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Halo Top Reviews

Halo Top Birthday Cake
What a let down! I understand this is "diet" icecream but this variety has absolutely no flavour. I love birthday cake flavoured anything...but not this stuff. Might as well of eaten ice chips. Texture was odd too...not smooth and creamy but icy and almost gritty.

Halo Top Pancakes & Waffles
I tried the pancake and waffles halo top ice cream . I liked that there was chucks of waffle in the ice cream making it very interesting and delicious . I liked that it has less sugar and little calorie compared to other ice creams . The only downside is the price . It is...

Halo Top Oatmeal Cookie
I can eat the whole thing in a sitting and not feel guilty. It’s great for someone on keto with a sweet tooth: the flavour is amazing. Wish more stores carried them. Beside me is only Walmart and they are always out of stock. Other down side is the size is pretty small for...

Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel
After a lot of hype, I was expecting something more. For the price, I was expecting something more. A very average ice cream, which was no better than store own brand (which can often be much better than this), which was maskerading as a luxury and a treat. I found the ice...

Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Our household is a huge fan of halo top ice cream. It is low calorie and you don't have to worry about eating the whole pint in one serving. The bars are a great alternative if you can't find the pints, not as good however they still do the job and satisfy the craving!

Halo top peanut butter swirl
So let's be honest - you are not going to get the full creamy/ sugary / fatty texture and taste of a full fat ice cream...however, that's the point. Halo have done a good job of creating a low-calorie ice cream with a decent amount of flavour to keep dieters on track. If, like...

Halo Top Ice Cream
We decided to buy this to try this brand out to see what's the hype was all about. We saw that the punkin pie flavor had a 50% off deal ($3.50) so why not buy and try it out. My husband doesn't like it because isn't ice cream because the texture is like a popsicle but in a...

Halo Top Mint Chip
This flavour is awesome! The mint is not over powering but is refreshing and delicious. So good I almsot forgot it was "diet" icecream...if only it came in a larger tub...cause for what it costs you really dont get much and it's easy to eat the entire pint in one sitting. The...

Halo Top Caramel Macchiato
If you like caramel, then you need to try this! It is creamy & yummy & pure heaven. This is a nice treat for when you are craving something sweet. Love it!

Halo Top Candy Bar
I really wanted to love Halo Top. Of the flavours I've tried, candy bar might be the best, but that isn't saying much. I found it to be very icy rather than creamy, and as a dessert it wasn't very indulgent. I might be good for someone on a very strict diet, but I would rather...

halo top pancakes and waffle ice cream
I was looking forward to trying new Halo Top ice creams this summer. We found the Pancakes and Waffle flavour to be very artificial with a strange aftertaste. I won't buy again.

Halo Top Cookies & Cream
Absolutely love this ice cream For it being a healthier ice cream you’d never notice the difference It’s creamy and light with a good amount of cookie dough

Halo Top Lemon Cake
If you're a long time fan of Halo Top, you're able to identify whatever sweetener they use in Halo Top tastes. It tastes like sugar alcohol and a tinge of lemon.