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NOW Solutions


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NOW Solutions Reviews

NOW Solutions B-12 B-Complex Liquid
I, along with my whole family have been using Now B-12 Liquid complex for a couple of years now. It is potent so follow instructions. I recently went to do some blood work and found out I was overdosing on this and my B-12 in my blood had sky rocketed which is not good. Now I...

NOW Solutions Grapeseed Oil
I absolutely adore this oil for the skin, especially in the winter. I haven't had it on hand for a while since I've been busy trying other products, and the massive grocery store bottle isn't too convenient or appealing. This oil is just as wonderful on your salad as it is on...

NOW Solutions Jojoba Oil
This oil is literally sent from the gods, it’s so moistening and does not give off a strong smell. I can use for anything from my face to my cuticles! It’s incredible for giving your self a little face massage or if your skin is feeling a little dry, adding back some life...

Now Solutions B-1 Thiamine
I bought this as a test in hope to decrease my attractiveness to mosquitoes. I can officially say that this worked for me. One pill/day reduced the number of mosquito bites, 2 pills/day eliminated them. So happy! The texture of the pill itself is powdery (versus smooth) so...

NOW Solutions Real Food Organic Rawsome Whole Food Meal
Tried it but I found it didn't really add much to my meals. I was disappointed. It was just grainy and not appealing.

NOW Solutions Health Shea Butter
love, love this shea butter! i do use it on my face when i wanna have a nice dewy finish while moisturising my skin. it feels nice on the skin, just to need warm it with your hand. and the best thing is that shea butter is non-comedogenic, yay yay.

NOW Solutions Vitamin C & Manuka Honey Gel Cleanser
I have been using this cleanser for a few months now and absolutely love it! After years of using expensive brands its great to have found a product that works, is natural and inexpensive! At $13.99 on well.ca, this cleanser is a great find. I feel my skin is clean...

Now Health Better Stevia
I NEVER use sugar anymore, not for coffee, not in cooking, not even for baking! Now Stevia has no fillers. I replace 1 cup of sugar with 1 tsp. of stevia in my fruit cobbler and transform a dessert into a healthy treat! I highly recommend it for all your sweetening needs.

Now Health Gummies
I have tasted almost all the gummy vitamins available over the counter. I can honestly say that Nutrition Now Womens gummy vitamins have the BEST flavor. They don't have that yucky after taste that some vitamins have. They were soft and easy to eat.

NOW Solutions European Clay Powder
I found this product after searching for some mask ideas. I have acne prone and oily skin. This product is said to be sensitive enough for those skin issues. I bought my first jar off Well.ca for $12.79 which I thought was an ok price. The product is grainy and can be used...

NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil
I love using this oil as a skin care product because it has many benefits for the skin. Personally i have tried many eye creams but i have never seen any noticeable difference on my face so i like to use this oil all around my eyes as a eye treatment. i have notice that when...

Now Health Essential Oils Lavender
Smells authentic I put in diffuser every night and everyone has a better sleep and falls asleep fast. Would highly recommend any of the NOW essential oils

NOW Solutions Iron Pills
My doctor had suggested that I take some Iron pills because I don't eat a lot of red meat in my diet. I picked up a bottle of this. I found it to be expensive but there were 120 tablets in the bottle. It didn't really notice much difference with my health by taking this...

NOW Solutions Super Enzymes
This is an enzyme pill I have re purchased many times because of the great price and quality. Works wonders with my digestive system, and use them quite often.

Now Health Essential Oil Oregano
Oil of Oregano is incredible! It's used for an endless number of ailments, but notably for preventing and alleviating sinus infections and colds. I take this stuff as soon as I feel a cold coming on and it never surfaces. It tastes awful so I usually put 4-5 drops in shot of...