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Listerine Total Care Zero

Let me be the first to say I’ve never liked the taste of any Listerine product, I always thought they were too harsh tasting BUT I got sick last week. In researching natural remedies for sore throats, every ingredient in this amazing product, the Listerine Total Care Zero was...

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

With multiple cats in the household, this product is a must. I always depend on Arm and Hammer for odor control of any kind and this is no exception. It works very well and isn't toxic to the animals. I love it.

Voltaren Emulgel Back and Muscle

For localized back pain, this is my go-to. The biggest drawback is that it's a bit expensive but I usually buy it on sale. It doesn't have an unpleasant smell and unlike other topical creams/ointments I've tried, it doesn't feel like my skin is burning off! It actually just...

Dove bodywash pear scent

I have the driest skin in the winter and lotions don't do it for me. I used Dove body was in pear and aloe scent, and after just 1 use my skin felt almazing and smelled great! I will only be using this from now on.

Milkbone Brushing Chews

My dog, Sheba loves these treats, and they give her fresh breath and a nice white smile. Sheba is part husky and they do smile a lot. The vet is always saying her teeth are beautiful.