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CLIF Reviews

Clif Bar Chocolate Almond Fudge Energy Bar
So chewy, so good! Love that it contains 70% organic ingredients. And 10 grams of protein in this bar makes it the perfect pick me up in between meals!

CLIF Bar White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Energy Bar
This is an awesome energy bar that can be consumed as a snack or pre or after work out. It tastes delicious and is very energizing. Also, it is pretty cheap and can be found almost anywhere.

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bar
I absolutely love Clif bars. They're super easy to carry around in your bag or leave in your drawer at work for those times you really want a snack. I tend to crave snacks and then end up buying candy or chocolate, but having Clif bars handy means I can snack on something that's...

CLIF Bar Cool Mint Chocolate Energy Bar
Although my review on the taste is low, I do believe that people who really enjoy chocolate mint will like this bar! Unfortunately I am not the biggest fan but still support clif bars because of their nutritional value and organic ingredients!

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch
I really enjoy these bars. They are perfect for my 3 sons who play numerous sports and need some quick energy on the go before their games or practices. Peanut butter is their favourite and it tastes great!

CLIF Bar Coconut Chocolate Chip Energy Bar
Clif protein bars are one of my best things to eat ,I can eat these all day and to try them all ,but the price can get a little costly. But this coconut bar is great tasting and my boy loves it to.

CLIF Bar Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Energy Bar
I love the fact that this bar is gluten free and organic at the same time. However it is really expensive in Canada. I ask my husband to bring some when he is in the states or we buy only when on sale l. Really attractive packaging n great taste with a big sugar punch.

CLIF Bar Organic Peanut Butter Filled Energy Bar
The peanut butter cliff bar is my favourite flavour out of all the ones I've tried. Nice and creamy peanut butter on the outside with a bit of crunch too!

Clif Energy Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter
The Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar is my go-to flavour in this brand and leaves me feeling quite satisfied when I’m wanting an afternoon pick-me-up. Although the fat content is higher than I would prefer (coming in at 11%), the 19% protein content makes it all worthwhile and...

Clif Bar Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar
Cliff bars get my vote for the most edible protein bars. They avoid much of the pastiness that comes with most protein bars. They are a little high on sugar, but I think that's what makes them palatable.

CLIF Builder's Protein Bars
These are the best tasting protein bars I've ever tried and I have tried a LOT. They don't have that grainy texture that protein bars usually have and the chocolaty coating helps supress sweet cravings. Makes it taste like a candy bar! Favorite flavor is definitely choco mint or...

cliff coconut almond peanut trail mix bars
My boyfriend picked this cliff bar as a snack for when we went hiking ...I am not huge fan of protein bar ...but the cliff bar was delicious and healthy option to other snacks like chips . I may be biased since I love coconut and almond .

Clif Crunch Granola Bars in Chocolate chip taste simple and would be even more so if it weren't for the chocolate chips.They are a good source of fibre containing oats, barley and rye. Onre box contains five pouches containing two bars per package. The bars are crunchy and...

CLIF Organic Dark Chocolate PB Trail Mix Bar
I like to grab one of these bars when I'm craving chocolate and peanut butter. The dark chocolate has such a nice bite to it, that sweet/bitter taste is my favorite. I enjoy the combination of the dark chocolate & peanut butter with the trail mix. Really yummy bars! Plus the...

CLIF Crunch White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Granola Bar
I purchased a package of these at Walmart for $4. Each box contains 5 individually wrapped packages. Each package hold 2 crispy bars. If you eat both bars in the package it is 200 calories. These bars are sweet and delicious. You get that nice nut flavour and also the...