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Baby's skin is very sensitive, so when a little extra moisturization is called for, reach for a lotion specifically formulated for this tender new skin.  Baby lotions should go easy on fragrances, dyes, and extra additives - no need to mask Baby's natural heady scent!  Read the label carefully and take note of expiry dates, especially if you buy a product that is preservative-free.

For new moms and moms-to-be, plain ol' body lotion doesn't always satisfy our maternity or postpartum needs.  Reach for targeted stretch mark creams and soothing products designed specifically for your special time.

Popular brands on ChickAdvisor include Aveeno and The Body Shop for Baby's skin, Palmer's and Mama Mio for Mom.

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Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion

187 reviews

I used the new cream on my 5mth old yesterday morning after her bath.. And today she is covered In red blotches.. She has had a horrible reaction to it.. thankfully she is still in good spirit and it probley hurts me more then it hurts her.. but I've used other dove soaps and...
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion

223 reviews

I have always used Johnson & Johnson lotions and I was a little skeptical when people were raving that this product actually helps babies sleep. I bought it when my regular J&J;product ran out not expecting much but it really does work to soothe baby to sleep! Plus it smells...
Johnson's Baby Lotion

209 reviews

I received a bunch of bottles of baby lotion and was excited to try this one as I know it's been around for years but I was sadly very disappointed. It smells absolutely wonderful but I found it dried out my children's skin and made their eczema worse! When using this cream...
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion

145 reviews

J'aime bien ce produit. Mes bébés ont trois semaines et ils ont la peau très sèche. Je l'utilise quotidiennement pour les hydrater. Ça fonctionne bien et l'état de leur peau s'améliore de jour en jour. Aucun parfum, donc ça évite d'abîmer leur peau encore plus. Je...
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Body Lotion

110 reviews

I love this fragrance free lotion! Provides instant relief to dry skin and is absorbed so easily. It is good for newborns and I use it for myself too!
Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion

81 reviews

I held off buying Johnsons Johnson's baby lotion for the longest time because I was hesitant applying products on my baby that weren't all natural. I eventually gave in because it just smells too darn good. I like that my baby's skin is nicely moisturized, smells delightful, and...
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream

95 reviews

I purchased this in an effort to keep my sons eczema at bay. He currently has it on the back of his arms and his back. This lotion has helped and it quite soothing for him. He loves when I put it on. (he's 2). No smell to it and it is thick so I do notice it takes a little...
Johnson's Baby Gift Set Take Along Pack

79 reviews

I got one of these sets and put each of the items (minus the nursing pads) in a repurposed makeup bag, and then put that in my diaper bag. It's great to keep handy for travel, overnight stays, or camping etc. The small size of the containers are awesome for saving space. This...
Live Clean (baby) Moisturizing Lotion

68 reviews

I've been using this moisturizing lotion on my kids since they were babies. Gentle on skin and has a great light scent to it. I have found however that it burns their face if they have chapped skin. Great to use on the body though.
Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion Lavender and Vanilla

60 reviews

An amazing lotion for babies and adults alike! I use this lotion regularly after shower throughout the cold and dry Canadian winters and it always does the trick. The lotion calms my dry, itchy skin and the smell of lavender and vanilla combined is so relaxing. This lotion is...
Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

32 reviews

My baby has Ezcema and very dry skin. First, I tried Aveeno and Live Clean lotions , which both resulted in allergic reaction and rashes on my baby. Then I tried This Cetaphil lotion which my baby is ok with. I like that it has a nice smell, very mild and absorbs quickly into...
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant

15 reviews

Perfect for cracked heals, scrapes and skin irritations. I know this product will work on my skin and will recommend to new moms and those with dry skin
Dove Baby Rich Moisture Lotion Moisturizer

12 reviews

The dove lotion worked alright, however I felt I needed to keep reapplying this to my daughter. I did not like the original scent but I did like the unscented variety. I found the regular price of this product to be a little expensive.
AVEENO® BABY® Eczema Care Nighttime Balm

14 reviews

Aveeno nighttime balm is the only creme that I found effective enough for my child eczema care. It gives the needed moisture to her skin, keeps her skin smooth and applies really easy.
Burts bees baby bee skin nourishing lotion original

14 reviews

Excellent texture, great moist, easily absorved by my baby's skin. Not sure if I love the price though, it would be good if they keep the price but give us a larger bottle
Seventh Generation - Baby Lotion

9 reviews

I received this lotion as a gift and loved it! It absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling on the skin. The scent is also amazing! It’s not too strong for my son. My son has sensitive skin and I love that his doesn’t irritate his skin.
Cerave bébé lotion hydratante

2 reviews

Quoi dire de plus, à part que cette lotion hydratante fait des miracles? Mon fils d'un an fesait beaucoup d'eczéma au niveau du visage. J'ai essayé beaucoup de crèmes et cette lotion est la seule qui a grandement aidé la peau de mon fils! En seulement 3 jours d'application...
Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion

1 review

From head to toe I use only dove products on my little one. It's extremely gentle on the skin and does exactly what it's meant to do. The scents are very subtle and never overpowering. I recommend all doves baby products, I've never had an I'll word to speak of any of them.
Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream

3 reviews

My young son has been suffering since birth with dry, itchy, irritated eczematic skin. We have literally tried everything there is available at the drugstore in an effort to combat the dryness. Once we found this, we knew the search had ended. It is quite pricy but I would pay...
Live clean (baby) colloidal oatmeal eczwma cream

2 reviews

Je cherchais un produit pour l’eczema de ma fille et ce produit ma interpellé par ca simplicité des ingrédiant. Ma fille a la peau très sensible et a réagi à la crème en ayant la peau rouge mais disparaissait peu de temps après et après une semaine je vois une...