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Fisher-Price manufactures toys and products for infants and children. The company was founded in New York in 1930. Since then, Fisher-Price has created over 5,000 toys. Some of their popular products include Open Take-Along Swing, My Little Snugabunny Bouncer Seat and Whale of a Playtub.

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Fisher-Price Reviews

Beat Bo by Fisher Price
We actually have 2 of these and they both get played with constantly, i even like to record stuff for beat bo to sing back to my kids. My kids love the lights and sound and the dancing.

Fisher price brilliant basics babies first blocks
This is definitely a good learning skill for little ones to help with motor skills. It keeps my little one entertained learning how to put the blocks in the correct spot

Fisher Price Cradle and swing my little lamb
This swing saved my life!!! My baby boy loved it if I couldn’t get him to fall asleep in my arms I knew this swing would always work it swings just perfectly you can adjust it so how fast or slow you would like there’s different sounds music and even a little mobile I love...

fisher price cradle n swing, animal print
My son was born with clubbed feet. So he has to wear these heavy casts until he is 9 weeks old. Any swing I tried with him wouldn't swing with the weight of the casts throwing it off. But then we tried Fisher Price Cradle and Swing and omg it worked. It swings him perfectly...

fisher price 4 in 1 glider
We loved this baby glider. My son enjoyed being it in when I needed a free hand. It was easy to assemble and easy to clean. It also folds easily for storage. My son outgrew it pretty fast but we enjoyed using it

Fisher price learn to flush potty
I have twins, so I bought two of these. They are not two yet but we set these up in the bathroom and let them use them whenever they want. To our surprise, they both have peed in them repeatedly, however, the music that is supposed to play and praise the child for peeing never...

Fisher price tea pot
The fisher price tea pot is a toy that can grow with a child. The child can use their imagination with these and pretend they are having a tea party or with their friends. The tea pot is engaging and has learnable phrases and fun colors to attract a child to them.

Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Bouncer
We have this rocker chair and my little ones grandmas house and she enjoys it. She loves the dangly toys and we would rock her in it when she was fussy fighting her sleep

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair
We have a not so spacious place and since a high chair is just temporary, we decided to get this space saver. It's very amazing since it holds the baby in place. Straps can be removed and very easy to wash. The Price is just right. My only concern is they have a limited design...

Fisher Price Custom Comfort Potty
This Is The Best Chair For My Little Cutie Patootie. This potty is GREAT! The handles & back support make it easy for our son to get comfortable & the potty insert is easily removed! The only complaint would be that the insert is fairly small & doesn’t have a “splash”...

Fisher Price Rock a Stack
My daughter loves these rings. I love the fact that they are safe for her to play with on her own, and they hold her attention. She is 1.5 years now, and still plays with them on a regular basis. Before she could stack them, she enjoyed shaking the top ring, and pulling them off...

Fisher Price Calming Vibrations Soother
Bought this and a few similar items (hedgehog) and they are the best idea. They work well to soothe my crying baby, in fact she won’t sleep without the vibrating now. The only downside is that though the music continues to play in both the elephant and hedgehog, the vibrating...

Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker Sleeper
Our local Walmart was having a sale on baby products when I was about to give birth to my son. They only had the products geared towards little girls. I had a 3.5 year old girl at the time. We found this rocker on sale for $7 do I said what the heck, I don't care about my son...

Fisher price ocean wonders High Chair
Bought Fisher Price Ocean Wonders High Chair for my son 5 years ago. This high chair has double tray, 2 toys 3 back positions and 7 height seat positions. You may lock Chair wheels. Easy to care seat cover.

Fisher Price Swing and Glider
I bought this while I was pregnant. I was pretty excited for the investment. Unfortunately, my son -now 2 months -has been hating this from the get go. Now this occupies a huge part of our living room, unused and unappreciated. I will still keep trying maybe he changes when he...