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Infantino Reviews

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier
My daughter would only nap if she was held and being carried around. As soon as I stopped moving she would wake up. The carrier allowed me to get things done while carrying her. The carrier itself is quite comfortable and can be easily adjusted for myself or my husband. Even...

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug
Colorful and engaging with easy to reach attachments. Plays a cute song, but it is only one song that plays over and over. My babies have all been entertained by this toy.

Infantino grow-with-me activity gym and ball pit
My parents bought my son this activity mat as a present the day we brought him home 7 months ago. We have been using it since he was about a month old and we will still be using it for months to come. It's great for hand eye coordination with the hanging toys for him to reach...

Infantino Go GaGa Infant to Toddler Play Gym & Fun Teepee
This is such a different, unique play idea for my kids I love it! My first impression was wow, look at all the vibrant and kid friendly colors! Not too bright and shocking either, they were just the right shade and hue to grab your attention yet not blind you like a lot of other...

Infantino Up Close Newborn carrier
i used this when my daughter was about 4 months old until she was 1 years old ,, no problems what so ever , she was comforatble and i was too ,,, easy for her to sleep on me if i was taking the bus or if i was taking the train. and its not expensive

Infantino Lights And Sounds Musical Touch Pad
The Infantino Lights And Sounds Musical Touch Pad comes in pink or green. I bought this for my daughter when she was about eleven months old cause she liked playing on a piano app I had on my tablet but she would occasionally swipe her hand and move herself out f the app. When I...

Infantino mai tai baby carrier
My baby falls asleep when I put him in. The baby's legs are properly positioned and his/her spine is in the correct position. This is a life saver when your baby is tired. He/She feels secure and comfy been on your chest. Is like to still having him/her in your belly. Also the...

Infantino activity triangle
Good toy for keeping toddler entertained. A bit louder than I would like but lots of objects to maneuver and watch. The price was reasonable for a toy of this variety.

Infantino Ringalinks
Good price and you can use these many ways. I turn them into chains and hook them onto my stroller.

Infantino Balance Baby Carrier, Spindles, 8-35 Pounds
I love this infanto carrier. It is so comfortable for both mommy and baby. Adjustable to even fit my husband. I love that you can use it on your front and on your back as your baby grows.

Infantino Flip Carrier
I love this for when my baby is being fussy and wants to be close. We pop him in there and carry him wherever we go. It is easy to convert. It works great and he loves it.

Infantino Infant & Toddler Activity Gym & Foam Mat
I usually LOVE infantino and was very anxious to try this. It was on par for price with other mats and I like the mat that went underneath. But when u hang any other toys on it (that didn't come with) it falls over or when baby kicks the mat it falls over on her! I would...

Infantino Deluxe Monkey Jungle Retreat Gym
I got one of these playmats for my babyshower, it wasn't the exact same one but it was slightly different however the same model. my son loved it and the little hanging toys. the bright colors kept his eyes on it at all times

Infantino 3 in1 Grow and Play Activity Gym
My baby loves this infantino 3 in 1grow and play so much and keeps them occupied while i am in the same room doing chores and cleaning around the house

Infantino Savvy Bag
The bag is a stylish red print, and has a slim design, so you don't feel like you're carrying a bulky bag around. It's actually perfect for quick trips, like a walk around the park, or a brief outing or errands, when you don't need a ton of supplies along. The...