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Degree is a deodorant brand manufactured by Unilever. Known as "Sure" in the UK and "Rexena" in Japan and Korea, it was developed in 1908 by an Austrian pharmacist. Degree products come in stick, gel and spray forms. ChickAdvisor members have reviewed the Deodorant, Clinical Protection and NatureEffects Deodorant.

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Degree Reviews

Degree Natureffects Deodorant
I am a female who sweats a lot. I was having problems with all females deodorant not been working on me, so I decided to switch to men's. This Degree one is where I stopped looking. I no longer sweat anymore and always smell fresh and clean. I love the smell of it. I definitely...

Degree Men Invisible Solid Antiperspirant
Mon conjoint a eu la chance d'essayer ce déodorant,il a vraiment beaucoup aimer! L'odeur n'es pas trop intense,ne tache pas les vêtements,la texture es bien,a essayer!

Degree Men Silver Ion Deodorant Stick
This deodorant is great. It works so much better than deodorants aimed at females. It also does not make me smell too manly as is some girls worries with men's deodorant. I am allergic to aluminum which is found in most deodorants and this is the only aluminum free deodorant...