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Coffee Reviews

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Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino

548 reviews

Overall I found this product to be refreshing and had a good taste. It was really nice after a hot day. I find the price to be a big high for what it is. I didn't like the slushy ice part of the drink towards the end.
Tim Hortons Coffee

560 reviews

We stop and get a Tim's everytime we are in the city and love it so much that we purchase the ground coffee to brew at home. It isnt over the top strong but is still full of flavor
Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino

417 reviews

J adore le fait que je peut amener mon Vanille Française a la maison sans avoir a sortir de la maison , mais je doit dire qu'il devrait travailler un peut sur le goût , car ce quon veux ses avoir le Tim Horton dans notre maison , et de mon gout il edt bien plus savoureux quand...
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee

301 reviews

I love love love McDonalds coffee. It is my favourite coffee to grab on the go. Every morning I stop by McDonald's and grab a XL coffee with 3 cream. I don't think I could get through the day without my McDonald's coffee!!
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee

190 reviews

This is my go to coffee product, I enjoy making a nice big pot of coffee and having friends and family over to enjoy. It has a great smell and great taste for price you are paying for the product. Would recommend.
McDonald's Iced Coffee

163 reviews

I like McDonald's iced coffee. It's affordable and good for the price. It's good for anytime coffee drink lover to grab, most specially on a hot day.
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee

174 reviews

The Tim Horton’s Iced Coffee on a hot day, best drink to cool down. I get mine without the liquid sugar, don’t like sweet drinks. Only problem is my whole family also loves it !
Folgers Mountain Roast Coffee

178 reviews

Cette mouture de café est très intéressante et ajoute du goût lorsqu'on a envie de changer un peu nos habitudes de café. Il est tout aussi savoureux que d'autre moutures. On goute chaque tasse et on n'est pas décu parce qu'il garde bien cette saveur en bouche.
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Original Instant Coffee Mix

125 reviews

This isn't my favourite tasting instant coffee, but it's definitely not bad, and it great for on-the-go. I like to bring them camping, especially. Don't take up a lot of room, no worry about cream and sugar - just need to boil some water.
McCafe Coffee

119 reviews

We get the McCafe beans to grind for our French press and absolutely love it! No other coffee comes close to comparing! We like it best when we make it at home!
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Instant Coffee Mix

98 reviews

These taste so delicious I cannot stop drinking them. They are super easy to make, you just empty the sachet into a mug and add hot water, and they really do taste so sweet and creamy. I haven't tried the other flavours yet because I can't get enough of the vanilla one.
Nescafe 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

104 reviews

Bon pour un cafe instant et rapide a faire lorsque presser pour le travail. Goute seulement un peu trop sucré ,mais a quand même un un bon gout. Je le recommande
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee

118 reviews

Best Tim horton coffee. I can’t bring myself to go back to regular. I just love the bold taste of dark roast. The regular coffee taste like water to me now.
Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Coffee

96 reviews

We always buy this coffee and never settle for anything different, no matter the cost. Smells great in the morning and is a great way to start the day.
Starbucks Caramel Frappucino

85 reviews

All I can say is wow. This is literally the best coffee drink I've ever had and let me explain why. I've never been a much of a coffee lover but always wanted to find that perfect drink that would allow me to enjoy the usually strong taste and the energy push of the caffeine. I...
Nescafe Gold

48 reviews

Nescafé Gold has a smooth taste. It’s delicious and very aromatic. Even though it’s instant the smell is like it was just brewed in a conventional brewer. It’s pricey but definitely worth it for a daily cup of heaven.
McCafe coffee pods for Keurig home brewing

70 reviews

It's not economical, financial or time-wise, to stop at McDonald's every morning so this is a fantastic alternative. This coffee is full-flavoured but still so smooth. I get the big boxes from Costco and it's the only kind I buy now.
Tim Hortons K-cups for Kuerig

78 reviews

I enjoy Timmy's coffee all of the time. The ease and convenience of being able to make my coffee, at home, using my keurig machine, is awesome! All of the flavor, none of the driving.
Maxwell House Instant Coffee

91 reviews

Great taste and it helps save me time with my mornings and two kids!!! Great value and easy to prepare! Must have for all moms who drink coffee! Especially when you get no time for yourself!
Kicking Horse Coffee

71 reviews

The kicking horse brand of coffee is my coffee of choice. I am prepared to pay a little more for quality beans that are organic and ethical. There are many varieties available. My favourites are , 454 horsepower, hoodoo jo, and kick ass. I buy the beans that I grind at home...