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Baby Bathing - Shampoo Reviews

Newborn and very young infants do not require anything more than warm water for their daily baths if the diaper area is cleaned well after every change.  For those messier cleanups and for toddlers and older children, chemical intervention may be required.  Tots are second only to cats in their love of being shampooed, so a tear-free formula is not only a good idea - it's an inevitable lifesaver. 

Our Tip: Baby shampoos are ideal for cleaning your makeup brushes!

Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo is the product Mom probably used when bathing you back in the day and is the best known; however, many other options including natural-ingredient products are also available.

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Johnson's Original Baby Shampoo

840 reviews

I love this product. It's never hurt my daughters eyes and smells nice. I even use it on my dogs to wash their faces. The powder with cornstarch is great for rashes too
Dove Baby Sensitive Skin & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo

341 reviews

Dove Baby Sensitive Skin is one of the few brands that I could use with my boys because of their sensitive skin. I love that it is a head to toe wash and shampoo. It cleans gently, leaving the skin feeling soft and smelling great with its subtle scent. I have trusted Dove...
Live Clean Baby Tearless Shampoo and Wash

193 reviews

I tried this shampoo with my newborn, and I found it to not be very effective. It left her skin a bit dry and flakes in her hair. We switched to Johnson & Johnson.
Dove Baby Fresh Scent & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo

170 reviews

I first time purchased it but not sure if ot does work for my baby , because i used organic bodywash before but i really am satisfied eith this product because it leaves my baby skin very hydrated and smooth
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo

147 reviews

J'aime beaucoup ce shampooing pour les cheveux de mon fils et je n'est pas besoin dans mettre beaucoup pour que sa mousse j'ai vraiment aimer aussi la senteur qu'elle dégage et qui reste dans les cheveux
L'Oreal Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo In Watermelon

124 reviews

my kids love this shampoo. My oldest son who is starting to shower himself is easily able to wash his own hair and not worry about his eyes stinging. This also leaves his hair smelling great and it is very cheap,
Johnson's Bedtime Baby Bubble Bath And Wash

55 reviews

Johnson's bedtime baby bubble bath & wash has been the go to wash in my house for all 3 of my kids! Love the relaxing lavender scent, it truly does have a calming effect. Leaves the kids skin soft and lightly scented & is great for sensitive skin! I used it on my 12yr old & 8 yr...
Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo

46 reviews

My baby has sensitive skin like myself and this product has been amazing for us. It's very gentle while leaving the skin clean and moisturized. Highly recommend.
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash

66 reviews

After trying quite a few all-natural baby washes, this is hands-down our favourite. It does a great job at cleaning without drying out our toddler's skin. It's also tear-free, so it doesn't irritate her eyes, and it has an amazing almond scent.
Johnson's Aroma Bain Apaisant

23 reviews

Just love this johnson's aroma bath bubbles it smells so good. I use often but it's the first thing I do if I think that my son might be getting a cold. It's helps clear he's nose
Arbonne ABC Hair and Body Wash

31 reviews

Arbonne's ABC baby wash is a great product, but it is definitely over priced. It isn't better quality than a natural based product that I could buy elsewhere for half the price. I would love to use it again if I received this as a gift but I don't think I could justify buying...
Loreal Kids 2 in 1 Extra Gentle Shampoo - Strawberry Smoothie

14 reviews

I've been using this shampoo for my son for awhile now. It's gentle and he loves the smell. I'm not nervous for him to shampoo his own hair because if he gets it in his eyes, it doesn't burn like other shampoos would. To be honest, I've used this shampoo myself when I ran out of...
Aveeno baby shampoo

10 reviews

My son has very very sensitive skin. This shampoo is the only ones we've ever used (he's 5 now). He has never had any skin reactions to Baby Aveno and I trust it fully for him. I know he's clean and the smell is nice and soft too. If you or your child has sensitive skin...
Honest Company Hair & Body Wash

11 reviews

The Honest Company hair & body wash is a very nice smelling wash. I love how it is chemical free, safe for the whole family! And now that it is available at Costco in pks of 2 you can get more of a great product for a decent price!
Burts Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

4 reviews

I really like this, it smells so amzing and a little goes a long way I use it everyday and I even wash my makeup brushes with it its so good and yummy. I buy all the time and love it.
Shea Moisture Olive & Marula Baby Head-To-Toe wash & shampoo w/ avocado & Shea butter extra-moisturizing

1 review

I absolutely love this shampoo for my babies! It smells delicious and leaves their skin soooo soft! Can be a little pricey but I stock up when it goes on sale for buy one get one 50% off! It’s my go to shampoo for both kids!
JOHNSON’S® baby soothing vapor bath

5 reviews

This is not only great for your little one that is suffering with a cold and congestion.. it also helps relieve if not take away my migraines. Hop in to a hot shower and cover your body and hands with it. Lather it up and breathe it in. Works for me 95% of the time. Multiple...
Attitude 2 in 1 shampoo

1 review

I bought this for myself from SDM, it was in the clearance section for $3, regular price $7.99. It's carcinogen 1,4-dioxane/ethylene oxide free. Also hypoallergenic. Comes out clear. Every time I use it my head feels light, like I got a hair cut, hair feels soft, scalp feels...
Johnson's 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

2 reviews

My boy has very thick hair and its hard to find a good shampoo. I live this product, makes his hair smooth amd was gentle on his dry scalp when he was a baby!
d'Ashland Jar Candles

1 review

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