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SoftSoap Body Butter Moisturizing Wash Heavenly Vanilla

Amazing scent, clean and fresh feeling and excellent lather on a loofa. My favourite body wash and the scent stays on my skin well after my shower. A little soap goes a long way.

TroubleMaker Mascara by Urban Decay

Great mascara! my lashes look bold, full, and longer. after applying one coat, my eyelashes were popped. still applied two more coats and surprisingly enough there was no flake and no clumping. yet may eyelashes were gorgeous! Absolutely recommend. this mascara will make your...

John Frieda Blonde Shampoo

Picked this bottle up at a nearby drugstore knowing that my blonde highlights definitely need a pick me up! Used twice now, and can definitely see a hint of difference. Looking forward to continue use and brighten the blonde again!

Arbonne RE9 Set

I used to never wash my face before I was introduced to Arbonne. I learned about the importance of proper cleansing and maintenance. I splurged on the full RE9 set which includes 5 steps in the morning and at night. Of course you can change the frequency based on your skin...

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

There has been so much hype around the new l'oreal voluminous lash paradise that I just had to try it for myself! This mascara is said to be a dupe for a well known brand and after using both, I totally agree! This mascara adds lots of clump-free length and volume. To maximize...