax Pearl Compak
Great product, super effective and easy to tote around. cute package too! Can be pricey when not on sale, but go one sale often! This is the only Kind i buy!

52 reviews

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