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The Nestlé Company was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestlé, who developed the first milk-based baby formula in order to save the life of a neighbour’s baby. His Farine Lactée formula went on to nourish many babies who were unable to feed from their mothers or unable to accept the usual substitutes. Since this beginning, nutrition has been the heart of the Nestlé business.

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Nestlé Reviews

Nestlé Pure Life Peach Mango Pineapple Natural Spring Water
i honestly thought i would enjoy this water, there was such a bad chemical taste, after taste and smell . yuk. It now has turned me off from purchasing the other flavors . I have 11 cans now to give away .....

Nestlé KitKat Frozen Dessert Cones
KitKat chocolate bars are one of my favourite so I was excited when I saw that they had come out with a Kit Kat IceCream cone. Well my bubble burst after trying my first one. The chocolate IceCream was soft and more of a mousse than IceCream to me and way to chocolatey .Words I...

Nestlé Aero Vanilla Truffle Bubble Bar
Sadly this bar has no vanilla taste in my opinion. If it’s going to be sold as vanilla truffle you should at least be able to taste some vanilla. It’s not worth spending the extra money on this bar. Just buy the regular Aero bar.

Nestlé Violet Crumble Chocolate Bar
Not a fan of this! It doesn't taste good atall and honestly it kinda smells funky wouldnt recommend it to chocolate lovers dont waste your time seriously dollar store chocolate and candy taste 100% better

Nestlé Vanilla Peelin' Pops Frozen Dessert
My four year old Nephew loves these ! The middle taste alright , the outside not so much .. It's made out of gelatin, which I did not care for.

Nestlé Pure Life Orange Splash Water
Crisp, cool and refreshing, this is great tasting water. I like to mix in a splash of juice and pour it over ice for a refreshing drink. I'm a carbonated water connoisseur!

Nestlé Dolcetto Frozen Dessert
I tried the Caramel Chocolate Bliss Dolcetto Ice Cream Cake and overall, it was quite good. There are approximately 10 servings per box (although quite small). There are layers of chocolate and caramel ice cream with a thin solidified chocolate layer on top. It wasn't the best...

Nestlé Sundae Chillin Chocolate Brownie Frozen Dessert
As someone who considers themselves an icecream connoisseur, I've tried MANY different ice cream products all around the world. I decided to try Nestle's line of 'Sundaes' in a tub - Overall, I was unimpressed. This particular review is about the Chillin Chocolate Brownie, which...

Nestlé Smarties Bar White Chocolate
I was excited to try the NESTLE SMARTIES BAR WHITE CHOCOLATE as it looked like a fun treat which combined one of my favourite candies (Smarties) with a white chocolate bar format. Unfortunately, the bar tastes quite bland and is lacking a rich, chocolate flavour. The white...

Nestlé Smarties Vice Versa
This chocolate candy isn't for me, it has a horrible taste and texture. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they are looking for a chocolate that is dry and affordable.

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water Pomegranate Lemonade
I was really excited to try this flavour since it was lemonade but I barely taste anything at all. I find it has a weird aftertaste. I was really happy with the price of this product but unfortunately was not happy with the quality

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Black Cherry Water
Love the refreshing taste of this drink. Also love the fact that there is Zero% sodium. Many others have way too much sodium in it which gives horrible after taste this definitely doesn't happen with Nestle. Keep cold so it keeps the carbonation. Great taste and product

Nestlé Oreo Frozen Dessert
I found this ice cream to be somewhat grainy and not very flavorful. I would rather go for a regular drumstick that an Oreo branded one. The texture is as if you Were to mix sand into ice cream. The price is too high for what I tasted, felt, and saw.

Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Mango Peach Pineapple Water
I recently saw this at the grocery store and thought I'd give it a try. I do make my own sparkling water at home with flavour infusions, but I also like to try the latest products on the market to compare and to gain inspiration. This combo of mango, peach, and pineapple is...

Nestlé Nesquik Iron Enriched Strawberry Syrup
Nesquik strawberry milk syrup is a tasty treat for kids . I remember having this while I was growing up and loving . It helped me drink my milk because I didn't really like plain milk when I was a kid . My niece and nephews absolutely love it as well . I purchased this kid...