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Newborn and very young infants do not require anything more than warm water for their daily baths if the diaper area is cleaned well after every change.  For those messier cleanups and for toddlers and older children, chemical intervention may be required.  Tots are second only to cats in their love of being shampooed, so a tear-free formula is not only a good idea - it's an inevitable lifesaver. 

Our Tip: Baby shampoos are ideal for cleaning your makeup brushes!

Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo is the product Mom probably used when bathing you back in the day and is the best known; however, many other options including natural-ingredient products are also available.

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Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo
Il est tellement doux et sent tellement bon! Je l'utilise encore sur mes deux Cocos même si ils ont 4 et 6 ans. Ce shampoing est très doux pour la peau et les yeux, c'est vraiment un bon produit. Je le recommande sans aucune héstitation.

663 reviews
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo
My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it at all. She never has tears from it getting in her eyes either. I use it for my baby and my 3 year old. great product!

315 reviews
Dove Baby Fresh Scent & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo
This product just wasnt for my son, he has delicate skin and it made it really dry. I bought the sensitive skin one and it did the same thing, not top impressed with dove right now.

145 reviews
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo
Le produit a été utilisé sur les cheveux abondants de mon garçon et je suis surprise de ne pas avoir eu à en utiliser davantage.... et surtout de réaliser que je n'ai pas eu à les relaver après 2 jours... L'odeur est vraiment différente des autres produits que j'ai pu...

132 reviews
Live Clean Baby Shampoo and Wash
Love this brand. Comes in great scents and smells soooo good. My kids have delicate skin and this works great for them. Great product. It's the only one I use on my girls

154 reviews
L'Oreal Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo In Watermelon
ugh. the good old loreal. people thought you were poor if you didnt have it, and didnt trust your hygiene either. the bottle is half size, when mostly kids were the ones with long hair, to some it lasted less than a week. the smell off of the kids that had it lingered and was...

116 reviews
Johnson's Baby Bedtime Shampoo
Didn't expect to like this product as lavender is not my favourite. It has now become our favorite bedtime bath product. We have purchased the shampoo and lotion several times.

84 reviews
Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath
I love the smell of this product! It's not too strong, but not too mild and it makes you feel relaxed. I would recommend this to others and I'd buy it again.

59 reviews
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash
This product is the only one I will use for my son's sensitive skin. It helped soothe his eczema and did not aggravate his cradle cap. The smell is amazing without being overwhelming. Left my son's skin soft and clean.

58 reviews
Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo
I recently switched over to this product and it has become my new favorite for cleaning my baby with. Leaves her skin and hair ssmelling fantastic and super soft. Perfect for your little ones.

12 reviews
Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
It is perfect. You get to choose from a variety of different shampoos that are offered. The best thing is the no tears claim that comes with this shampoo. See your child happy every time they wash their hair.

18 reviews
Dove baby wash and shampoo
i bought this for my grandson and it smells great and makes his hair and skin so soft and not dried out after taking a bath definately will buy it again

10 reviews
Arbonne ABC Hair and Body Wash
I was hesitant at first given the price of the product, however I love the smell and my bottle has lasted forever (literally months and months- and the 1 bottle is still on the go). It leaves my babe's hair smelling great, it's not harsh on her eyes and it doesn't dry out her...

25 reviews
Johnson's Aroma Bain Apaisant
This stuff is amazing for both babies and adults. I used it for myself when I was terribly and congested and it worked so well opening up my sinuses so I could breathe again!

17 reviews
Aveno baby shampoo
My husband and I have very sensitive skin and expected the same for our baby. We decided to use Aveno's baby line and the shampoo smells great, lathers well and our baby has not have any skin issues.

5 reviews
Cetaphil gentle skin Wash
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Wash is one of few products my little one can use as she has eczema and a lot of cosmetics are too harsh for her. For some reason she also really likes the package, so it is an added fun during the bath time.

3 reviews
Arbonne abc baby
Love this product. Great for my babys skin, mild scent, tear free, left babys hair shiny and beautiful. I love the ABC baby shampoo because there are no harmful ingredients for my babys delicate skin. Thumbs up!

1 review
Johnson's Natural Head-To-Toe Foaming Baby Wash
I love the scent of this - like a really light coconut smell. It's natural which makes me feel confident using it for my kids. I just wish it was sold in a larger format as the small bottle doesn't last long with 2 kids.

45 reviews
Dans un jardin pois se senteur bébé mousse
Excellent produit d'une qualités exceptionnelles , je l'aime beaucoup, je vais en racheter dans le futur et je le recommande fortement de l'essayer c'est tellement Agréable comme parfum bébé sent tellement bon

1 review
johnson et johnson
johnson johnson bain paour el dodo la bouteille mauve!! wo!!! super produit tres doux qui offre une senteur a faire rever bebe!! malgré ses allergie ce produit conviens tres bien a ma fille !!!

1 review

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