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Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino

388 reviews

this is a GREAT value if you want, GREAT taste for your money Tim's has put the price of their coffee up , with SMALLER, cups not smaller price!!! . make this every morning LOVE it because I can make it as strong or weak as I want . a tip!! add their regular coffee to make it...
Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino

306 reviews

I think I have a mild obsession with iced capps. I drink them almost everyday and never get sick of them. They are not too sweet and have the perfect amount of coffee in them for a refreshing beverage.
Tim Hortons Coffee

350 reviews

The BEST coffee, I seriously feel like I can't function without it...I really only drink timmies coffee, to me no other place can top the taste. And it's a bonus that 95% of the time I do have great service which brings me back.
Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer

266 reviews

I love the different flavours. I recently tried Mocha and it was pretty good. The only thing I find is that you can never just add a few teaspoons. I end up using more than I should. These really make your coffee sweet too.
International Delight Iced Coffee

185 reviews

There is nothing bad that I can say about this product .... It totally replaces the fact that when I am at home for the day and don't have any errands to run , and really feel like a good Iced coffee... I don't have to run out to the local coffee shop... I just open my fridge...
Keurig Special Edition Brewer

174 reviews

I have had my keurig for three years now and it continues to go strong. Love the variety that comes with a keurig. I use it to make coffee regularly when I want only one coffee. My husband uses it when I am not around as he cannot brew coffee. Also good for instant hot water for...
McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee

137 reviews

I wasn't much of a coffee drinker but I would drink it now and then. Then we tried the McDonald's coffee in our camp percolator and I was impressed by the taste. It is never bitter and has a very pleasant aroma. We use our percolator at home now because we love how it tastes...
Folgers Mountain Grown

155 reviews

Always always always drink this coffee in the morning. Such great full flavour for a morning cup of coffee. Amazing price, way cheaper then anything else on the market. Wouldn't go without
Tassimo T45 Home Brewing System

135 reviews

I love this machine because coffee is always available and I dont have to leave my home to get one. I am the only night time coffee drinker so it makes the perfect amount for me.
Starbucks Bottled Coffee Frappuccino® Coffee Drink

130 reviews

I love that they now sell starbucks products in stores. Sometimes I don't have a chance to run to starbucks while at work, so I can go to the convenience store and still satisfy my craving. Great over ice or blended.
Tim Hortons Iced Coffee

124 reviews

Always a great summer drink. I love the adding a shot of mint or vanilla to it. And it's on sale for .99 Always available and always the same taste. I highly recommend you try one.
McDonald's Iced Coffee

100 reviews

I do enjoy drinking my iced coffee in the summer, and I will say McDonalds ice coffee hands down has the best favour, I always get it made with milk or even no cream or milk. And you can't beat the price!
Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System

105 reviews

I use my coffee maker every day. It always makes a great tasting cup of coffee. I use the refillable pods most often but enjoy purchasing different coffee flavors and brands from time to time
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Original Instant Coffee Mix

69 reviews

It's not as strong as I like my coffee, but my husband loves it. I don't mind it when a good strong dark roast isn't available, or I'm looking for an after dinner treat. It's sweet and creamy, and if you don't think of it as coffee it's even more enjoyable.
McCafe Coffee

77 reviews

Mccafe coffee has excellent flavour and aroma to perk me up during daily commutes. The bold flavour in each cup is a song to my taste buds. The smell as I lift to take a sip brings me back to my youth when my grandparents would make their morning pots of coffee. Every cup is a...
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee

63 reviews

This is one of my favorite coffees of all time!! Its the only coffee I buy now! Has such a rich flavor and a bold smell of the grounds!! A little goes a long ways!
Nestle Aero Chocolate Bar

64 reviews

I love having a Nestle aero chocolate bar with coffee for dessert. I love that it melts in your mouth and feels light and sweet. It's one of my favourites.
Tim Horton's Dark Roast Coffee

90 reviews

I haven't yet had a fresh tasting dark roast coffee. I absolutely love strong coffee and this is not strong at all! I don't bother wasting my money on This dark roast
Baileys Coffee Creamer

74 reviews

This is a delicious alternative to an actual coffee with Bailey's. It is excellent if you make your own iced coffee as well! I wish it was lower in sugar but it is worth the occasional treat :)
Nescafe Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla Instant Coffee Mix

59 reviews

Necafé Sweet and Creamy French Vanilla is so good! It's the perfect afternoon pick me up. Simple to make - all you need is boiling water, a mug and spoon. I love that I don't need to worry about having milk or sugar. Just one step! The pre-measured packs are fantastic!