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Whiskas perfect portions

We've fed the cuts in gravy perfect portions to our cat for a while now but she doesn't seem to love them. I was drawn by the perceived convenience of the packaging - feed from the package because there are no sharp edges and it's the right amount. Unfortunately the saps isn't...

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Dog Food

I grew up feeding my dogs Nutro dog food, so when I got my newest dog, it only made sense to continue feeding this brand. If I'm being honest, I tried to switch her off of it once, something I will NEVER do again. This is the only dog food I've tried that her poor, sensitive...

Vagisil PH Balance Feminine Wash

Ok so pregnancy can be an amazing thing an so beautiful from what everyone tells you. The part that they leave out is the changes down there that can occur down there. This stuff has eased a lot of discomfort I have felt from the changes in my body during pregnancy.

Friskies Cat Concoctions

I picked up a can on a whim, even though I wasn't really sure about the ingredients. The cats ate it but, honestly, they'll eat anything. I won't buy this again as it seemed to be full of a lot of unnecessary ingredients - fillers and by-products. I only served them half a can...

Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening Toothpaste

I buy whitening toothpaste but I did not like this one. It tasted too salty. I couldnt finish the tube I disliked the taste so much, so unable to tell if it would have whitened my teeth.