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Amazon has a wide variety of products, and has positively AWESOME customer service, if you are the least bit satisfied you're refunded asap! Super happy about this online store. I recommend this to... EVERYONE!

Bath and Body Works

When I think of yummy smells, good quality, and great price.... I think of Bath and Body Works, this is my FAVORITE brand for it's lotion,I love it's hand sanitizer because it doesn't dry you're hands out. So get over there, the next time you need something that smells good!

Merrill Shoes

I have had several pairs of merril shoes and I cant say 1 bad thing about them. I have never found a pair that are not comfortbale, especially their sandals. They have great selection. The can be expensive but worth every penny.

Sand and Stone Jewlery

Kim makes leather wraps that are to die for!! I need more arms:) Her work is amazing and you know each piece is full of love. She makes the world a better place with her jewelry, smile and generous nature!

Blame Betty Calgary

I have been in store and shopped online and LOVE this place!! I have a Disney Villians purse, a Darth Vader purse and a load of knee high socks! Their customer service is amazing as is their selection!