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Oral Care Reviews

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Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint

195 reviews

I bought this floss thinking it was going to be easy to floss with because it said satin on it. Not the case. I don't have very many fillings but my teeth are very tight together so the easier the floss can slide through the better and less sore I will be from the flossing...
GUM Eez-Thru Flossers

163 reviews

I find it hard to floss with regular floss. These are easy to use and ensure that you don’t have any trouble flossing. I just got home from the dentist after not going for 2 years and they said my gum health is
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss

44 reviews

Love the infused flavour of the mint in this floss. The floss is so easy to use and glides in between all my teeth. It is thin and when pulled tight it flattens out without bending and folding between teeth.
Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh

26 reviews

I’ve tried all the knock off brands and none match up to this bad boy. The different varieties are just as effective as well. It burns...but it’s a good burn. Like, killing off millions of bacteria kind of burn. Long freshness and you can buy them in smaller bottles. I throw...
Lush Toothy Tabs

20 reviews

There are many different flavours to try and choose for Lush Toothy tabs. Though it may seem a lot to pay close to $10 for a bottle, there are other aspects that I like about these toothpaste alternatives. When it comes to travel, I like to pack these so I carry less liquid...
Sunstar GUM Professional Clean Flossers

12 reviews

I love the fact these are mint in taste. Great for flossing before brushing as well as using after meals or snacks. A smooth gluiding action and a pick on the end makes even the hardest of things stuck between your teeth easy to remove. Great for travel.
Sensodyne Multi-Action Plus Whitening Toothpaste

9 reviews

I haven't noticed a big change in hot/ cold sensitivity nor noticed my teeth getting any whiter after a few months of using this toothpaste. I'm not wowed!
Buckley's Cough, Cold, and Flu

7 reviews

It truly does taste awful!! But it is the only one that works effectively. I usually don’t get sick, but when I do get a cold Buckley’s is the only cough syrup I’ll use!
Butler GUM Soft Picks

19 reviews

Part of my oral care routine. They are gentle but strong enough to do the job. Perfect to reach those spots where our toothbrush can't go. With proper oral care this soft picks can help to prevent gum disease. I would definitely recommend them. An affordable product that you can...
Colgate Toothpaste Stand-Up Tube SpongeBob Squarepants

1 review

My daughter's dentist recommend to use this toothpaste for my daughter to keep her teeth healthy and clean. My daughter really likes this toothpaste. I'd say it's kid-friendly, plus there is a cartoon (Sponge-bob) picture on it which encourages little kids to brush their teeth...
Oral-b Indicator Toothbrush

1 review

This is a great standard, manual toothbrush the bristles hold their shape. It's an affordable toothbrush. It lasts a long time with twice a day brushing. You can find it at any pharmacy or box store. I would buy this toothbrush again.
3D Crest White

20 reviews

Really like this toothpaste. Doesn’t burn my mouth like some mint favour ones do. And I personally did see a difference in whitening of teeth after about one week. Only downside is that it is a little more money than regular toothpaste.
Gum Proxabrush Go-Betweens

8 reviews

J'aurais économisé beaucoup d'argent et de temps si ces petites brosses GUM avaient été sur le marché il y a bien longtemps. Mes gencives seraient en meilleur état. Les nettoyages de parodoncies et l'utilisation avec fréquence des brosses GUM font une grande différence...
Colgate Peroxyl

3 reviews

I use this when I have canker sores, or sore throat. I get a lot of canker type sores from tomatoes and other raw foods. Colgate Peroxyl helps heal them up within a couple of days or so. I use it usually before bed, or also in morning if the sores are really bad.
Colgate Ultra Soft Toothbrush

1 review

I was suggested by my oral hygienist to use Colgate's Ultra Soft Toothbrush due to certain conditions of my teeth and gums. I started using this brands toothbrush a few years ago and boy am I ever glad I did! Although it's ultra soft I find that the bristles do an amazing job of...
Tom's of Maine maximum strength sensitive soothing mint toothpaste

1 review

I love Tom's products . This toothpaste doesn't burn and the mint is not too strong either.It has a smooth texture as well. It costed about $4 for 82ml . It lasts quite a while. It's all natural and cruelty free etc. It works just fine , better than regular toothpastes that are...
Carbon Noir Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothbrush

1 review

These are full-size brushes, with nice vibrant colors. The bristles are soft, I don't ordinarily like using soft brushes however since switching to coconut charcoal tooth powder I found hard bristles in combination to be very harsh and uncomfortable on our gums.
Colgate sensitive pro-relief smart white

7 reviews

I have sensitive teeth and fir years used another brand recommended by the dentist. While at a buying show for our pharmacy the sakes rep for Colgate told me all about how this toothpaste actually will repair the teeth instead of just numbing the teeth. I was sceptical and...
Colgate Total Advanced Health Professional Clean

2 reviews

I love this product because it makes my teeth feel nice and clean like i just came from the dentist, makes my brushing time cut in half! i don't get cavities as often as i did
Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Baby

5 reviews

I think Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Baby Toothbrushes are perfect ! I buy them for my son . He loves having a superhero on his. He's got Spider-Man and a Tigger one, I think the cute picture of a character on a child's tooth brush is a wonderful idea to keep there interest...