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Campbell's Reviews

campbell's chunky chicken ala king soup
Absolutely hands down love this one love the flavor love everything about it! Will definitely be of use when I make my pot pies ! Campbell's soup is my usual brand and plan to stay with it too

Campbell's Disney Frozen Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup
My daughter requests this soup at least once a week. I usually send it to school in her thermos with a few soda crackers. She really likes the carrots and the character pasta shapes that actually look like the characters, not just mush!

Campbell's Avengers Chicken pasta soup
I am not a big fan of canned chicken soups, but I ended up eating this one because it had a picture of avengers on it, and we were camping so i figured it would work well. Overall this product is not different from regular chicken soup, except the Avengers branding.

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Tomato Basil Bisque
I love this soup! It has such a distinctive taste of basil. It's a little pricey but well worth it. The soup is a little thicker than most its a nice comfort on a cold day

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Fire Roasted Sweet Pepper and Tomato
Gourmet soup which is unique. The taste has some heatbut I enjoy it so much. It's a great combination of fire roasted red pepper and tomato soup makes me want more.

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Golden Butternut Squash
I’ve always loved this soup. It came out when I was 15 years old and it’s still on the market today. Great way for me to get a serving of veggies and enjoy a nice tasting soup at the same time. Add sour cream for an extra kick, it really helps!

Campbell's Classic Recipe Soup-Scooby-Doo
Ate this as a kid. I did like the soup, it was actually a better tasting soup than let's say chef boyardee. I do find the shapes cute and can be fun for children as well. What do you think, have you tried it?

Campbells Soup on the Go Blended vegetables medley
Upon opening this soup I thought when the label stated 'Blended' that it was meaning a 'Blend' of vegatables mixed together, but instead they meant it was pureed and blended all up-to I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a bunch of Bute sized veggies on my spoon,but...

Campbell's healthy request tomato garden vegetable
Oh that soup was gross ! Thank the pharohs I bought 2cans only...... it's nasty tasting to salty and the beans tasted weird the spinach was ok though I thought the mixture was odd .I definitely won't buy this again ! And I love soup and Campbell's

Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Roasted Potato and Spring Leek
I usually enjoy the Campbell’s carton soup varieties, especially the butternut squash. However this one fails on so many levels it’s sad. It’s bland, the taste of leek is not even there and the “potato” doesn’t even seem like it’s a potato. It’s almost like they...

Campbells Harty Beef & Barley Soup Kit
My husband loves soup. Since I had a voucher I decided to try. I like trying sometimes you discover nice things sometimes you just realize that you can stick to your old habits. Well we did not like this experience. We find the taste awful. I do not want to say this product is...

Campbell's Soup Kit Thai Chicken and Rice
I purchased the beef version of the Campbell's soup kit and honestly it was completely pointless. By the time I had added my own broth, my own meat, my own veggies, and my own seasoning I was left wondering what I actually paid for? The "barley" it came with was so sparse that I...

Campbell's Sweet Potato Tomatillo
I really enjoyed Campbell's Everyday Gourmet Sweet Potato Tomatillo soup. It's very easy to prepare, I just had to empty it into a sauce pan and heat up! Makes for a fast meal for a busy mom on the go! The flavour was great, with the taste of sweet potato with an added kick. One...

campbell's Healthy Request soup - Lemon Chicken Orzo
I had a coupon for a Health Request soup and out of the 4 flavours - this one seemed the most delicious. I liked that it has no preservatives and makes for a quick lunch. I tried it for the first time and I couldn't even force it down. The lemon taste is way too strong. I...

Campbell's Hearty Favourites Bean with Bacon Soup
This is my husbands favourite canned soup.