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Baby Bathing - Shampoo Reviews

Newborn and very young infants do not require anything more than warm water for their daily baths if the diaper area is cleaned well after every change.  For those messier cleanups and for toddlers and older children, chemical intervention may be required.  Tots are second only to cats in their love of being shampooed, so a tear-free formula is not only a good idea - it's an inevitable lifesaver. 

Our Tip: Baby shampoos are ideal for cleaning your makeup brushes!

Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo is the product Mom probably used when bathing you back in the day and is the best known; however, many other options including natural-ingredient products are also available.

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Johnson's® Baby Shampoo

986 reviews

This shampoo smells good & Is safe and gentle for babies skin. Other baby shampoos & body washes give my baby rashes, but this shampoo has never given my baby a rash.
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo

368 reviews

My kids have super sensitive skin and this product has been amazing. It does not dry out the skin, it keeps it moisturized and hydrated. It feels silky smooth and leathers nicely. Perfect for kids and adults with really sensitive skin. I will definitely be purchasing this...
Dove Baby Fresh Scent & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo

186 reviews

I love this product so much that I constantly buy it. I never have to worry if soap gets into my son's eyes because he loves to move around too much when we are trying to clean him. So this product does what it has to do and leaves his skin so silky soft. I love the way his skin...
Live Clean Baby Tearless Shampoo and Wash

204 reviews

I love this shampoo for my daughter, she comes out clean and smells great without being overpowering. The big bottle is worth the price and is lasting a long time.
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo

154 reviews

I love all Dove Products. They do the job they are supposed to do and it makes you feel good knowing you are using a safe product on your baby. It is reasonably priced and leaves your child clean with no filmy layer afterwards.
L'Oreal Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo In Watermelon

128 reviews

Starting with the good aspects, the size of the bottle is great for little hands. Being 2in1 makes it easier for them too. The sent's are great and yummy. However, the quality just isn't there. It leaves a film on the hair, and didn't de-tangle at all.
Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo

71 reviews

This is a very gentle shampoo and soap. My daughter had a slight case of cradle cap when she was younger and I found other shampoos made her scalp more dry. This one didn’t get rid of it but it didn’t make it worse like others did.
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash

69 reviews

I love Burt's Bees. They are pricey but sometimes it is worth spending a little more once in awhile for that great result. It is an all natural wonderful feeling product. It leaves your child's skin feeling soft and smelling fresh!
Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash, Peachy Clean

30 reviews

The dial baby wash is wonderful. It never leaves skin dry and not overpowering scent wise. Used it for my kids and the only one I prefer. With the dual purpose saves money and time from buying multiple products.
Honest Company Hair & Body Wash

21 reviews

Pricey but smells delicious! I wish this was not so expensive. I personally use this and so does my daughter. Makes me feel comfortable that it’s honest!
Loreal Kids 2 in 1 Extra Gentle Shampoo - Strawberry Smoothie

18 reviews

This product is great...the sweet scent is enjoyed by.my children.it actually.makes it easier to wash their hair After bathing their hair is shiny clean ,soft and managable.i can safely comb their hair without tangles that cause pain
Johnson's Aroma Bain Apaisant

26 reviews

I won't bring this stuff in my home and I certainly wouldn't put this stuff on my child no matter how much someone paid me. There have been too many recalls and too many children getting illnesses and burns from these products. I would never use it!
Arbonne ABC Hair and Body Wash

34 reviews

I heard mixed reviews about Arbonne in general, so was a bit hesitant to give this product a try...but is it one of the most gentle body washes my kids have ever used. I'd purchase this product again.
Burts Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

8 reviews

I love Burt's Bees for the fact that it is all natural. It is pricey but that is what you get for clean and free of anything harmful. I love using these products on myself and my son.
Aveeno baby shampoo

10 reviews

My son has very very sensitive skin. This shampoo is the only ones we've ever used (he's 5 now). He has never had any skin reactions to Baby Aveno and I trust it fully for him. I know he's clean and the smell is nice and soft too. If you or your child has sensitive skin...
Parent's Choice Baby Shampoo with Lavender

1 review

This baby wash/shampoo is not only cheap but is also effective. It's gentle on baby's skin and is tear free and the scent is light and soothing. If you are a mommy on a budget or simply just a bargain shopper and dont mind store brand products then you must try this shampoo/wash.
cethaphile baby

1 review

ce shampoing est tres doux il nettoie en profondeur et la senteur est vraiment délicieuse il laisse les cheveux tres doux et son prix est tres abordable
Johnson's Natural Head-To-Toe Foaming Baby Wash

48 reviews

This works really well to soothe and wash sensitive skin. It has a light coconut scent and I feel great using it because I know that it is natural.!!!
Shea Moisture Olive & Marula Baby Head-To-Toe wash & shampoo w/ avocado & Shea butter extra-moisturizing

1 review

I absolutely love this shampoo for my babies! It smells delicious and leaves their skin soooo soft! Can be a little pricey but I stock up when it goes on sale for buy one get one 50% off! It’s my go to shampoo for both kids!
Attitude 2 in 1 shampoo

1 review

I bought this for myself from SDM, it was in the clearance section for $3, regular price $7.99. It's carcinogen 1,4-dioxane/ethylene oxide free. Also hypoallergenic. Comes out clear. Every time I use it my head feels light, like I got a hair cut, hair feels soft, scalp feels...