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Monster Jam

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Monster Jam Reviews

Monster Jam Official Zombie Madness Set
This is so cool! My son loves the Zombie monster jam truck so this was a no brainer. We bought it as soon as we saw it in the store. You put the truck on the ramp and smack the lever and it jumps and hits the zombie nose and the top of the head comes off. My 3yr old thinks...

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Remote Control Truck
This product has brought so much joy to the special little people in my life I'm continuing to pass it on. Not only is the product an exact replica of original it truly sounds like it too am absolutely extricate about this toy

Monster Jam Official El Toro Loco Remote Control Monster Truck
My son loves this El Toro Loco Monster truck. This monster truck keeps him busy for hours even after the battery has died. I do have a few dislikes about this truck, the first thing is the charging cord is too short, the second thing is the cord cover falls off when driving the...

Monster Jam Zombie Monster Dirt Starter Set
We are a family of monster jam lovers! The trucks are great, fun, & super exciting to have. This set is really cool - you can make an actual arena with dirt which is what my son loves to do!

Monster jam captains curse
I would buy this monster truck over and over because the craftsmen ship is really good. My son really enjoys playing with all of these trucks. I play with him as well he knows the name of all of them at the moment he had a collection of 70 trucks. He can play hours and hours.

Monster Jam Monster Dirt Deluxe Set
I purchased this set for my son to go with the Monster dirt arena. I love that it comes with an extra truck to add to his collection. My only issue is that the sand is super sticky so we have specific trucks that we keep with the sand, and others that I won’t let him play with...

Monster jam mover
I bought my son this Monster Jam Mover bone shaker. He enjoys it very much. It can fit up to twelve monster trucks easy to move around. Has two tiers loads them up and he unloads them. He loved this truck so much. He plays with it in the morning till the afternoon.

Monster jam truck shark tiger
My son loved this monster jam tiger shark. He plays with it all the time. Easy to handle the tires move easily. He pretends to run over all his other small trucks. He plays for awhile I have to tell him to stop playing so he can eat.

Monster jam rally bin
Bought this for my son so he can put away his monster trucks and works really good. Good material easy to clean and since it’s material it’s easy for his little hands to carry it from the living room, kitchen and back to the bedroom.

Monster Jam Official Fire & Ice Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck
My kids loved this remote controlled monster truck soo much! They could not wait to get it out and charged up so they could take it outside a drive it around. I wish the frame of the monster truck was a little bit sturdier than it was. My kids played with it for hours and...

Monster Jam Official Megalodon STORM All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck
My son absolutely loves this car. However the batery only last a good 15-20 mins. Is there a special way of recharging the battery? Those the on switch have to be on a certain option?

Monster Jam Monster Dirt Starter Set
How fun are monster trucks?! My kids are obsessed! Kinetic Sand is SO fun! It doesn't dry out and doesn't need to stay in its container! It doesn't get stick in fur and hair and is easily wiped off of furniture! Such a great product! The truck drives well and the ramp is fun for...

Monster Jam Official Son-Uva Digger Monster Truck and 5-inch Scrap Action Figure
monster jam official son uva digger-monster truck and-5 inch scrap action figure is very sturdy made and the action figure is the best thing to come with the monster truck! We loved how the monster truck was designed/detailed and how scrap action figure is made very well and...

Monster Jam Dirt Squad Monster Truck
My son had a blast playing with this. He said it's really cool because he thinks it looks like a dragon. He had a great time using it to plow through his other monster trucks. You can lift the front of the plow up and down. He also really liked it for independent play. He drove...

Monster Jam Official 2-in-1 Transforming Hauler Playset with Exclusive El Toro Loco Monster Truck
We all play with this , my son had no trouble opening the packaging as he was excited , sadly couldn’t find the barrels without YouTube’s help . We have all played with this and provide my son and our family with hours off fun. The barrels and yellow container are little...