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Coffee Reviews

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Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino

577 reviews

I've always been a huge fan of Tim Hortons oh, but I especially like their cold drinks in the summer. The iced caps are really good when it's hot out.
Tim Hortons Coffee

587 reviews

Tim Hortons is the best coffee I've ever tasted. If I am anywhere near a Timmies I will stop by for a coffee fix. Nice flavor, affordable and maybe addictive because I can't stop drinking it.
Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino

419 reviews

This is a super easy and quick alternative to going out and it tastes great! I even mis this with regular instant coffee sometimes for a dark roast taste.
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee

308 reviews

Avant je n'aimais pas le café chez McDonald's mais ils l'ont changé quand ils ont commencé à faire le McCafé. Je l'adore. Il est pas trop fort c'est plutôt un café torréfaction moyenne. Sur la route j'ai maintenant tendance à arrêter chez Mcdo pour un café plutôt...
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee

206 reviews

I drink coffee in the morning, around supper time and even before I go to bed, have forever, this is my favorite hands down. Can't beat the taste and value.
McDonald's Iced Coffee

170 reviews

Depending on which one u go to ive had good ones ive had horrible ones but i leep going to my main one for there ice coffees cuz they dont charge for extra vanilla and they dont over load it with ice its just right and omg good n for the price of 2 bucks way better then dd n...
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee

181 reviews

The iced coffee was watered down. It tasted more like water then coffee. The price was expensive for watered flavored coffee. I ideally have no problem with any drink but this one did not taste good at all.
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Original Instant Coffee Mix

135 reviews

The single packets make extra unnecessary garbage and waste. I find the coffee isn’t strong enough but it is definitely too sweet and not sweetened with a tasty sweetener; it’s not very good at all.
Folgers Mountain Roast Coffee

178 reviews

Cette mouture de café est très intéressante et ajoute du goût lorsqu'on a envie de changer un peu nos habitudes de café. Il est tout aussi savoureux que d'autre moutures. On goute chaque tasse et on n'est pas décu parce qu'il garde bien cette saveur en bouche.
McCafe Coffee

120 reviews

I do have issues with coffee and it hurting my stomach. I have tried many different kinds and McCafe is the only one that is gentle and smooth. The taste is amazing.
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee

153 reviews

This coffee is like a full bodied coffee , it’s a ruck taste yet different from the regular tims original . It’s delicious and flavourful , it’s great to have auck a high end taste of coffee with a affordable price , drive through is also a bonus ! Sit back and enjoy the...
Tim Hortons K-cups for Keurig

114 reviews

I am a Tim Horton's addict and being able to have my favourite coffee at home is always a plus. I always look for the sales and grab the largest box every time the Tim Horton's K-Cups are by far my favourite Rich creamy the original is perfect.
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Instant Coffee Mix

99 reviews

I love iced coffee, but it takes some time to make specially in the morning. I have been using the Nescafé French Vanilla to make my iced coffee everyday. It saves me so much time, and the flavour is sooo good. I just blend it with almond milk, ice and sweetener. I honestly...
Nescafe 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

106 reviews

our family lives this coffee so much its our # 1 in our home,that flavor is just delicious!!!we cannot go a day without drinking a cup of coffee specially this delicious one!!!higly recommended
Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Coffee

96 reviews

We always buy this coffee and never settle for anything different, no matter the cost. Smells great in the morning and is a great way to start the day.
Starbucks Caramel Frappucino

87 reviews

Starbucks caramel frap is my go to splurge. It’s perfect for a hot summer day. The caramel taste is indulgent. Overall it is my favorite beverage. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family.
Nescafe Gold

53 reviews

bought this instant coffee to make the infamous tiktok whipped coffee and had no regrets! the coffee dissolved completely and still had a great flavour both hot or cold. love it!
McCafe coffee pods for Keurig home brewing

71 reviews

I live for this coffee!!! Tastes amazing, smells amazing, it definitely does the job, and its life. Pods are a little expenssive in general but totally worth every penny.
Kicking Horse Coffee

78 reviews

This brand is always stocked in our independent local grocery store and I like to buy it because of the company mission. They treat the planet and their growers sustainably, and I love that they are sponsors of the Banff Mountain Film Festival too. They are a little pricier...
Maxwell House Instant Coffee

91 reviews

Great taste and it helps save me time with my mornings and two kids!!! Great value and easy to prepare! Must have for all moms who drink coffee! Especially when you get no time for yourself!