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Ferrero Rocher

2266 reviews

sooooo good omg guys best chico ever. has nuts nazelnut choclate buiscute anything u would want
Cadbury Mini Eggs

821 reviews

Mini eggs are my absolute favourite Easter treat. Even though they are available all year round, I still only try to buy these for Easter as I am afraid I will overdo it and not like them anymore. But there are occasions where the temptation gets to me!
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Blueberry Almond with Açai Flavour

549 reviews

J'aime le goût et la texture de ce chocolat. Je suis une adepte du chocolat et celui-ci est de loin le meilleurs. En plus il est bon pour la santé, j'aime.
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour

522 reviews

his are great! It is difficult to stop eating them. These are absolutely on my Christmas list! The pomegranate ones are my No. 1 Favorite! Try it. Bring some to your next get together, if you don't want to eat them all yourself!
Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Mango Coconut Crunch

500 reviews

I love brookside products they never disapoint the quality of the product is always good and this was one of the best the mixture of mango and coconut was amazing
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles

393 reviews

I love how creamy the centres of these truffles are. I've tried almost all of the flavours, and they're all great. Could sit down and eat a whole box of them.
Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours

407 reviews

I feel that guilt free when eating these chocolates. The flavours are so strong and different that I actually find you only need a few to eat to fulfill your craving, which is good because then you end up eating less than you would of another chocolate. These taste very gourmet...
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolate

349 reviews

the Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Chocolates are a great option if you are a chocolate lover like me but also watching calories! The pouches are small but still hit the spot, I found them super yummy and they are only 120 calories per pouch which is awesome! I just have to...
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

293 reviews

Whenever I bring these home, my husband and I always fight over them because they're both of our favourites. The combination of the chocolate and the peanut butter is unlike other brands. They do something to the peanut butter that makes the peanut taste stand out strongly but...
Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar

236 reviews

I find that often when you think of chocolates, you think of the Hersey almond bar. I love the combination of the chocolate and the almonds. The almond flavour does not get lost in the chocolate and still tastes fresh. The crunchyness is satisfying and the chocolate is not...

224 reviews

The interesting thing about these chocolates is that you can actually break off a piece and share it..but because they're so delicious it usually doesn't get shared lol! These wouldn't be my first choice in buying a treat but I really like the crunchy bits inside the...
Cadbury Cream Eggs

277 reviews

When ever I see the commercials for the cadbury eggs, I always get a craving for that creamy center! The only thing I have to say however is that the center is a tad too sweet; it almost hurts my teeth. This is definitely a treat to only have maybe twice a year max because...
Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Bar

165 reviews

J'adore ces barres de chocolat, en vente dans toutes les épiceries et dépanneur du coin!. Les barres gaufrés sont croustillantes et légères. Elles font une bonne collation à prendre de temps en temps sans être trop calorique. Elles se partagent très bien aussi. Mais je...
Terry's Chocolate Orange

211 reviews

I remember getting my first Terry's Chocolate Orange for Christmas as a kid, now my mom puts one in my stocking every year as an adult. I'm not huge for fruit flavoured chocolate, but this is an exception and it's delicious! Great fun and makes for a good share too.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade Milk Chocolate

156 reviews

This is the best chocolate you can get from the grocery store. It is very rich in texture and tastes milky. My favourite way of eating it is by letting a piece melt in my mouth.
After Eight Chocolate

136 reviews

I'm not huge on chocolate and mint together, but these are one of my favourites. My grandma used to always get them for Christmas when I was younger, and I still really enjoy devouring them.
Kinder Surprise

146 reviews

C'est un très bon concept pour les enfants. Néanmoins, le contenu (le jouet) est devenu des assemblages de petite figurine qui ne représente pas grand chose, bien loin des belles figurines a collectionner quand nous étions petit... Déçus... Pour ce qui est du goût...
Lindt Chocolates

119 reviews

We have a Lindt store near us where you can go in and buy all kinds of lindt products. I love these chocolates so much and you can get white and dark chip to put into cookies. High quality and delicious and the price is pretty reasonable too!
Nestle Turtles Chocolates

112 reviews

I absolutely love these chocolates. The combination of the caramel, chocolate and peanuts is amazing. My only question is: can you get these all year round? LOL!
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar

96 reviews

I love the creaminess of the Lindt Lindor Milk chocolate bar. Tastes like the truffles but in a bar form. Will continue to buy, tastes great with a nice cup of coffee.