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Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino
Lorsque je veux me faire une vanille française à la maison, j'achète cette poudre chez Tim Horton, et je l'ajoute à l'eau chaude. Très bon goût, très semblable a celui du tim horton.

383 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino
I love an Ice Cap any time of year but they are especially great for when in the heat. You can get them made with chocolate milk, white milk or cream. There is caffeine so not good for vhildren but a great boost for anyone else.

296 reviews
Tim Hortons Coffee
j adore commencer la journée avec du café et le café Tim horton est mon best.Son gout doux, crémeux est comme une chanson pour moi.j essaie de trouver des spéciaux car il est dispendieux mais vu la qualité et son gout remarquable il vaut son pesant d or...J adore tout...

332 reviews
Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer
I love all the flavours of Coffee-Mate Creamers but my favorite is hazelnut. Makes my coffee nice and creamy and you have a choice of so many different flavours. I have added it to ice cream and hot chocolate and its pretty good.

261 reviews
International Delight Iced Coffee
I love this iced coffee! The flavors are amazing and never too sweet or over powering! Makes having a cup of iced coffee at home super easy for a decent price as well!

184 reviews
Keurig Special Edition Brewer
I bought this machine and did not regret it. My bf and I drink different type of coffee and we used different pod, this machine makes great coffee in a minute and is easy to used. I love it

171 reviews
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee
McDonald's McCafe coffee is truly my favorite over any coffee out there for the past year! I LOVE it's aroma, smoothness, taste and deliciousness is just pure joy to me in my morning whether at home or work. I have the grounds at work now and the actual McCafe mug at home and...

133 reviews
Folgers Mountain Grown
I hardly use a conventional coffee maker as I am a keurig girl but sometimes I buy the Folgers Mountain Grown to use in our coffee maker at work. It always makes my coworkers happy as it is the best quality coffee out there. Smooth taste that is just strong enough.

153 reviews
Tassimo T45 Home Brewing System
I love this machine because coffee is always available and I dont have to leave my home to get one. I am the only night time coffee drinker so it makes the perfect amount for me.

135 reviews
Starbucks Bottled Coffee Frappuccino® Coffee Drink
These are always way too sugary and overpriced (unless they are on sale at the supermarket for $2 a bottle) but they are addictive, convenient, and come in a few different flavours (plain, vanilla, mocha, caramel, and now s'mores).

126 reviews
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee
I was slightly disappointed with the taste of this coffee. I was expecting it to be sweeter for one thing, and it was a small that is one dollar. I think if you want to have a different flavor besides the regular, you have to pay extra for a flavor shot. I am satisfied that I...

122 reviews
Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System
This is the first Keurig brewer I ever owned. It lasted about 2 years before it started leaking everywhere and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Overall this is a fairly good coffee maker but the next step up is way better

104 reviews
McDonald's Iced Coffee
I have tried all/most of other chain coffees and this is one of my favourite. The coffee is not bitter, just my favourite type of flavour of coffee. Just the right amount of cream/milk and sugar. It is not too sweet but just enough to make it tasty. Very refreshing on a summer...

93 reviews
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Original Instant Coffee Mix
I love Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Original Instant Coffee Mix. They are so Convient for on the go. I always carry a couple in my purse for those just in case moments. They are the perfect blend. They already have everything you need inside of the little pouch. Just add your water...

66 reviews
McCafe Coffee
I love trying samples of new things ... I normally don't stop of McDonald's because they are not known for their coffee but I find that is good we will be buying more

72 reviews
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
The aroma of the coffee first thing in the morning is the main reason I get out of bed, then the taste keeps me smiling for the rest of the day. My favourite, and better than any of the popular coffee shop brands.

61 reviews
Nestle Aero Chocolate Bar
The wrapper is empty it was delicious! My favourite for many years, just plain chocolate for me! There are different flavours now but not a fan of them. I love how creamy this chocolate is and with the tiny bubbles it melts in your mouth leaving a superb taste! It's the perfect...

61 reviews
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee
I tried the dark roast and ended up throwing my coffee out right away.. I wasn't at the store any longer so I couldn't order another coffee.. Let's just say it was awful and I will not be steering away from my normal double double any time soon to a dark roast. ICK

87 reviews
Baileys Coffee Creamer
My favorite coffee creamer and I don't need any extra sugar. It gives you the flavor of liquor added but no liquor. This is part of my wake me up daily routine. 8)

72 reviews
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Instant Coffee Mix
I've had the opportunity to try this product several times in the past, most recently it was in an influenster voxbox. And of the two flavours that I have tried, this one is definitely my favourite. It's not too sweet and mixes well with hot milk or water. It's definitely not...

57 reviews

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