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Boutiques & Malls Reviews

"The Mall" is this mystical place where every teenage dream comes true:  meeting friends at The Mall, seeing a movie with a new boyfriend at The Mall, shopping for prom dresses at The Mall... One-stop shopping is only one of the many reasons we're drawn to these indoor and outdoor modern-day bazaars like moths to the flame.

As much as we love the reliability of finding our favourite brands on the ubiquitous mall directory boards, other shopping aficionados live for the hunt of the next great boutique.  Independent hat makers, curated dress boutiques, and only-found-here lingerie locales are the treasures that tempt these supporters of the local economy.  Expense, justified.

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Bath & Body Works

313 reviews

C’est tellement un de mes magasin préférer. A chaque fois que je rentre, j’ai envie de tout acheter. Tout me dit qu’ils veut se faire acheter. On trouve de tout dans tous les odeurs que nous aimons. Il y a des gels douche, lotion pour le corps, chandelle, format...

281 reviews

I run into Dollarama a few times a week to grab household items, chocolate, a quick drink, craft supplies, the list goes on. Prices vary from $1.00 - $4.00 making it a very affordable place to shop as well. I've noticed recently there is a lot more American and Canadian made...

285 reviews

I love Winners stores! Every single store is different and full of great finds. They always have really unique pieces at great prices. I can actually afford to buy high end pieces because they are a fraction of the price at Winners.

238 reviews

I love this store! It has all my favourite brands in one place. The best time to shop is during their sales and promos since everything is so expensive. The high price is justified though because everything is such high quality and if it doesn't work, they have a great return...

149 reviews

I usually feel very underwhelmed whenever I go to H&M;. Their sizes aren't the best because they are often either super large or super small. The styles itself seem a little out dated and are not very eye catching.
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

113 reviews

It always smells so amazing whenever I walk into lush. I like that everything is handmade using natural ingredients and isn't filled with chemicals like most products. My favourite things to buy are bath bombs and soap.
Ikea Canada

80 reviews

I love IKEA for so many reasons. They have products for all purposes of your home, every single room has at least one item from IKEA. I love their basic items that can be DIY'd to preference and that their products are classic and never go out of style. From kitchen basics to...
Forever 21

101 reviews

For a young teenager this store was amazing for me. Cheap and so many options. As I've grown older I realize I don't want to be 21 forever, and I noticed I started to hate this store. Its so disorganized and the material is very cheap. It's okay for basics but I wouldn't buy my...
Old Navy Stores

68 reviews

J'aime bien ce magasin!! J'adore acheter mes jeans a cet endroit, ils ont beaucoup de variété pour les différents types de corps! Les soldes et liquidations valent grandement la peine! Par contre, je trouve que souvent les prix réguliers de certains morceaux sont exagérés...
Victoria's Secret Stores

65 reviews

I've recently purchased some of the wireless bras from VS and they are some of the comfiest bras I have ever worn. I really love them and highly recommend that people try them!

35 reviews

I love this website! It has all my favourite brands in one place. The best time to shop is during their sales and promos since everything is so expensive. The high price is justified though because everything is such high quality and if it doesn't work, they have a great return...
Joe Fresh

36 reviews

I love Joe Fresh for our whole family! The clothes are super cute, fit nicely, made with good quality materials, and the prices cant be beat! I love their accessory line as well, very trendy jewelry and shoes for all ages. If you haven't checked it out already, don't wait!
Walmart store

34 reviews

Who doesn't love Wal-Mart? They are a great place to get household items or complete all my shopping in one trip. The groceries aren't always the cheapest but it's good if I am looking to just go to one store.
Michaels crafts

24 reviews

I have mixed feelings about Michael's. On the one hand, it's magical place, the Toys 'R' Us of crafters. Pencil crayons? Check. Stationary? Check. Yarn? Check. Clay, pots, wood, embroidery thread, scrapbooking, spray paint? Check, check, check, and CHECK. The sheer...

34 reviews

I often see stuff on Groupon but rarely any local deals that I am super interested in - I would def purchase from Groupon for wine tours or touristy activities in Toronto or Niagara Falls etc etc. As someone who works at a spa where Groupons are redeemed, I find the people who...
Dynamite Clothing Store

23 reviews

My favourite thing to get here is their office skirts. I love that they are stretchy and have a good look to them. This helps to ensure that they are comfortable but also appropriate for the workplace. The sale rack is always worthwhile to check out.
Carters Store

14 reviews

love this store they had an awesome sale recently and was able to get my sons and nieces birthday and christmas clothes super cheap and obviously super cute high quality stuff
The Children's Place

34 reviews

The Children's Place is my go to store for whenever I have a baby shower to go to, or whenever I have a baby or small child to shop for. They have a great selection of colours and patterns in their clothing and often have great clearance sales.
Roots Store

18 reviews

The clothes are always sooooo comfy! I have multiple pairs of their cabin socks because I usually get them when they are 40% off. My other favourites are their sweatpants and crewneck sweaters because they are just so warm.
New World Designs

1 review

This store has been a staple in Vancouver fashion for nearly 30 years! The best selection of retro reproduction clothing in sizes XXS-4X, there’s something for everybody! The new location is absolutely beautiful, and bright! The change rooms make you feel super glamorous too...