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Chocolate Reviews

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Ferrero Rocher

2570 reviews

These are my favorite chocolates. The quality is consistent and they are always delicious. I love the nutella filling inside the chocolate. I definitely recommend these chocolates.
Cadbury Mini Eggs

838 reviews

These are delicious, the crunchy coating is what does it for me. I also love that I can portion out a few when my sweet tooth attacks. There are other brands but this one is unique.
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Blueberry Almond with Açai Flavour

551 reviews

I always keep a few pieces in a ziplock that I bring with me everywhere. It's the best little snack to nibble on, not too sweet! I find that they are a little addicting though, so it is a bit dangerous.
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour

524 reviews

This bar is pure heaven!! The sweet and tart are mixed so perfectly! I love that you are able to break off whatever size piece you want with the creative designs on it! I also love that it has been on sale regularly that I don't feel guilty about not sharing this treat with my...
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Mango Coconut Crunch

501 reviews

I'm not sure about this one. I like mangoes but the combination of mango and coconut doen' seem right to me. Well its nice but its not for me, my sister kinda like it but I only had one square and thats it
Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours

427 reviews

I definitely recommend those bite size treat. I'm addicted to chocolate and these are great, the best is that we can say that they are good for you, dark chocolate full of antioxidants thanks to the blueberry and acai. Only thing is to take the time to enjoy them and make them...
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

401 reviews

I always enjoy Lindt chocolates. My favorite part is the center...so creamy and smooth. The flavor.of these chocolates is really nice with a rich texture. Lindt chocolates are my choice when giving to others too. I know they will not be disappointed with Lindt chocolate.
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolate

349 reviews

the Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolates are a great option if you are a chocolate lover like me but also watching calories! The pouches are small but still hit the spot, I found them super yummy and they are only 120 calories per pouch which is awesome! I just have to...
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

299 reviews

J’adore ces gourmandises. Le goût est vraiment excellent. L’intérieur est croustillant enrobé de chocolat. L’ensemble est succulent. Gros coup de cœur pour ces chocolats
Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar

244 reviews

Love this chocolate bar. I believe when i was a little kid, this was my first chocolate bar. Everytime i would be dismissed from preschool, my mom would always buy me this chocolate bar from the vending machine. This chocolate bar is not just tasty, but a lot of memories are...

234 reviews

Everyone in our family enjoys this chocolate bar. It is a special treat for us. A friend once made us a toblerone cheese cake & we were blown away. We put these in our children's stockings at Christmas time. Worth every penny!
Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Bar

174 reviews

I love eating the sides first and then taking appart the crunchy wafers appart, makes it the best way to savor it. It is the same great quality every time
Cadbury Cream Eggs

280 reviews

bien franchement j'ai détesté le goût et encore plus le côté baveux de la garniture, ce truc est trop sucré et ne correspond pas du tout à mes goûts en plus de mal se manger
Terry's Chocolate Orange

215 reviews

Love this chocolate, We buy it every year near the christmas season, Love that they dark chocolate. Has the same great orange sensation taste and great for a gift
After Eight Chocolate

152 reviews

For some reason, I only really eat After Eight around Christmas time. But nonetheless, it’s delicious! I love the mint flavour. It’s not overpowering, it’s just right! So yummy you can’t just have 1!
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade Milk Chocolate

160 reviews

Cadbury in my opinion has one of the best tasting milk chocolate recipes. The chocolate is rich and flavorful. You get that delicious chocolate flavor as soon as you bite into a piece of the Dairy Milk Chocolate bar. The bar is divided into pieces so it is great for sharing...
Kinder Surprise

157 reviews

Petit cadeau idéal pour les enfants qui adorent la surprise a l’intérieur de cet œuf en chocolat. Il existe différents packagings! Fille, et/ou garçon chacun y trouve son bonheur
Lindt Chocolates

125 reviews

This chocolate id AMAZING!! I just can not some times get enough of it. I have even hidden it from my children to stop them from eating it. LOL This is one of my favourite chocolates. I love going in to the stores, you get a free sample. This is just great. My amazing...
Nestle Turtles Chocolates

118 reviews

I bought these as a treat to take to work for break. We all love them. If I am going to indulge I want it to be with something like this. They are just the perfect size.
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar

102 reviews

The chocolate that melt in your mouth. It is so smooth and not as sweet as the other chocolates. I buy this every christmas as a gift for my co-workers.