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Oral Care Reviews

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Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint

202 reviews

Does its job as advertised. Pleasantly minty. It splits in two sometimes while you're flossing. No sticky residue on the floss after use. Easy to tear and stores cleanly. Easy to 'unroll' from the tear top. Nice and portable little product. Recommend.
GUM Eez-Thru Flossers

174 reviews

My whole family loves this product. It is simple and easy to use - even the youngest in the family can use this product with ease. It helps to promote dental independence and confidence. Great value for your money
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss

51 reviews

This stuff is absolutely fantastic! Honestly even though I do believe it's kinda pricey I really think that it's worth it. No more floss that freys or breaks! Flossing is no longer a frustrating experience😀
Sensodyne Multi-Action Plus Whitening Toothpaste

25 reviews

my dentist gave me a sample because i have very sensitive teeth. So i tried it but the texture and the taste made me gag. only tried it once and i dont want to do the experience again !!
Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh

29 reviews

This mouth rinse does leave your mouth feeling fresh.This burns quite a bit at first, but once you get used to it, you'll love it. It gets your whole mouth very clean and keeps your breath fresh for a couple of hours.
Lush Toothy Tabs

22 reviews

The flavor I bought was mint (white color) and I loved them. They are perfect for those who want vegan, environmentally friendly toothpaste. They have a great minty flavor, and protect against cavities just like other brands. They are extremely convienent to bring camping, on...
Sunstar GUM Professional Clean Flossers

15 reviews

I am often guilty of skipping my flossing routine. Using the strings is tedious as both hands are required and expert maneuvering needed. This gives me no excuse as I can use it single handedly. I put them everywhere, including my car, in front of my computer, at my work desk...
Buckley's Cough, Cold, and Flu

10 reviews

I tried Buckley's cough, cold and flu after my friend recommended it to me. I really felt relief from my symptoms and my throat got so much better. It does taste really bad but I have never had such an amazing experience with cough medicine. I will be purchasing it again and...
Breath biotics

2 reviews

This is a great product. The trial I received wasn’t really big enough to get a full experience but it was packaged really good (like gum just pop it out of the blister pack and put it into your mouth) it had a great taste as well
Oral B 3D white toothbrush

3 reviews

I frequently purchase and use Oral B 3D white and it is my go to manual toothbrush because it cleans really well and leaves my mouth feeling fresh as well. It tends to last longer than other toothbrushes and works effectively. I find the hold comfortable and it is a perfect fit...
Butler GUM Soft Picks

21 reviews

I love these picks! The little travel case they come with are perfect to throw in my purse so my mouth always feels fresh and clean. They are also handy for when im feeling too lazy to floss 😄. They are a little flimsy but the floss sticks all shred wgen i use them so these...
Charcoal hello toothpaste

3 reviews

I wasn't sure about buying this at first. I thought my teeth might stain black haha, or that it would taste horrible. theres very little taste at all, and my teeth are as white as ever !! Im very impressed and would recommend this to any of my fellow wine & coffee drinkers ;)...
Doterra OnGuard Natural Whitening Toothpaste

3 reviews

Probably never going to buy another tooth paste again. I love this. I love doterra products so I had to try the toothpaste. Love love it!!! It tastes like cinnamon and I love brushing my teeth with something so natural and I love on guard essential oil by doterra :)
Colgate Total Advance Health Clean In Between

1 review

Some of us have so much weights on our shoulders there are those time we get infront of that bathroom mirror and we see an exhausted version of us looking back, we brush our teeth and face plant into bed forgetting about the 5 to 10 mins to properly floss our teeth that night...

1 review

I ran out of my brand of coldsore treatment the other day just as i was feeling that familiar tingling that i dred so much. While looking for my brand, I saw Zilactin, and hearing a great review from a friend about it plus the fact that it was 10 bucks cheaper than my brand ...I...
Carmex lip balm

1 review

Carmex is the best lip balm that was ever made for chapped or wind burnt lips. I discovered it a couple of years ago and it's my one and only lip balm. I am sensitive to sun/wind and cold and am always suffering from chapped lips. If i use this daily I am ok. If I haven't...
Waterpik Batery Powered Flosser

1 review

The Waterpik flosser is a quick and easy way to remove food particles from between teeth. The 10,000 vibrations per minute work quickly to remove food. I find this faster than using dental floss and more convenient.
3D Crest White

22 reviews

I love the initial taste of this toothpaste and the freshness that comes with it. The only downfall would have to be that I find that it doesn’t linger and the minty taste goes away fairly quickly
Sensodyne Instant Relief

1 review

So, on Friday i lost a filling and was in excruciating pain. Not being able to see my dentist u til to orrow, i tried everything to relieve the pain. I finally bought this Sensodyne Instant relief and it immediately relieved the pain. It lasted bout half an hour...and what an...
Tom’s of Maine Maximum Strength Sensitive Toohpaste Soothing Mint

1 review

This gentle mint flavoured toothpaste is free of artificial colours, flavours, fragrances, sweeteners, animal products, additives and preservatives. Tom’s products are healthy not just for the body but for the environment: all their ingredients come from recyclable and/or...