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Tide Boost Free

Apres plusieurs esaaie de différentes odeurs toujours aussi decu, du prix, du résultat et de lodeurs... apres plusieur tentaTives, je n’essairai plus.

Voxnan knob

I bought 2 of these Voxnan knobs to attach to the wall in my bathroom. They are shiny stainless steel with a centre ball to hang my robe and clothing on.

Frack mirror

I bought a Frack extendable bathroom mirror from Ikea. The stainless look is really clean looking and the extendable feature means that I can pull it out to look at the back of my head, then push it back out of my way.

Lillnaggen shower squeegee

I bought this Lillnaggen shower squeegee to keep in the shower to wipe down my glass shower walls upon turning off the water. It works really well and leaves the glass looking spotless.

Hemnes sink cabinet

I bought a Hemnes Rattviken sink cabinet in a grey colour from Ikea. It looks clean and simple in my white bathroom. It has the look of two drawers, with only the bottom one opening, but it is large and easy to fit all my items in.