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Home Fragrance Reviews

Just as perfumes enhance our personal style statement, home fragrances can set the tone in your living space.  The wide range of product types allow for personal expression in the way you scent your air, whether incense, decorative reed diffusers, discreet plug-ins, or romantic scented candles.

Top rated brands on ChickAdvisor include Febreze, Glade, Slatkin & Co (available at Bath & Body Works), and Yankee Candle.

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Febreze Car Vent Clips Freshener in Linen & Sky

2061 reviews

way too exspenskve for something rhat will last you 5 daus of frsh scent. would not recommend this product you are better off with one the air freshners
Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle

236 reviews

There are so many different scents available its amazing!! My favourite are the citrus ones! They burn evenly, and last longer then others that I have tried. Highly recommend if you want to fill a room with one of their amazing scents.
Febreze  Bedding Refresher Sleep Serenity

259 reviews

Presque tout ses produits sente bon et élimine vraiment les odeurs.J'aime beaucoup les produits FEBREZE.Je les recommandes a tout le mondes.J'aimerais bien essayer celui-la
Febreze Air Effects Spring & Renewal Air Freshener

230 reviews

I have tried alot of air freshener, but none come close to frebreze air affects. The price is good and definitely worth it. Most air fresheners don't last long after you spray it, but this one does. I spray it everywhere. I even spray it on my furniture, couch, chairs and beds...
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener in Morning Walk & Cleansing Rain

209 reviews

J'adore les produits FEBREZE J'ai pas essayer celui la encore,mais je vais l'essayer bientot.Je suis certaine qu'il vas être bon et avoir une bonne odeur,
Febreze NOTICEables Dual Scented Pluggable Air Freshener Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla

191 reviews

Just plugged one in this morning... everyone here loves it, and every person who has stopped by has commented me on how nice the house smells. ☺ These two scents are my favourites, so I will definitely be buying this product again (although it is a bit expensive for my budget).
Glade Wax Melts

159 reviews

One of my top favourite brand of wax melts! Smell lasts a very long time, and all the scents are amazing. They can be a bit pricey but if you find them on sale it's so worth it to stock up.
Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher

126 reviews

With having six kids in the house as well as pets, we needed something heavy duty to keep our home smelling fresh and clean. A quick spray over evrrythingnin the morning and evening keeps my home up to par
Scentsy Wickless Candles

120 reviews

I love scentsy warmers, they come is so many different models. Mine has lasted years! love all the different wax scents to choose from and the smell seems to last longer then other brands wax melts.
Glade Candle 2 in 1

99 reviews

Glade candles are worth every penny. They smell great in the store and again when you burn them at home. I always look forward to burning these candles at home- the result is fabulous.
Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray

112 reviews

I would buy this product again and again fresh waters fragrance smells so good and makes the house smell like a water fall so relaxing and clean. This product is so easy to use and you really don’t need to do much. Place the air wick refills in the automatic sprayer and place...
Glade Spray Air Freshener in Lavender and Vanilla

77 reviews

I really love Glade air fresheners and the lavender vanilla is one of my favourites! I love the sweet vanilla because it helps to cut through the heavy floral of the lavender. I normally don't like lavender as it can be really strong and unpleasant on it's own but with vanilla...
Little Trees Air Fresheners

48 reviews

Little trees makes the best car fresheners! They have a variety of fragrances. My car will smell amazing for a good amount of time. I change mine out about every 2 weeks. These are so cheap it's worth it to purchase!
Air Wick Scented Oil Electric Plug In Air Freshener in Crisp Linen

37 reviews

I received this product to review. I really like the scent. It smells clean, crisp and it’s not overpowering which is important for me since I am a bit sensitive to heavy perfumed products. I like the fact I can choose the amount released and ajust it. I wish it had a bit more...
Febreeze air effects air freshener

36 reviews

This product is amazing with many different varieties choose from The Price is Right and leaves your house smelling amazing I recommend this product to any family
Air Wick Life Scents Scented Oil

45 reviews

I really like the Air Wick scented oils. I have tried different scents but would have to say my favorites are the mandarin orange or lavender. The only down fall is that sometimes they are strong smelling and fill my home...which I love, but other times they just don't seem to...
Air Wick Air Freshener, Scented Oil Kit, Crisp Linen

22 reviews

Amazing product that last for over a month. I received a sample of this product and I really like it. It's really worth it to try it. Soft scent that makes you feel you are in paradise. I would recommend this product specially for a powder room or a washroom. All my friends...
Glade Air Freshener in Clean Linen

38 reviews

I love the scent of this one. Not overpowering, but enough to knock out bad odors, especially in the car and bathroom. The scent last a long time I spray this in my entire house
Airwick scented oil kit

20 reviews

The Airwick Scented Oil (linen scent) has a long lasting linen freshness it brings to the entire room. You can even choose the strength of the scent from the dial in the dispenser.
Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle in Pumpkin Cupcake

38 reviews

Pumpkin Cupcake smells nice and warm like fresh muffins are in your oven, you could literally eat this candle because its scent has you foaming at them out. Not only that, but the candle burns forever, using top grade wicks thats are led free and wax that is soy based. Amazing...