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"The Mall" is this mystical place where every teenage dream comes true:  meeting friends at The Mall, seeing a movie with a new boyfriend at The Mall, shopping for prom dresses at The Mall... One-stop shopping is only one of the many reasons we're drawn to these indoor and outdoor modern-day bazaars like moths to the flame.

As much as we love the reliability of finding our favourite brands on the ubiquitous mall directory boards, other shopping aficionados live for the hunt of the next great boutique.  Independent hat makers, curated dress boutiques, and only-found-here lingerie locales are the treasures that tempt these supporters of the local economy.  Expense, justified.

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Bath & Body Works
Since I am a scent addict, this is obviously one of my all time favorite stores, I can spend an hour easily smelling each and every one of their products. Their product line is small, meaning that they have have a handful of individual items you can buy, however its their scent...

289 reviews
I really love Dollarama. They have a variety of different items for cheap. Recently I notice the prices have been getting a bit higher, however, it is still chap in comparison to most other stores. When you walk into the dollar store it's hard not to spend a lot of money...

247 reviews
They have the best price in town!!! Our one stop shop for everything. they have a variety of choices and i love the option to return items regardless. This store is just beyond amazing. You can find good deals specially when they have a Clearance. Definitely recommend.

262 reviews
J'achète tout les mois à Spehora. Comme il y a beaucoup de variétés de marques et de choix de produits, c'est le magasin idéal puisqu'on a pas besoin de visiter tout les autres magasins. À sephora, il y a TOUT ! De plus, mon hall préféré est le rayon de parfums!! Les...

227 reviews
I love going to h&m;in the Toronto mall because the store is massive, it has clothing options for everyone in the family and for the product your getting the prices aren't too high either. It's an awesome store.

140 reviews
LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Lush est devenu un incontournable. Je trouve que l'odeur dans ce magasin est unique et en plus j'aime bien que tout les ingrédients soit naturel. Je suis en amour avec les bombes de bain et les pains de massages.

104 reviews
Ikea Canada
Si vous voulez des meubles pas cher et de bonne qualité Ikea est l'endroit parfait. Ils sont très facile à monter et en plus de cela il y a beaucoup de nouveauté. Je vous recommande fortement ce magasin si vous avez besoin de meuble.

69 reviews
Forever 21
Je n'aime pas ce magasin, je trouve que les vêtements ne sont pas beau et ils sont de mauvaise qualité. je ne vais pas retourner dans ce magasin. Vous devez l'essayer et vous faire votre propre idée

86 reviews
Old Navy Stores
3 mots: Abordable, Abondant, Accueillant, c'est simple. Les vêtements sont à la mode, le personnel est gentil et aidant, rien n'est en haut de nos budgets, tout est dans la moyenne de prix. J'adore Old Navy où on peut trouver des basics et des chics.

62 reviews
Victoria's Secret Stores
I really love this store especially the PINK clothes are my favorite and I have a lot of them. The problem is the quality for what you're paying. The sweaters are expensive and ends up getting woolies and marks on them anyway

60 reviews
Joe Fresh
I love love love shopping for Joe Fresh clothing....especially when they have stuff on clearance. They have good quality clothing, fair prices and a huge selection. They always have hip clothing, great colours, and lots of work-out clothing. And not only great for clothing...

28 reviews
I love shopping at because they have lots of amazing products plus you get three free sample of your choice with every purchase over 25$ and that gives you a chance to try before you buy ( and review, OF COURSE!) like chickadvisor does. So you just have to buy your...

26 reviews
Walmart store
Every time I go to my local Walmart I leave unsatisfied. They never have the shelves stocked and I usually can't find what I'm looking for. The prices of toys aren't all that great either. I can go to a major toy store and get toys and games much cheaper.

24 reviews
The Children's Place
The children's place is one of my favourite places to shop for my kids. They are always having sales in and it has very reasonably priced clothes. They clothes are very good quality as well

33 reviews
In my opinion, dynamite is a great store to buy clothes for the office. at work our dress code is more casual but we like to keep it nice. all my pants are from dynamite. I appreciate how every year for my birthday, they send me a discount which of course I use every year. Its...

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Michaels crafts
Michael's is my go-to store for all my crafting needs. They have the largest selection by far. I really like how I can get everything I need in one place (like my knitting essentials and patterns). I've used their custom framing twice. Although expensive they treat your items...

18 reviews
J'aime beaucoup Groupon. Pourquoi payer plus cher lorsque l'on peut avoir un article a moindre coût avec Groupon ? J'achète régulièrement sur ce site et je ne suis jamais déçu lorsque je reçois mes commandes. Rapide et efficace.

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Carters Store
This is one of my favorite stores to get my daughters clothes, they always have good sales on, I would avoid Oshkosh in the back as they are usually expensive.

8 reviews
Roots Store
I'm not the biggest fan of roots sadly even though it is a Canadian company. I just find most of there cloths so boring and over priced. Who wants to wear a Beaver all the time and one that costs 50-80$ at that!? That being said I do love there sweat pants and have one big comfy...

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Renaud Bray Montréal
Ces librairies compte plusieurs succursales à Montréal. Vous y trouverez tous ce qu'il vous est possible d'imaginer comme livres dans toutes les catégories. S'ils ne l'ont pas il ferons tous pour faire en sorte de vous satisfaire. La plupart de leur magasin sont sur deux...

1 review

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