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Baby's skin is very sensitive, so when a little extra moisturization is called for, reach for a lotion specifically formulated for this tender new skin.  Baby lotions should go easy on fragrances, dyes, and extra additives - no need to mask Baby's natural heady scent!  Read the label carefully and take note of expiry dates, especially if you buy a product that is preservative-free.

For new moms and moms-to-be, plain ol' body lotion doesn't always satisfy our maternity or postpartum needs.  Reach for targeted stretch mark creams and soothing products designed specifically for your special time.

Popular brands on ChickAdvisor include Aveeno and The Body Shop for Baby's skin, Palmer's and Mama Mio for Mom.

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Johnson's Baby Lotion
Love this lotion. My kids are no longer babies but I still buy this lotion. I love the smell and the way my skin feels after using. I actually found it works great for sun burns.

190 reviews
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion
Amazing! My baby loved it well I loved it for my sweet little one ! This lotion led t my baby's skin feel soooo soft ,moisturized and smelling amazing I loved the whole dove baby line I received from chick advisor and dove thanks a million xoxo

153 reviews
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion
I dont really use moisture lotion on my baby skin. I try this one for the test of product. Since that I use it all the time on my little baby boy. He smell so good.

141 reviews
Aveeno Baby Eczema Care Cream
This is by far the best eczema cream I have found for my daughters delicate skin. It is lightweight and scent free which when she has need for the cream is important. I also use the product myself and love it. Weather its from extreme cold, allergies or eczema we always have...

144 reviews
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion
This lotion is a god send i have used thus with all of my kids. I put my babys into a bath and afterwards i will massage them with this lotion and it has a lavender scent to it..... So not only does your baby feel relaxed from the massage but the smell will also make them relax...

150 reviews
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Body Lotion
j'ai adopté cette crème pour mon bébé dès le premier essai., j'avais reçu un échantillon. La crème est épaisse, pénètre bien la peau et aide à bien hydrater ma cocotte. Elle n'a fait aucune réaction et je continue à la crémer quotidiennement. Je la recommande à...

102 reviews
Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream
I used this on my nephew and loved it. His skin is so sensitive and the oatmeal had definitely helped, and the redness was gone! He stopped crying and grabbing at his face after I used this!

84 reviews
Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
The scent of this lotion is very VERY strong. Even with just a little bit. It is moisturizing but it doesnt blend in very well it takes awhile till you can blend it into the skin.

63 reviews
Johnson's Baby Gift Set Take Along Pack
I recieved a coupon for full value from Johnsons. It was a great surprise when I went to the mail yesterday and I picked it up tonight. Its the perfect size for your diaper bag or save for when you travel. Thanks Johnsons for the take along pack all my favorite products.

75 reviews
Live Clean (baby) Moisturizing Lotion
I bought this for my baby because it's gentle and mild and is plant based. She has super sensitive skin and has eczema so I did not want to use lotion with a lot of chemicals in them. It seems to be working, her eczema seems to be less, we use it after every bath and have been...

54 reviews
Aveeno Baby Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream
I hated this product the first few times I used it as it didnt seem to work at all. I stopped for a week and tried again and for some reason, it worked this time around. Now i use it on my son when his skin flares up which hasnt been of late but i like it now. Thank god, i tried...

18 reviews
Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion Lavender and Vanilla
I bought this cream for my baby. It is like a miracle! I applied it on my baby's arms, legs and belly and it really calm my baby before going to bed. I am sure it helps Mia to sleep. Now, It would be indispensable! So I recommand it because it is so smooth and moreover, it helps...

44 reviews
Cetaphil baby daily lotion
When my baby was born, after every bath I moisturized her skin with Aveno Baby Daily Lotion and her skin wasnt hydrated and was always dry. As soon as I started using Cetaphil babt daily lotion that I received as a sample in the Nestle baby sample kit, it completelty changed...

16 reviews
jhonsons bedtime lotion/bodywash
My daughter had dry skin from the start and we use the nighttime set to help keep her skin soft and the smell is a trigger for her knowing its bedtime. it great for babies who need something gentle for their skin.

5 reviews
Burts bees baby bee skin nourishing lotion original
This is a great lotion, I have been using and repurchasing this lotion for 3 years now since my son was born. It has natural ingredients, smells great and is extremely moisturizing. My son suffers with eczema on his legs and this lotion helps soothe the irritation.

9 reviews
Seventh Generation - Baby Lotion
Love this!!! Smells great!! I recieved a free sample from the company and really enjoyed it!!! I would reccomend for sure. Feels very nice on skinn :) I

4 reviews
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant
I love this cream. I use it on my feet to prevent ashiness, and dryness. I also use it on my face at night as a deep moisturizer. I really enjoy the product.

4 reviews
Dove baby body lotion
I recently came across this line and I am IN LOVE with it! It is one of the best baby products I have used for my baby! This lotion leaves the skin so nice and soft and the scent is amazing!

1 review
Johnson's body bedtime lotion
I am hoping I can continue for a few more years putting this on my kids after the night time bath. I love how they smell and I can cuddle them all night and they are so relaxed and ready for bed. They both have very soft skin. Great product and smells wonderful.

2 reviews
Boo Bamboo Baby Silky Smooth Lotion
Best baby lotion after trying more than 10 different brands hands down. So my baby has eczema and I have tried many many different baby lotion and creams that are "eczema association approved" with no result. Many among those I've tried are pricier lotions too. Having to use the...

1 review

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