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I have recently started going often to winners and keep coming back with interesting finds. They even have organic food product! It is worth going frequently as they constantly receive new merchandise.

This is my favorite online site to get contacts. They come in many colors and different options to suit your needs. They also carry rx sunglasses and regular glasses. Affordable prices and fast shipping with 2 options regular or express.

Swell Water Bottle

When I first heard of the Swell water bottles I did not think the price of the bottle was worth it. Until my sister got one and said how much they work! They truly do keep my water cold all day, even when its sitting in the sun while I am shopping. The outside of the bottle...

Fable 2

The Fable Series has long since been one of my favorite video games, you start out by being able to pick whether you want to be a boy or a girl, you choose your name and your Story begins. You're set in an older World town and it's your job to become the hero of your own story...

Ikea Canada

Going to IKEA is always a good idea! Ok maybe not when it is the middle of the afternoon of a rainy weekend... However, I love how the store is settled and designed. It is quite easy to find what you are looking for when you arrived in the warehouse section. However, it happens...

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