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Natrel Reviews

Natrel Lactose Free Milk
Depuis que j'ai essayé ce lait 2% sans lactose mon ventre s'en ressent beaucoup . Je n'ai plus de crampe je digére bien le lait que je met dans mes céréales . Je suis bien contente d'avoir trouvé ce produit que j'aime et que mon organisme tolére bien.

natrel fine filtered organic 10% cream
I got a great deal by price matching and using a coupon in order to purchase this cream, but now I feel that it is worth the extra dollar or so compared to other brands. This cream is organic and fine filtered and the quality of flavour and smoothness is just great.

Natrel Ice Cream Mochi
I got both the vanilla and the triple chocolate flavors, and I tell you, they were DELICIOUS ! A perfect size for snacking, and you don't need to dirty any dishes, cause you can eat them with your fingers right out of the box, thanks to the dough outside. Its a unique taste, and...

Natrel Whipped Plain
Un super bon goût super léger et bon sur les toasts les crackers et même comme trempette! Idéale pour amener au bureau ! Toutes les saveurs sont bonnes !

Natrel Fine Filtered 2% Partly Skimmed Milk
My first time trying this milk and I think it tasted great. It stays fresh longer than regular milk. My family finished the milk very quickly. Everyone loved it.

Natrel Completely Chocolate Lactose Free Ice Cream
Coming from a home where not only am I lactose intolerant but both of my children are as well.. we don’t get ice cream often. We struggled to find a brand that had the same taste and texture of the real deal, it was almost impossible to find both the perfect taste and texture...

Natrel Half and Half cream
This cream is a must have for your morning coffee! It is not too rich but just perfect to make that brew fantastic. It is always my go to cream for my coffee. Highly recommended!

Natrel Salty Caramel Lactose Free Ice Cream
I don't think you can tell this is a lactose free product. It tastes amazing. The salted caramel is my favourite. It's a small container but I still think it's a fair price for a specialty product.

Natrel Salted Butter
I recently tried this butter product, and although I do love the quality of this brand, it was signifantly more expensive than generic products, with no noticeable difference in taste or outcomes with baking/cooking. I think I'll just stick to regular butter myself, but it's...

Natrel Chocolate Milk
Natrel Chocolate milk individuals are perfect for my kids lunches or on the go. It's nice you can store them in your pantry or in the fridge. With 6 grams of protein per container equals a happy mom. Happy mom happy kids

Natrel Egg Nog
I bought Natrel Egg Nog at Costco. It tastes great, but a little less thick than Lucern. I usually mix it with milk to make it less sweet or add it to my coffee.

Natrel Unsalted Butter
Natrel is a trusted brand, I like the unsalted version of the butter. It’s less salty, but healthier, it,s good for cooking or use it on toast. Price is right, good value for your money

Natrel Whipping Cream
Great product!!! purchased to make a special dessert and it whipped really well and held it's shape so was easy to use. Leftovers of unwhipped cream were used in a cream sauce recipe... :)

Natrel Lactose Free Butter
This is absolutely delicious! I have been waiting forever to find a lactose free butter. It tastes exactly the same as regular butter and is perfect for baking and cooking lactose free foods. It's my go to butter now. Only draw back is that so far I've only been able to find it...

Natrel Chocolate Mint Milk
Incroyable ce produit surtout avec des french toasts la menthe et le chocolat quel melange divin et onctueux le seul bemol cest que le produit est disponible seulement durant le temps des fetes