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Mott's Reviews

Mott's Fruitsations Apple Pomegranate Unsweetened
Drop what you are doing, head to your nearest grocery store and buys this ape sauce immediately! You wont be disappointed. I am not even a huge apple sauce fan but this flavor is next level. Perfect for that late night sweet craving without the guilt!

Mott's Mighty Soarin' Apple Juice
These little bottles of juice are perfect for the kids lunch! They have 50% less sugar and best of all, vitamins added! Definitely a must if you are a parent with little ones.

Mott's Applesauce Mixed Berry
I’ve 3 kids, 1 being a picky early and all 3 LOVE these. My 6 m/o is just starting out on foods and these are great for her. No added sugar and easy for her to swallow. My oldest is fussy about what he eats yet never turns these down. Highly recommend you try these!

Mott's Fruitsations Pear Flavored Apple Fruit Snack
Out of all the fruit sauces out there, my kids and I love this one. The pear is refreshing especially cold. We serve it with chia seeds, so it makes a get go to snack. My only problem, It would be nice to see a more natural colour than bright green.

Mott's Applesauce
My family has enjoyed Motts applesauce for four generations and will continue as long as they keep making it. Always fresh and yummy and a very well trusted brand. We love Motts applesauce!

Mott's Tots Apple Juice
I’m giving motts tots apple juice to m toddler because it is very watered down and that’s perfect for my son I don’t want him bouncing off the walls all day long.

Mott's Fruitsations Original - Strawberry 6pk
Quick and easy snack that’s fairly healthy! I have a few in the pantry and my work desk for emergencies. Tastes pretty good and the texture is nice. The tinfoil lid has broken and caused a mess in my purse before though so beware.

Mott's Clear Applesauce Pouches
kods loved it cant wait to try more flavors.great for school snacks...or after school sports....or even just a healthy snack for at home. My youngest loved it and I was surprised even my older kids enjoyed it

Mott's Clamato Caesar Extra Spicy Vodka Beverage
I love to grab these on the go, great taste, great price! My favourite thing is to get these before heading to a barbecue, and drink it while grilling up the chicken!

Mott's Fruitsations Fruit Snacks
Get them if they go on sale! Fruitsations gummies are good, but are rather easy to stick to the teeth, I would definitely prefer bear gummies which are better. But still, get them if they go on sale.

Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Blueberry Delight
This is a very good lunch snack for kids, my son just loved it on his lunch. Also a great dessert after supper or before bedtime mixed with cereal for example rice krispies.

Mott's Clamato Pickled Bean
I have to be honest, I was never a Mott’s fan when it came to their caesars, I preferred Smirnoff; but when Smirnoff caesars became nothing but a memory, I was more open to trying the new flavours by Mott’s... Holy fric’n yummy!!! I was so surprised by the way my tastebuds...

Mott's Fruitsations Rolls - Strawberry Fruit Flavoured Snacks
Honestly, I like these better than the fruit roll ups by Betty Crocker. They are so good! Plus my kids love them, and they have better ingredients. I will buy again.

Mott's Clamato Caesar Original Vodka Beverage
While it’s not as good as the one your drunk uncle makes at family gatherings, these are great to have on hand in the summer. Always stock up for long weekends outdoors or a ball game.

Mott's Fruitsations Unsweetened Country Berry Apple Sauce
I love the motts fruitsations, not only does my child love them as a school snack, but we also have these on hand at the nursing home for the elders as well when they want a quick snack.