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Baby oil is one of those products that often baffles many newbie parents.  What exactly is it for?  It's an excellent alternative to lotions for Baby's dry skin or cradle cap, but also serves a multitude of everyday uses for the whole family: quick eye makeup removal, DIY pedicures, eczema or winter-chapped skin, and as a substitute for shaving cream on your legs.

Our Tip: use caution if applying in the shower or using as a bath additive - the residue can be extremely slippery!

Johnson's Baby Oil is well loved by ChickAdvisor members, but there are also many natural and aromatherapeutic options available.

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Johnson's Baby Oil
Perfect for so many things, with or without kids, you need this. Great for dry skin. Great price also. I use it all the time not only for little guy but me as well

176 reviews
Coconut Oil
A friend suggest coconut oil to us about 5 ago, so I did some research and picked some up that day. It is amazing how many uses there are for it, besides cooking: make up remover, restore dry/brittle hair, restore gray hair, etc.

42 reviews
Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil
This baby oil is perfect for your little ones! It really helps to lock the moisture in their skin! It is super gentle and also does not have an irritating scent! It is absolutely perfect for babies who have dry skin! This is an absolute essential all year round especially during...

38 reviews
Johnson's Baby Oil Gel
This was a genius idea! Baby oil gets every where but the baby oil gel is a must have! I used it daily on my pregnant belly. Made my skin feel amazingly soft!

42 reviews
cetaphil baby moisturizing oil
bought the cetaphil oil for my baby when he was born. he has extremely dry skin so I thought that it would help. it actually made it worse because it has perfume in it. it make his skin burn and I ended up having to bath him to get it offor. not good for babies that have dry...

9 reviews
jhonsons baby oil
Johnson baby oil reminds me of my childhood, and it is one product i still use up till today! winter makes my skin really really dry, so i use baby oil. the best way to use this product is when you get out the shower and your body is still damp, apply the oil generously all over...

1 review
Huile hydratante de Cetaphil Baby
J'utilise souvent cette huile pour masser mon bébé, elle est super! Elle hydrate bien et sens super bon. Elle est apaisante, contient de l'extrait de calendula biologique mais surtout elle est hypoallergènique. Alors parfaite pour la peau délicate de mon bébé!

1 review
Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel
I massage my baby with this once a week and she loves it. When she was a newborn she had really dry feet and this was the only thing that would help! Puts her to sleep when I use it on her.

22 reviews
Kiehls Nuturing Oil For Mom and Baby
Beautiful formula, not too greasy though it's oil. Creates a nice relaxing massage for baby post bath. Also great for stretch marks pre and post partum.

1 review
Johnsons Aloe & Vitamin E baby oil
This is my secret to soft, smooth skin. Every day instead of cream, I use this last in the shower and do a final rinse. I have found my skin ailments have decreased and also any shaving bumps have dissapeared. I love how cheap it is, and a huge bottle lasts for about a year.

9 reviews
Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil
I bought this one for my new born because she has a very dry skin. I was scared to use it at first cause I worry it might irritate her even more. But the product works wonderful. It has a very delicate smell and it is not greasy at all. It solves her dry skin and it made her...

13 reviews
Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil - 3 Oz
I use this product to moisturise after shaving my legs. I like that it soaks into the skin fast and doesnt not have any sort of sticky residue on my skin. I use it on not only myself but my 14 month old aswell. I love the smell

15 reviews
Weleda Calendula Baby Oil
Love it! Best oil ever. Smells really well and helps a lot with my kids sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin super moisturized and silky smooth.

1 review
Made4Baby Belly Baby Bump Oil (Moroccan Argan )
Although this is to be used for your "baby bump" I have been using it for my stretch marks, some scars from a recent surgery and even a small amount in my hair to keep is moisturized ( Moroccan Argan Oil) I can see a small difference and I love how it makes my hair stay soft in...

1 review
Arbonne Baby Care Body Oil
I was given this as a gift to try. My baby had really dry skin. I tried it, but it didn't really absorb and make a difference. I do have to admit, she has tough to fix skin, but this is just not the right solution for us unfortunately.

9 reviews
Bug & Pickle Scalp Oil
This producgt was amazing! My lil guy only had one case of cradle cap, but ths oil loosened it right up with no rubbing or scratching. Just rub on, and comb off. All natural, and free of synthetic fragrence and preservatives. The small bottle size and great price make it a...

1 review
Bug & Pickle Teething Oil
The only 100% natural teething oil I could find on the market, when my lil guy was teething. Roman chamomile acts as an analgesic, to soothe the pain of teething. No preservatives or synthetic fragrence, and 100% natural ingredients. Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling...

1 review
Johnson's Baby Oil, Gel with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, 6.5-Ounce Bottles
I absolutely love this oil! Keeps baby very mosturized for a very long time. I like to use it after his baths to make sure his skin does not dry out and I've never had an issue

9 reviews
Johnson's Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, 14 oz
Everyone in my family uses this for their hair and body it leaves a nice After Effects plus there is no smell which makes it easier to use since some people in my family are allergic to perfumes

7 reviews
Burt's Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil
This is one good oil that I have come across which works both for mom and baby. Me and my baby love to have massage with it. It relaxes your body, giving you the comfort of mom's embrace. It gets absorbed quickly and moisturize your skin.

3 reviews

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