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Kirkland Signature

The Kirkland Signature label today appears on about 20 percent of the products you find in your local warehouse - on everything from men's dress shirts to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, olive oil to beer, automotive products to health and beauty aids. The common element: These are Costco's signature products that offer the perfect combination of quality and price to members.

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Kirkland Signature Reviews

Kirkland Crepes
This is a year tradition to purchase this chocolate bear the holidays as it is only available at my local Costco around that time. It comes in rows and it is a light, flakey and crepe shaped wafer dipped in chocolate. Tastes so good! Warning: it is addicting and you can’t stop...

Kirkland Signature Purified Drinking Water
If you're a regular water drinker you can definitely tell the difference between waters. I preferably love store brand and Kirkland is one store brand we buy very often. The price and quality is awesome and we would definitely continue buying.

Kirkland Naproxen
Kirkland naproxen works just as quickly and as effectively as the brand name. It's easier on the stomach than ibuprofen and lasts longer. Good value for the quantity.

Kirkland K-cup coffee
This brand has great value for quantity and quality. This coffee is more bitter than I prefer but my boyfriend and friends haven’t noticed the same thing. This is one of the better tasting pods I have tried.

Kirkland Signature National Spring Water
This water is crisp, clean and very refreshing. How can you go wrong with a 40pk case for less than $4? It is easy to store 10 cases at a time without worrying that the integrity will be sacrificed. It is the only bottled water we drink in the house.

Kirkland All natural Almonds
I love Kirkland Almonds as these are healthy and does not contain too much oil like other brands almonds does and they are crispy aswel. I love to eat them as my snack, lols.

Kirkland roast turkey breast
Good value on sliced turkey breast - very flavorful. Price is right compared to national brands. Nice thickness for use in sandwiches or diced into an omelette or frittata

Kirkland Signature Natural Citrus Body Wash
Kirkland's body wash is gentle enough for my sensitive, dry, mature skin. It has a pleasant but not overly strong citrus fragrance that doesn't linger on the skin, so you can wear your other fragrances without having a clash of scents. I think it compares well to more expensive...

Kirkland greek yogurt 3 pack
Je viens de découvrir ce yogourt grec. Délicieux et le prix est très intéressant. Dommage que je demeure un peu loin du Costco. La prochaine fois que j'y vais, je vérifie les dates et je me fais des provisions!

Kirkland Pistachios
A trip to Costco is not complete unless I buy a bag of Kirkland's pistachios - I would be shunned by my hubby if I forgot, which I never do because I love them just as much as he does. I think they sell for around $20 for a 3 pound bag and they are worth every penny. I like that...

Kirkland Frozen garden burger
I love all of the ingredients in this burger and it’s convenience . It tastes really good, and compared to most grocery store vegetarian burgers it is a good price point.

Kirkland moisturizing shampoo
We tried this shampoo on whim as it was on sale. I was pleasently surprised at how comparable it was to the much more expensive brand I had been using before. It's also free from a lot of the junk like parabens and sulfates!

kirkland mayonnaise
This mayonnaise is cheaper than other mayonnaise. I reslly like this mayo, it tastes great in a sandwich. This is my favourite mayo. I would definately buy it again.

Kirkland liquid honey
Kirkland Liquid Honey tastes amazing. We put it on everything from cereal to toast and especially when having tea. It comes in a pack of and its sold for under $15.00. I also love that its Canadian honey. I buy this all the time and it is the best honey we have had.

Kirkland Goat Cheese 2 pack
This is my alternative to cream cheese! Everything from cake to bagels 🤷‍♀️ It’s the best replacement I’ve found. People with dairy allergies should really give it a try!