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Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic Sand Reviews

Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set
Kinetic Sand is an awesome product! Scientifically, it is a masterpiece that every mom needs in her arsenal of boredom-busting fun! I H-A-T-E slime, in any form!! Putty, Floam, Slime, Goo, it doesn't matter, the stuff is a nightmare to clean, ruins clothes and carpet! BUT!!!!!!!...

Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset
My daughter absolutely loves anything that has to do with building things! She loves this for Christmas she gets to play in sand without that annoying mess at the end of the day for mommy!

Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set with 2lbs of Colored and Black Kinetic Sand
This product is so cool! We purchased a full kit originally from Costco that included some accessories and a tub to play with the sand in and it’s brilliant! The sand is soft and easy for little hands to gasp and shape on their own. Our daughter uses cookie cutters to make...

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand

53 reviews

My daughter loves kinetic sand. We had bought the rainbow one and she loved to slice into it and see all the layers and watch it fall slowly. I enjoy playing it with her aswell.

Kinetic Sand Scents, 8oz Scented Kinetic Sand
My kids absolutely love this product and will play with it for hours on end. It's been there go to activity after daycare since we first received the product.

Kinetic Sand Kalm, Zen Box Kinetic Sand Set for Adults
The kenictic sand zen box was so therapeutic for me not only am I creating something peaceful and cute it help me relax I can keep creating a new zen box anytime I want to

Kinetic Sand Sandyland Portable Playset
So we have tried all kinds of sand. This one has been the best. Mist dry out after a week or so but if you take care of this sand it will last months if not longer. Warning… it does get messy… no stains ect but it can get everywhere lol.

Kinetic Sand Surprise, Mini Mystery Surprise
Very underwhelming. I have never been a fan of kinetic sand but my daughter loves the stuff. She was very disappointed in this product. The surprise that came with the sand barely did what It was designed to Do. Made a huge mess. Save your money.

Kinetic Sand Scents 4oz Ice Cream Cone Container
This is really a fun living toy which is so relaxing. It helps to motorise the senses and is chemical free.me and my son loved it so much that we bought in other could put too. This smells so good and is kids friendly. I will highly recommend.

Kinetic Sand Buried Treasure 3-Pack Set
My daughter, who is 9, really enjoyed playing with this toy. She liked having to search in the sand for the treasures. It defeinitly kept her occupied for a while and continues to play with the sand. Would recommend!

Kinetic Sand Shimmer Unicorn Kingdom Playset
This was the perfect edition to our unicorn play date and we had so much fun mixing all of the colourful and sparkly Kinectic Sand. We had so much fun making different shapes for our unicorn friends.

Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Cone with 2 Colors of Scented Kinetic Sand (4 oz)
This is a great product..my daughter loves this and its like treat for her when she wants something as a surprise. Keeps her busy . It very fun and interactive.

Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Treats Set
I went to the store and let daughter pick out a few toys. It was between this and a play doh set. She picked this Kinetic Sand set. There were many different Kinetic Sand sets but this one looked like you get the most value for your money. My daughter loves playing with it. The...

Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox
My 6 year old loves playing with her kinetic sand so much! Her grandmother gifted her this Kinetic sand folding sandbox which has come in handy for storing her sand and building accessories! She could spend hours on end playing, creating, & building with this super convenient...

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set
More than just sand. It's mess free (somewhat). It's really neat how it sticks together. Just don't mix colors because you will never get it apart. The kids love it. I also love it.