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Ice Cream Reviews

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Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bars

215 reviews

I am not surprised how people love it. My whole family love this product. Wherever we travel we always grab a box of it, anywhere as long as its available. The greatness of Magnum. Flavours are perfect and delicious.
Nestle Rolo Ice Cream

221 reviews

By far my favourite Ice cream! The small bits of caramel rolo pieces are to die for. It doesn’t have a strong coffee taste either! Our whole family eats it
Skinny Cow Ice Cream

131 reviews

I love skinny cow! These ice cream sandwiches are delicious and you cqn feel like you have indulged by eating one, even when you havent! Its a sweet treat to reqard yourself without going over the amount of calories you would with other ice creams.
Magnum Almond Ice Cream Bars

83 reviews

From the Magnug ice cream bars, the almond one is my favorite. This ice cream bar is so creamy a flavored. The chocolate outside is very creamy and the ice cream inside very high quality and tasty.
Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars

85 reviews

Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars The Magnum Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars offer up a full-bodied peanut butter flavour in a rich, creamy, chocolate coating. There is a flavour explosion at the gooey, peanut butter center which is a surprising delight. The...
Breyers Creamery Style Chocolate

62 reviews

Cette crème glacée au chocolat a un goût riche et onctueuse. J’adore ça texture cremeuse. Breyers a une fois de plus reussi a nous fournir une crème glacée savoureuse. Je recommande assurément à n’importe qui de l’essayer
Chapman's Ice Cream in Caramel

99 reviews

These are my absolute favourite, I love the toffee bits on the top of the cone and the caramel filling in the ice cream. The price is great too and even better when they go on sale which is quite often in the summer and throughout the year. Definitely worth stocking up on!!
Breyers Creamery Style Butterscotch Ripple

60 reviews

This is one of my favourite ice creams. Not only is the ice cream rich and creamy, but the sweet and saltiness of the butterscotch is the perfect companion. It is just the right amount of flavour! I will be getting this again.
Breyers Creamery Style Dark Cherry Vanilla

57 reviews

Forgot about this ice cream until I just seen it here but loved this my entire childhood SO much! Tastes like a Black Forest cake and if you ever buy a Black Forest cake buy this ice cream to eat with it, you’ll fall in love! It’s so so so creamy and the chunks don’t...
Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours

101 reviews

When these first came out our family loved them. This have been one of our go to ice creams for year. Every season we look out for new flavour and when they go on sale we stock up. Another amazing thing is that the flavours you find and both classics and unusual flavour. Lets...
Breyers Creamery Style Caramel Fudge

56 reviews

I have always been a fan of Breyer's ice-cream so when I heard they were coming out with they're creamery style ice cream, you know your girl had to try it! It is so creamy and smooth, I highly recommend this ice cream to all ice cream lovers! You won't be disappointed.
Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bars

67 reviews

Magnum Classic Ice cream bars are delicious. The high quality smooth, creamy vanilla bean icecream surrounded by the unsweetened quality of Belgian chocolate. The bitter chocolate cuts down son of the icecreams sweetness making this the perfect treat. They might be nor expensive...
Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

67 reviews

This is by far one of the best chocolate ice cream bars I have ever bought it has a great creamy taste to it and I sometimes even eat it in the winter like double chocolate wow I still have a few pack in my freezer
Breyers Creamery Style French Vanilla

64 reviews

Breyer's Creamery Style French Vanilla ice cream is my favourite vanilla ice cream. It is so creamy and has a great vanilla flavour that is full but not overpowering. It is perfect on the side for pies and cakes and makes creamy milkshakes and rootbeer floats. It is also...
Breyers Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Truffle

47 reviews

I would buy this ice cream any time. This is a delicious desert, snack and treat. Biting into this creamy chocolate ice cream and then the chocolate truffle bites is a delightful experience for sure. When We first tried this we all loved it. I give it an A plus for sure. Imagine...
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

70 reviews

Perfect for a summer day when you want to satisfy your sugar cravings. This Ben & Jerry's ice cream used to be a favourite, but the recipe is not keeping up with the market. Too sweet, too much sugar on it. One bite is enough.
Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Bars

59 reviews

I love the double chocolate and vanilla combination. the tastes is delicious. after you finish one, you craze for another one. the price is a bit more expensive than other ice cream brands, but it's worth it, give yourself a treat
Breyers Creamery Style Neapolitan

53 reviews

I have to say that this tasted like my childhood. The flavours were amazing and tasted fantastic and brought me back to my childhood! I will certainly get this again!
Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

70 reviews

These are a treat- I can only buy these once a while. Not because they are bad but because when I do buy them I end up eating the whole box in one sitting. It is so hard to control myself when these are around.
Magnum White Ice Cream Bars

60 reviews

If you are a fan of white chocolate you will absolutely love Magnum White chocolate Bars. Creamy and delicious. The coating is pure white chocolate over a vanilla ice cream. base To me it is very unique and a change from the typical milk chocolate.