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Oils Reviews

Baby oil is one of those products that often baffles many newbie parents.  What exactly is it for?  It's an excellent alternative to lotions for Baby's dry skin or cradle cap, but also serves a multitude of everyday uses for the whole family: quick eye makeup removal, DIY pedicures, eczema or winter-chapped skin, and as a substitute for shaving cream on your legs.

Our Tip: use caution if applying in the shower or using as a bath additive - the residue can be extremely slippery!

Johnson's Baby Oil is well loved by ChickAdvisor members, but there are also many natural and aromatherapeutic options available.

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Johnson's Baby Oil

262 reviews

It is really soft and effective as an oil. I love the scent and it makes you feel really nice. I enjoy using it after the shower sometimes simply becuase it is so easy to apply.
Johnson's Baby Oil Gel

73 reviews

i use this product at the end of my shower while my skin is still wet. it gives me baby soft skin and gets rid of any dryness that i may have, i've been using it for years!
Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil

23 reviews

I started using on my daughter when she was having bad cradle cap.The wash is gentle and helps keeps my baby’s skin soft and rash free. The bottle is a ‘squeeze bottle’ (like the ones sometimes used for ketchup). When I squeeze, no matter how soft I try, too much product...
bébé hibou

2 reviews

Pour la peau de bébé eczéma, le baume de bébé hibou est sans aucun doute un indispensable! Il hydrate en profondeur et permet à la peau de se régénérer.
Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

1 review

I did not like this product. In my opinion it doesn’t absorb fast enough, doesn’t leave the skin smooth and moisturized. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. More water than oil. At the beginning I thought it was gonna be less messy than the regular oil but nope...
Kiehls Nuturing Oil For Mom and Baby

2 reviews

I received this product from Kiehl's for free as one of their sample packages. I was eager to test it out on my newborn baby and loved the product! It's a little messy given it's an oil, but I found it to be effective on his skin and absorbed quickly. My son had dry skin for...
Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil

16 reviews

I really enjoy using Burt's bee apricot baby oil. My baby enjoys being massage after her bath in her apricot baby oil. The smell is delightful. Her skin feels so soft. Keeps her skin from flaking during the season changes. I like this Burt's bee apricot baby oil very much.
Johnson's Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

21 reviews

Works amazing for my newborn daughters flakey skin. Aswell my roomate is currently hospitalized and uses this product on her skin graph the doctors highly recommend this oil/gel for sensitive skin
Weleda Calendula Baby Oil

2 reviews

doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy because it absorbs really quickly. it's really nice for sensitive skin and doesn't have a strong scent at all.!!
Made4Baby Belly Baby Bump Oil (Moroccan Argan )

2 reviews

I used this product on some stretch marks that I had and it helped to moisturize and slightly lessen their appearance. Smoothed out my dry skin and worked wonders.
Arbonne Baby Care Body Oil

11 reviews

Gives me really soft skin, and is a great price too. Will definitely continue to buy and use. I love the scent and it leaves me smooth and soft, use it for shaving too!
Johnson's Baby Oil Gel with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

12 reviews

Dear Friends, Hello I am CHARUL DHEER lives in INDIA (Delhi/NCR). I have used it before also (my foreigner friend gifted me) and it works wonderful on Indian Skin too. Since this product is unavailable in India therefore I am requesting so much to have it via any genuine...
Bug & Pickle Scalp Oil

1 review

This producgt was amazing! My lil guy only had one case of cradle cap, but ths oil loosened it right up with no rubbing or scratching. Just rub on, and comb off. All natural, and free of synthetic fragrence and preservatives. The small bottle size and great price make it a...
Bug & Pickle Teething Oil

1 review

The only 100% natural teething oil I could find on the market, when my lil guy was teething. Roman chamomile acts as an analgesic, to soothe the pain of teething. No preservatives or synthetic fragrence, and 100% natural ingredients. Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling...
Burt's Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil

3 reviews

This is one good oil that I have come across which works both for mom and baby. Me and my baby love to have massage with it. It relaxes your body, giving you the comfort of mom's embrace. It gets absorbed quickly and moisturize your skin.
Baby Oil

7 reviews

Baby Oil is great. I really love this product. It works well on everyone, mommy and babies. The smell is real pleasant. No skin irritation. You can use it every day , twice a day...
Burt's Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil

4 reviews

smells so much better than your typical baby oil and is a bit thicker. I love that it's Burts Bees, meaning that it's natural. Great for removing makeup too.
Lavender Infant Bath and Massage Oil

4 reviews

The wash smells really good and the wipes are thick and makes it so you don’t have to use more than 1 or two. I usually get store brand wipes but I tried out theses and I’m impressed with how effective and food smelling they are
Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil: 16.5 OZ

2 reviews

the oil is awesome, it makes my baby's skin supple and smooth just more lovely for mommy and baby snuggle time! it's scent is not overpowerin and everytime I massage this to the bub, i can feel that he loves the feeling it gives to him. Can i also mention that it helps him fall...
Perfect Purity Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E 12 Oz

2 reviews

works just as well as Johnsons & Johnsons, for a cheaper price. I like to use it fresh out of the shower on damp skin to lock in moisture. has a nice smell too