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Ice Cream Reviews

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Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bars

214 reviews

I absolutely love the Dove Magnum Bars!! They are great for when you need something sweet and really hit the spot. I love the way it tastes and melts in your mouth. I wish they were a little cheaper though, but I tend to buy them when they go on sale.
Nestle Rolo Ice Cream

221 reviews

By far my favourite Ice cream! The small bits of caramel rolo pieces are to die for. It doesn’t have a strong coffee taste either! Our whole family eats it
Skinny Cow Ice Cream

131 reviews

I love skinny cow! These ice cream sandwiches are delicious and you cqn feel like you have indulged by eating one, even when you havent! Its a sweet treat to reqard yourself without going over the amount of calories you would with other ice creams.
Magnum Almond Ice Cream Bars

83 reviews

From the Magnug ice cream bars, the almond one is my favorite. This ice cream bar is so creamy a flavored. The chocolate outside is very creamy and the ice cream inside very high quality and tasty.
Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars

84 reviews

These are so awsome the chocolate and then the peanut butter, but you can not share. You have to find a spot in the freezer to hid them from every one else.
Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel

99 reviews

These are my absolute favourite, I love the toffee bits on the top of the cone and the caramel filling in the ice cream. The price is great too and even better when they go on sale which is quite often in the summer and throughout the year. Definitely worth stocking up on!!
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours

101 reviews

When these first came out our family loved them. This have been one of our go to ice creams for year. Every season we look out for new flavour and when they go on sale we stock up. Another amazing thing is that the flavours you find and both classics and unusual flavour. Lets...
Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars

67 reviews

Magnum Classic Ice cream bars are delicious. The high quality smooth, creamy vanilla bean icecream surrounded by the unsweetened quality of Belgian chocolate. The bitter chocolate cuts down son of the icecreams sweetness making this the perfect treat. They might be nor expensive...
Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

65 reviews

It is very good. I love ice cream and when I buy it at the supermarket I always get this one. I’ve tried other flavours but I prefer the chocolate one.
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

70 reviews

Perfect for a summer day when you want to satisfy your sugar cravings. This Ben & Jerry's ice cream used to be a favourite, but the recipe is not keeping up with the market. Too sweet, too much sugar on it. One bite is enough.
Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Bars

59 reviews

I love the double chocolate and vanilla combination. the tastes is delicious. after you finish one, you craze for another one. the price is a bit more expensive than other ice cream brands, but it's worth it, give yourself a treat
Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

70 reviews

These are a treat- I can only buy these once a while. Not because they are bad but because when I do buy them I end up eating the whole box in one sitting. It is so hard to control myself when these are around.
Magnum White Ice Cream Bars

60 reviews

If you are a fan of white chocolate you will absolutely love Magnum White chocolate Bars. Creamy and delicious. The coating is pure white chocolate over a vanilla ice cream. base To me it is very unique and a change from the typical milk chocolate.
Magnum Gold Ice Cream Bars

64 reviews

I am a fan of white chocolate and this is pretty tastey too! The colour is pretty fun too! I find the ice cream to be super creamy as well!! Def satisfies on a hot summer day
DQ Blizzard Cakes

72 reviews

DQ Blizzards Cakes are the bomb! Family loves when it's a birthday or a special occasions, we always get a cake! The size are absolutely worth the money. A slice does the job for us! Usually there is left overs for us to enjoy the next day! Cake last awhile and who doesn't like...
Magnum Infinity Ice Cream Bars

56 reviews

If you love dark chocolate you're going to love this. Dark Chocolate ice cream, how can you go wrong. By far my favourite ice cream I've ever tried!!!
Chapman's Sundae

82 reviews

The fudge brownie ice cream sundae is the favorite in our home. I literally have to hide it if I want any for myself. Its one of those treats that I dont realize how much I've eaten till its gone.
Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

60 reviews

These are by far the best ice cream sandwiches ever made. They're a little pricey if you buy them on their own at your local corner store but if you get them in a box you're going to save. They're awesome
Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

36 reviews

These ice cream sandwiches are delicious. They taste smooth and they taste amazing. They are the perfect size to snack on, or top off your dinner. My family loves these. We would highly recommend them.
Chapman's Original Chocolate & Vanilla Checkerboard Ice Cream

64 reviews

When you are thinking about which ice cream to eat this is the perfect option. It has both Chocolate and Vanilla for a person to eat. A perfect mixture and the checkered pattern makes it even better!