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Diapers - Disposable Diapers Reviews

When it comes to diapers, parents quickly discover that one size does not fit all.  Humans have been using diapers of one sort or another for centuries, but it was only in the late 1940s and early 1950s that several mothers independently invented early versions of what we now know as disposable nappies.  While cloth diapers are still in use and praised as an eco-friendlier option, most people opt for the convenience of a single-use product.

ChickAdvisor members praise Pampers diapers for everyday but reach for Huggies Little Swimmers at pool time.  Other major brands in the doodoo-disposal industry include Luvs and Teddy's Choice (available at Real Canadian Superstore/Extra Foods).

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Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

2672 reviews

As a mom of a heavy wetter and another to arrive in a few short months Pampers Baby Dry are the only diapers I found lasted my son throughout the night. I love the wet indicator strip as well. Weve never had a problem with leakage while using them!
Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

542 reviews

There are fewer diapers in the swaddlers than the baby dry but it is we'll worth it in quality. These fit amazing, do not leave a bad smell and i have had minimal blowouts. The only thing that I don't like is that they are scented.
Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants

356 reviews

Have used little swimmers on 4 of my kids at various times. Absolutely love the peace of mind that comes with them. They hold everything in and dont "bulk". The designs are so cute that they can be used as a bathing suit bottom.
Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diaper Pants

357 reviews

These are very convenient for potty training. They are very easy to pull up and down and they tear off easily if needed. They are definately a good product for toilet training.
Pampers Cruisers Diapers

230 reviews

Pampers cruisers were our loyally used brand for my daughter up until she became potty trained! They are so effective and kept up to a growing, moving little girl. I will use these in the future and would recommend Pampers to all family and friends.
Huggies Baby Diapers, Snug & Dry, Size 6 (Over 35 lbs), Super Mega, Bag of 52

265 reviews

huggies has been my go to diaper since my daughter was born. but I found I had a lot of leaks and blowouts. I tried a different brand and now I'm hooked! but huggies is defiantly my back up diapers !
Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, Newborn, 84-Count

240 reviews

Huggies are the only diapers I will ever use for my son. They fit well, hold lots and don’t release smells unlike other type of diapers. I love how there are many different types to fit every stage of your child.
Pamper Swaddlers Overnight

73 reviews

Meilleur achats que j'ai faite , depuis que j'ai realiser que mon petit ca couche de jour ne durait pas toute une nuite . J'ai opter pour ses couche overnight . Elle dure toute une nuite. Sans aucun doute un achat obligatoire chez nous :)
Huggies Baby Diapers Size 1-2

130 reviews

I prefer these to the pampers brand because they don’t leak. They are very absorbent and fit my baby great. The quality is high and no flimsy like other diapers. Huggies is my go to diaper as a new mom.
Pampers Cruisers Dry Max Diapers

106 reviews

Best doapers for children and have the most comfortable feeling. Best,long lasting diapers used. Children love the comfortness. They stick well and have awesome pictures for children on them.
huggies baby diapers, little mover

61 reviews

I will never use anymore Huggies baby diapers. They leak all the time and they send the poop out the back everytime whereas other brands have not done this. Also Huggies gives my little a bad bad rash once she wears them not too sure what is in the diapers but it never failed...
Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

103 reviews

Fits snug - May want to size up. Doesn’t hold as much as a diaper. My child thought they were underwear and refused to pee in them, so they did the job!
Huggies OverNites

86 reviews

My daughter always peed through her diapers at night. I started using these and no more wet sheets! I deffently reccomend these to anyone whos kids drink a lot
Kirkland Disposable Diapers

84 reviews

We love these diapers for our little one. Never leaks and no strong chemical odor like other brands. Absolutely will not be switching. The blue line on the front indicates wetness and has comfy elastic around the legs. Fantastic!
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers (Size 4)

34 reviews

I want to love these diapers because I love more natural diapers. Whenever my sons get rashes I switch to these diapers and the rash is gone. But these diapers they tend to pee through in. They are not good for naps or overnight if your kids are like mine.
Luvs Baby Diapers

74 reviews

My child has started potty training but I still let her use Luvs with the babysitter. They are super absorbent. They can hold a lot before they leak. They fit her very well and moves with her. I like the designs. The price is not the cheapest but it is very affordable. They are...
Huggies Baby Diapers OverNites Size 3

67 reviews

My baby sleeps 6 hours straight at night, the last thing any mother wants is to have to wake a sleeping baby because their diaper has leaked. I've went through many different brands trying to find diapers that would last the 6 or so hours! Finally found them. I highly recommend...
Rascal and Friends diapers

18 reviews

Love that these diapers are chemicals bad bleach free. These are Canadian made which is a huge bonus. They are very well priced to comets with other name brands and they work just as well, great coverage for No leaks and super cute!
Huggies baby diapers size 4

43 reviews

Baby is growing fast, and these are great to him, He had some issue with food and we had to change size because of that to make sure that all stayed inside.
Honest Company Diapers

64 reviews

We recently tried the honest company diapers on my 3 month old. They were great diapers. The price was high for diapers though. In the end they all end up in the garbage. Should be lower price. The designs were definitely a nice touch though. Overall we were happy with them. I...