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So Delicious Salted Caramel Cashew Cluster

I tried the So Delicious non-dairy cashew frozen dessert Salted Caramel Cluster flavor and I seriously couldn't believe that I wasn't eating real ice cream! This is the best non-dairy ice cream that I've ever had! It tastes just you're eating real ice ceam, with real...

Fruit Roll-Ups

When I think of fruit roll-ups... I actually think of sugar. It has the label "Fruit" but my guess is it's mostly sugar. However, I LOVE Fruit-roll ups, and somehow it seems healthier than candy.. it's my treat. Kids would gobble 5 of them down before you knew it! lol

Arbonne Fit Chews

At first I was drawn to this because of the claim that it will help you get over your afternoon funk by giving you some energy as well as minerals and other nutrients. The taste is OK... the texture is like a starburst but the flavour has a chalky essence to it. I also found...

So Delicious Cashew Cinnamon Cookie Dough Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

I got to try this product for free, otherwise I would've never got it. Honestly I thought nothing could replace ice-cream (which doesn't have dairy in it)..... GUESS what!?! I was wrong, this was "so Delicious". The thing I dislike is that it's really expensive, however for...

Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars - Blueberry with Acai

I don't really like the brookside bars since I find the flavours to be on the strong side. However, I find that the blueberry and acai bar tastes like the chocolate balls, so of course I prefer this flavour over the others!