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GUM Eez-Thru Flossers
I love how it's easy to use and easy to carry everywhere. I love the minty tasre and it's effectiveness to take all the debris between my teeths. The only thing I ate it's that sometimes the floss is loose. When that happens I have to take another one and for that reason I bring...

125 reviews
Oral-B Satin Floss
This floss is TERRIBLE. I received a pack from my dentist and it kept breaking! I know that the gaps in my teeth are quite tight, but it would keep snapping before I could get it completely through the gap. I broke and threw away more than I could use

107 reviews
Oral-B Complete Satin Floss Mint
I usually only buy this floss for myself and my family. It glides easily between teeth and is way better than regular floss. It is a great price and you can find it anywhere.

61 reviews
Arm and hammer truly radiant toothpaste
Arm and Hammer toothpaste is my go to. For an all over clean feeling without any residual plaque purchase arm and hammer. I feel amazing in the morning after brushing my teeth with this toothpaste!

23 reviews
Oral B Glide Pro Health Deep Clean Floss
this floss is awesome, it doesnt come in that big container that's super unnatractive this is in a shiny small silver plastic case and i found the floss to be stronger than most

27 reviews
Sensodyne Pronamel
I have very sensitive teeth and I have lost alot of enamel on my teeth due to smoking and drinking coffee. I have been using this product for about 6 months-my dentist recommended it to me. I use this toothpaste everyday and I would and have told my friends about it. A very nice...

24 reviews
Sensodyne Deep Clean
I loved the deep clean sensodyne!! I find that normal sensitive tooth pastes have such a horrible taste but this actually has a light mint flavor which made using it so much more enjoyable. as with all sensodyne toothpastes it works. makes eating both hot and cold food and...

8 reviews
Listerine Ultraclean Antiseptic mouth wash in everfresh
I use this mouthwash daily as it is the only one that my dentist recommends in order to keep gum disease in check! I love the fresh taste and the way it makes my mouth and teeth feel.

8 reviews
Lush Toothy Tabs
I love the Lush Toothy Tabs. They make my teeth clean, mouth feel fresh, and are easy and convenient. I have them on overnight trips and use them camping

6 reviews
Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Baby
These are great and so cute. I used these after gum surgery to avoid irritating that area. I've also gotten these to use on my dogs because they are small and gentle enough for small breeds.

4 reviews
GUM Comfort Slide Flossers
I am an avid flosser and I have tried many different kinds of picks. For the plaque build up I get I cannot seem to find anything that doesn't shred between my teeth except for these. At the drug store they under $5.00

2 reviews
crest scope classic mouthwash
J'adore ce rince-bouche Scope de Crest. C'est l'un de mes préférés à vie ! Je l'achète sans cesse car il est efficace et laisse une haleine fraîche à tout coup !

5 reviews
Waterpik Oral Classic Water Flosser
I bought the Waterpik and used it twice a day for more than a year now. It is still working well. I loved how clean it feels after using it. I wished it could be a little compact with a travel bag.

2 reviews
Oral-B Pro-Health Compact Clean toothbrush
Although there are so many great things about this product, my favourite is that it comes with TWO! I knew the second I used the first one I was going to want another as backup for when it comes time to replace it. This toothbrush claims that it contains ultra dense bristles...

5 reviews
Oral B Genius 8000 Toothbrush
I was fortunate to receive this product in the mail free from BzzAgent. I was afraid to use this product at first because of how sensitive my teeth are. I must admit this brush is awesome and so easy to use with bluetooth, I just had to install the app. which is found in the...

1 review
Colgate Toothpaste
Colgate is a great brand.. with many different varieties to choose from and super affordable! We keep a few on hand so we never run out. There's never enough toothpaste with the 3 of us using it multiple times a day. (Oral hygiene is extremely important in our home!) Colgate =...

1 review
young living aroma bright toothpaste
You know how most toothapastes on the market are full of this or that that you cant quite pronouce properly? Yea? Well welcome the incredible Aromabright tooth paste from Young Living! It supports healthy gums and teeth with naturally derived ingredients, removes stains...

1 review
Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste, 60 Milliliter
The toothpaste doesn't even feel like real toothpaste. The gel texture makes it feel like plastic more than anything. I brushed my teeth with it, but it did not leave my teeth feeling clean at all! :(

6 reviews
Sunstar GUM Professional Clean Flossers
I have tried many brands of flossers and have found GUM Flossers work the best for me. The floss is thick enough that it doesn't hurt your gums but still can slide easily between teeth. I like the mint flavour as it adds to the overall freshness of my mouth and I have never had...

1 review
Gum Proxabrush Go-Betweens
As a person with braces these are seriously a life saver! They get all the debris you can't get with your regular toothbrush alone and its great that they come in multiple sizes to fit into different places. I'd be lost without these.

4 reviews

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