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Microsoft Reviews

Microsoft Wireless Bluetrack Mouse
I got this mouse on a whim because my old one broke and I needed something ASAP for gaming. This mouse did not disappoint. Other than the rubber on the side of the mouse coming off after a while, it runs on 1 AA battery and it lasts approx a month, never lags, works wonders! For...

Dlife(TM) 3D VR Glasses NEW VERSION Virtual Reality Headset Movie Game For IOS/Android/Microsoft & PC Phones Series
These 3D VR Glasses are Great, but they don't have a clicker button like other devices do. If you are trying to play a 3D game app that requires you to press something on the screen, you have to take the phone out of the viewer and touch the screen and then replace the phone...

Microsoft Xbox One 1TB
We love our Xbox! My husband is an avid gamer so I purchased the Xbox one 1 TB for him for Christmas (didn't make it to Christmas) lol and we use it almost everyday I would say. We use it for our internet (not the system itself) but the browser. We watch Netflix, DVDs/Bluerays...

Microsoft Surface Pro
This is a tablet that functions like a computer! It works VERY well and does everything you need a computer to do in the handiness of a tablet. It is a bit heavy though. I like that it has mini display port out so that I can watch stuff from my tablet on my TV.

Microsoft Xbox X360 Pro 60GB Console Refurb
I love my Xbox360. I recently purchased the Xbox One and though it's high tech, the specs are amazing and the visuals are phenomenal, I do not enjoy Xbox One so I sold it back and purchased the Xbox360 again. All the games are amazing. Most of the games are PG13 or higher so it...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
I've had many computers over the years and decided to buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 when it first came out. At first it was a great little tablet/computer until about 6months in.. Firstly the cable stopped working (turned out to be recalled), the tablet would get so hot you...

Microsoft Windows Surface RT
I had my surface for over a year, and it has took some tumbles but It is pretty strong and hasn't given out on me. It's not heavy, the screen isn't too big, and most importantly it is travel friendly. My #1 problem is that it isn't easy to find stores that sell Surface RT...

Grand Theft Auto IV
Gta IV est sans doute le meilleur Gta sorti jusqu'à présent, le jeu bénéficie d'une histoire concrète sans prise de tête ( Niko Bellic veut, avec son cousin, réaliser le rêve américain et être plein aux as ). Outre le gameplay parfois irritant, ce jeu propose des...

Xbox 360 Arcade Play Controller Gaming Pack
Anything Xbox 360 I say BUY BUY BUY. I love the xbox for netflix, games, online games, kinect .. it's so amazing , it is the best thing ever and worth EVERY PENNY

Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Subscription Card
Definitely worth the price, you can get access to games and betas, go on live etc. I always buy these as gifts for my brothers because they love it! recommended!

Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit
It's great! You don't have to sit around and wait for your controller to charge, this lets you play and charge at the same time!!

Xbox 360 Messenger Kit
I love my messenger kit, it makes for messaging friends on facebook and on xbox live so much easier

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black)
Xbox 360 wireless controllers are the absolute best. They are sleek smooth and so easy to use. although the price is steep, it is well worth the money. They last forever and rarely ever die.

Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
Its a great thing to have for your xbox 360 controllers instead of always having to go buy batteries and change them, you can just charge them and play next time.

Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit with Controller (Red)
Great technology! It's nice that I can play games in it and can also do other things such as Skype with parents and watch Netflix with friends. No need to have a smart tv for movies.